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Millionaires to Obama: Tax us

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posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 07:40 PM
reply to post by poet1b

You mean like traffic laws, mandatory insurance, drug prohibition, building ordinances, health inspections, and the numerous other laws that regulate individuals? Funny how the people so much against the regulation of business are also the people who want to regulate individual behavior, even tell people what they can do with their wives in their own bedrooms.

I agree with this statement. Right wingers tend to fight for "freedom" and moral regulation at the same time. That is hypocritical.

The cost of regulating businesses who handle very hazardous material to prevent large scale pollution poisoning water supplies, land, and air;

One cannot assume that if something is regulated, it is done so successfully. That is not the case. . Most regulation does not keep harmful things out of the environment.... it allows for a certain, regulated amount of toxins to be put into the environment and the companies (and governments, the US's biggest polluter) can do so with impunity. Environmental regulation acts only in the interest of the companies and governments writing the regs.

Regulation does not make us safe.

Look at the FDA for example. How many poisons have made it through that meat grinder? Quite a few. Not to mention the amount of people that die from not getting drugs in the US that are available elsewhere (INTERESTING READ. The FDA can tell a terminally ill patient what they can and can't put into thier own, already dying bodies. All I can say is, if I am going to die anyway, I will definately be a guinea pig if it gives me a .01% chance of healing.

Regulation should be done by the people with the most to lose if something bad happens. The companies, if acting rationally and peacefully, can regulate themselves and we the people will hold them accountable because we consume thier products. The government has no personal stake in the effectiveness of its actions. Its not like we can choose a new government (and don't even mention voting, all politicians are on the same side, not ours). The government is a take it or take it. You can't leave it.

You lecture me on violence, but you support economic policies that lead to children dying of cancer because some local company poisoned the communities water supply, or sold poison as medicine or baby food. Let us not forget child labor, how humanitarian is that?

That same local company is under the umbrella of regulation. Government regulation allows for pollution and holds no one responsible with the outcome while the public foots the bill. The fact is, poison is already readily available and it is because of certain, arbitrary standards set up by groups like the FDA, EPA, and Dept. of Agriculture.

I am, as well, interested in getting stuff for its actual cost. Government regulation, subsidies (a form of regulation), and intrusion into the market skews prices and do not help people.

More later. Not feeling too well right now and I need to lay down (damm dorm food!)

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 04:03 PM
Night Star,
So many people get caught up in the soak the rich mantra that they really do not know how taxing the rich affects everyone, rich and down the line. Many people like myself started their own business. Through many years of sacrifice and hard work one day they realize that they have made it. I did not start out with the dream of becoming wealthy. It just sort of happened. It took awhile but it did happen. I wish more people would realize that it is possible in this country to become successful. Hard work and sacrifice is all it takes. Your friends and family will shoot down your idea because they don't want you to be better than them.

I have a small business that is a sub chapter S corporation. When the government says that is wants to tax the rich they are talking about people like me. I do not consider myself rich nor would you if you saw me or talked to me. All of the taxes my company pays to the government goes thru my tax deductions. The more the government takes the less I have to help my employees. All of my employees are very skilled tradesmen (middle class). Their taxes will go up as well. This balony that the middle class will not be affected is an outright lie.

This a a government money grab. There will never be fiscal sanity in Washington. The more money I get to keep the better I can treat my employees. Believe it or not there are many business owners like me who do actually care about the lives of the people who work for them. I am closer to my core people than I am to my own family. Very smart and talented people who make my business work. A happy employee is a productive employee.

Please do not buy into the class warfare being directed at us. Tax increases affect everyone one way or another. As my father told me long ago he never worked for a poor man.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 04:07 PM
These limo socialists are free to give as much of their money to the Federal government as they choose. Which belies the lie there. They want high taxation like all socialists want big government and high taxation.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 04:57 PM
reply to post by scotticus prime

i wouldnt want to go after people like you. i would go after the corporations that are in bed with our government, fascism anyone? people are out of work, and the people that do have jobs are working longer hours w less benefits for check to check wages! wake up america!!! how long will these corporations continue to make record profits while americans are living check to check?
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