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Officer fined $185 for speeding in crash that paralyzed boy

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posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 05:55 PM
Why isn't this on CNN 24/7 till that cop ends up in jail?

They also won't say if he's been disciplined

A Montgomery County police officer who hit and paralyzed a Clarksburg boy with his cruiser received a $185 speeding ticket and is now canvassing neighborhoods that show spikes in crime.

Meanwhile, 14-year-old Luis Jovel Jr. is a quadriplegic with permanent brain damage who needs around-the-clock medical care for the smallest of tasks, including eating and getting dressed.

State officials won't say whether Officer Jason Cokinos was disciplined following the April 2008 incident in Clarksburg.

"Personnel information is subject to [state] confidentiality laws," said Patricia Via, who represented Montgomery County in the Jovel family's civil lawsuit against the county and Cokinos.

That piece of filth probably still have his job and pension. Any normal citizen who would have done so WOULD BE IN FREAKING JAIL RIGHT NOW... but not this time, since he's a cop... and as we all know, cops are above everyone else since their criminal gang rule the country and their capo (the judges) protect them if they get into too much trouble.

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