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Hello, this is my first thread, so bear with me. Dulce NM.

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posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 10:58 AM
I am going to give a detail account of my visit to Dulce NM.

My father lives 50 miles away from Albuquerque and is very intrested in aliens and the paranormal. So 2 Years ago I flew in to see him . I told him about the hidden base underground near Dulce. Dulce lies pretty close to the four corners and he said lets take a trip to Dulce.I was totally down for it Even though Dulce is 4 hours away. When we went on an incredibley beautiful drive nothing is out there as towns and main roads. Once we got into town things seemed strange. One main gas station and a pretty big hotel/casino. The people where very quiet almost as if they knew to be quiet around us. We got directions for a back road that can only be driven in a 4 wheel drive vehicles. Suddenly There was a construction truck hauling past us. The road was only wide enough for barely two trucks so you can see the other driver very well and he didn't make a glance at us. My father and I thought that it was wierd.
So we still kept going on the dirt road and then turned around the dirt road back to the main road down the way from town. This is The Jicallia Indian reservation so on the way back to town we saw some construction going on then we saw a U.S. government plates on a black unknown truck going to the construction site being on an Indian reservation. My father and I kind of freaked out. After calmming down We took the main road out of town, suddenly a Windowless van came up to us Very Fast on a two lane road. After a couple of miles of him following us he finaly pasted us up, Thing is the van had no liscence plate. I can go into a lot more detail so just hit me back and answer any of your questions. Thanks

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 11:08 AM
dulce is a very strange area.
but, please keep in mind that the indian culture is quite different than most are used to.
native americans are not gabbers like us other folks.
it is a sign of respect not to interrupt, or dominate a conversation.
your experience with the locals is actually quite normal for any rez., or area with a high native population.
a good example is asking someone for directions.
the usual reply will be a hand point and a responce, like 'it's that way', and no more.
sometimes this attitude seems rude to us because we are used to much more conversation.
when i visit my friends on the navajo rez. it takes me a little while to get used to this.
you can sit around with 5 or 6 people and everyone speaks in turn and does not but in or
interrupt, once someone is done speaking sometimes everyone will just sit there for minutes till the next person begins to speak.
many times if someone does speak out of turn or interrupts everyone will give you the evil eye, like saying,
'how dare you interrupt.
takes a bit of getting used to.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 11:23 AM
Another dulce fan.. dulce base is my favorit subjects, but its hard to be a dulce base beliver here on ATS I tell you.. Alot of people simply dont belive it.. but dont have proof that the dulce book is fake.

btw. You should read the whole dulce book, it contains everything there is to know about dulce base.. its 360 pages

its online right here:

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 01:59 PM

Originally posted by Sappster2000
We took the main road out of town, suddenly a Windowless van came up to us Very Fast on a two lane road. After a couple of miles of him following us he finaly pasted us up, Thing is the van had no liscence plate.

Sounds like you had quite an adventure!

I've never been able to make my mind up about the Dulce base. If you look around this site you'll find plenty of people saying that there is nothing strange going on there.... but it's hard to ignore the rumours.

You're encounter with the van is interesting. What did it look like exactly? Do you think you were being shadowed for asking too many questions and sticking your nose in where it didn't belong?

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 04:20 PM
I have been a follower for a long time of the dulce base story.
There are a few strange happenings around that area that support it.
The animal mutilations were a big happening near Dulce years ago, and may still be ongoing for all i know.....
There has been some pretty wierd UFO activity around the area too.
The idea that an underground base is under the archelutta mesa needs to be investigated in a much more thorough manner.Too much hit and miss like the OP
We need to do a thorough search of the area as well as a major survey of the local residents if possible...
I wish i lived closer, but perhaps with time, others may venture there to report what they turn up.
How about an ATS conference there?We could all split up and cover the ground.
I have heard of large ducts being found out in the wilderness.They just rise from the ground and there is nothing to indicate what they are for.
Is there any chance that the FBI may have other info recoverable through foi ?
I do know they were in on the cattle mutes investigation in the past.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 05:40 PM
reply to post by Sappster2000

Hey OP, Ive been to Dulce many many times, and I have to say, I dont see anything strange about any of this...

I see over reaction to some pretty standard stuff, gov plates which could be anything, including indian affairs. Some guy in a white van that was speeding......

Indian culture is quiet anyway, they werent doing it to "keep quiet" around the outsiders....

Some guy in a truck passing you didnt glance an you guys, and? I dont look at a lot of people when im driving, most of the time im in my own little world.

Sorry boss, just see normal stuff here taken way way way out of context......
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posted on Dec, 14 2010 @ 01:59 PM
im am absolutely amazed by the Dulce base but they no physical evidence to say it exists and people on here get excited about the interview with the security guard castello but y wud a military base employ security guards for wen they would use millitary personel i wish they was evidence to prove it exists


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