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Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and the Destruction of the Democratic Party

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posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 05:09 PM
I used to be a DLC (Democrat Leadership Council) Democrat. I switched to a Conservative Independent because the Democrats have been hijacked by the far left, George Soros wing of the party.

This was confirmed by the recent nomination of Nancy Pelosi as the Minority Leader. Pelosi is running around the House in a haze of Delusion. Her negatives are worse than the Democrat party as a whole. The Democrats took this election in the wrong way. The people just said they want balance in Washington because the Democrats overeached. The Republicans did it when they controlled the House, Senate and the White House, so the people did the same thing in 2006. The did it to Clinton in 1994.

These far left Democrats are taking it personal and their ego's are bruised so they think it's principled to double down when the voters are saying it's time for a change.

One of the strongest messages from the Obama campaign was when he talked about Generational Change. This is why I said John McCain was the worse candidate to run against Obama because of the contrast in age.

Two years later, it seems the Republicans have gotten the message and the Democrats have forgot the message.

The Republicans have all of this young energy. They have the young guns, Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor. They have smart attractive women like Kristi Noem and Nicki Haley as a Governor. They have African American, Cuban Americans and the Generational Change is obvious.

What do the Democrats have? The same over the hill gang arguing about power. You have Harry Reid, Pelosi, Barney Frank, Charles Rangel, Stenny Hoyer, James Clyburn and more of the same ole same ole.

It's just Political suicide to go into the next election with Pelosi and Reid as the leaders of the party.

All the Republicans need to do is nominate Candidate X with Vice Presidential candidate Marco Rubio and they will win the White House, Senate and more in 2012.

Some moderate Democrats in the House were asking is the Democrat Party insane for electing Pelosi as leader but the over the hill gang is delusional and drunk with wanting to hang on to power.
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