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A Guide: Control the World with Religion (An Auto-Writing)

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posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 01:29 PM

Automatic writing is the writing of material that does not come from the conscious mind of the writer. The writer is only a tool that forms the message. He or she may be unaware of what is being written as they may be in a trance like state, while others are not.

Automatic Writing
Automatic Writing (Wikipedia)

As I placed my pen to the paper suddenly my mind became void of thought, though I was fully aware of what was happening. The words streamed from me at an incredible pace. My hand wrote the words at my physical maximum speed, and never did it stop, pause, or slow until the entire message was complete. I wrote so fast that I did not even have the time to evaluate or comprehend the words until I was finished.

Upon completion of the message, I read the draft with amazement. I have never entertained nor pondered these ideas before. I have never read anything containing such ideas before. I truly felt as though I was reading another person's writings and not my own.

Where did these words come from? Did I channel this message? Did an unseen entity utilize me? Did I tap into some external or ethereal source? Is it a manifestation of my subconscious mind or overactive imagination? I do not know, I have no personal opinion of the event. All I know is these words were not a product of my conscious mind.


* Egypt.... Hebrew.... Catholic.... Protestant.... Islam

+ Those in control of the religion, control the people.
+ Those that dedicate their lives to the Gods are the ones gaining great wealth.

Create fear in the hearts of the people. Give them a God to protect them and give them peace of mind. Create laws, morals, ethics,customs, cultures, and beliefs that best fit your idea of how a society should act and react. Now all of the ways you want a society to behave has been accomplished. The people will obey your command as long as they believe it to be decreed by God.

Become wealthy by offerings to the Gods. Tell people to give money, wealth, and items to the religious system. If not for the sake of the God, if not for good fortune in this life, if not for a wonderful after-life, then it must be given for the sake of maintaining the House of Worship, for it's bills, and for it's up-keeping.

|If you need to wage war, rally the people in the name of their God. Create fringe groups and plant agents to incite fear, hate, and action. Covertly plant suggestive ideas. Allow people to come to their own opinion, but gently guide it for the purpose you need. Make the people believe the illusion you have created. The less you appear to push, the stronger your influence will be. So you must push and pull in secret and hidden ways. The people must believe that every conclusion, every opinion, and every idea originated solely within themselves. The people can be lead to do anything you want, as long as they believe they are doing it because they made the choice alone. Control your people. Take their wealth. Wage war on your enemies. Expand your sphere of influence.

|If the people become restless with your religion, if they become bored or forgetful, it is time to send a new messenger to the world, a new prophet, new commands. This is one catalyst to keep the people under your influence.

If the people find fault in your religion, if they ask too many questions, if they discover too much, if they no longer obey, it is time to create a new religion, a new God. Try to maintain certain similarities to the previous religion, so that the people will accept it easier. People drink more freely of the beverage they are accustomed to. Sometimes people will heed the words of a stranger rather than one whom they have known. There are benefits to creating a messenger or a new religion outside of your territory. Introduce a "new" message to an un-tapped wealth (society). They can accept the new message and establish it. With time bring this "foreign" message back to the people you have always controlled. Now you have minor control and minor wealth with those stuck in the old religion, you have new wealth and new human resources with a foreign people and all those that accept the new and foreign message over time. Expand the influence of your established religions as best suits you. Create new religion where an enemy or opposing force is best needed to keep the people separated. Create peace or war between the different religions as best will suit your agenda.

If there are strong adherence to religions or Gods that you did not create, you can infiltrate it and again control. Grow scholars learning the religion you want to take control over. Send the scholars out as teachers or priests. Have them lead the people, gain their trust. Create as many leader infiltrators as you can. Invest money in more houses of worship under your control. A religion can be infiltrated and start to steer toward your control in the passing of one generation.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 02:01 PM

Where did these words come from? Did I channel this message? Did an unseen entity utilize me? Did I tap into some external or ethereal source? Is it a manifestation of my subconscious mind or overactive imagination? I do not know, I have no personal opinion of the event. All I know is these words were not a product of my conscious mind.

For real? You give links explaining what auto-writing is, yet you don't know with whom/what you're communicating with. I don't buy it. If you've got something to say, just say it - no need to build it up under the extreme pretense of "i was just auto-writing, i had nothing to do with what is actually said". Doesn't add up, sorry. just my opinion.

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posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 02:37 PM
Well that certainly seems to be the M.O of TPTB up until the Jesuit creation of the illuminati - and the ushering in of the 'revolutionary era' after that they seem to have branched out with creating 'isms' for people to subscribe to.

You ought to take a look at the Archons described by the Gnostic writers - and the inorganic beings, described by Casteneda - manipulative, tricksy, scheming, with extremely powerfull labrynthine minds, but without volition of thier own.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by SirClem

All I have is my word. I give my most honest, and most sincere oath that the introduction to the story is true. I honestly do not know the origin or significance of these words.

I am not a channeler, I am not a psychic, I am not a medium nor a clairvoyant. I do not communicate with spirits, the dead, or extraterrestrials, nor am I in-touch with my former lives/reincarnations (if such a thing exists). I am not an Indigo Child and I am not an Ascended Master. I am not a prophet, and I have no message to propagate or spread.

When these words manifested, I was in no way trying to communicate with anything. I was actually at work, and I felt compelled to grab my journal.

Also, this "message" is not one that I personally believe, nor is it a message I want anyone else to believe. If you look at my posts and threads, I am actually very much confused. For the most part I have a core belief in Islam, but I add aspects of many different religions, philosophies, ideas, beliefs, New Age and ancient understandings to my Path that resonate with me. I am in search of the answers to Life, Reality, Consciousness, Creation, and Existence. I am a Student, a Seeker... not a messenger or teacher. However, after this writing manifested, it gave me food for thought.

I have had this writing for some time now, and I never had any intention on sharing it. I always felt it was a weird, subconscious rambling. The reason I chose to share it is because I felt a correlation when I read a story last night about allegations that the Vatican created Islam. How the Vatican Created Islam. I got chills after reading it and remembered my earlier writing.

I referenced Automatic Writing because I feel this is what happened to me. But I have no opinion of if the Automatic Writing was a creation of my subconscious mind or an external source. Writing something that goes against my conscious beliefs, something that spews forth so quickly that I am not even thinking of the words being written.... that is auto-writing. Now the factual cause of auto-writing, that is for other people to debate. Maybe it truly is my subconscious, but I assure you the writing was in no way a product of my conscious mind.

As previously mentioned, this is not a "message" I believe, nor one I wish to spread to make others believe. If I have any message to spread it would be, "Treat others as you want to be treated," and "Be the change you want to see in the world."

May Peace be upon you.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 04:32 PM
reply to post by JohhnyBGood

Sounds interesting. I'll research it when I can. Reading your earlier posts, you equate the extraterrestrial Greys with the Archons. I am, however, pretty skeptical of the entire ancient astronaut theory and the such.

I'm more prone to believing we as modern humans are simply the product of amnesia and faced near annihilation one or more times in the ancient past. We develop, we learn, we grow, we face global cataclysm, and start over. We've had more than one stone age, more than one nuclear age, and more than one space age.

And I feel this is the reason for secret societies. They have the secrets... ancient records, technology, or knowledge that this has happened. Imagine if the entire world faced global cataclysm. A small handful of people retain the knowledge while the rest of the population bottle-necks with near extinction and starts over. These individuals that held and hid the knowledge would now be far advanced than the other people starting over. They would be Elite and become TPTB.

Just my theory and belief anyway. But I do find ancient astronaut theory and modern extraterrestrial understandings to be entertaining.

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