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Creation of a new political ideology

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posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 05:08 PM
We have seen how well the failed ideologies of Communism, Socialism, Liberalism, Conservatism, Libertarianism, and Fascism have changed our world. With the dehumanization of Communism and Socialism, the materialism of Liberalism and Libertarianism, and the ignorance of Conservatism and Fascism, not one of these ideologies have proven to change our world for the better even though each one of them promise that.

I will not mention what I see as the perfect new ideology but I would like to get the input of fellow ATS members on what they think would be beneficial to add to any new political ideology. Are there certain aspects of per se Socialist economy work best while there are certain aspects of per se Conservative culture work best?

Just give me your opinion on what would be best to keep if we were to create a new ideology.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 10:04 AM
Well, lets combine the best of all - Masloism:

Communism - Scientific atheism in public schools?
It would be very good subject in todays world still plagued by religious superstitions.
China-like population control for third world countries with exploding population (and maybe for welfare recipients with many children in first world), but without those late-term abortions and allow at least 2 children (limit child welfare to first 2 children to discourage procreation for money)

Socialism and social democracy - basic income + negative income tax based welfare, government alternatives to basic services for the poor (education, healthcare, insurances..), heavy government investments into infrastructure and public services, science and research, limiting and regulating mono/oligopolies, big corporations, too big to fail companies etc. Maybe some progressive taxation, but continuous.

Liberalism - extensive personal freedoms (except late-term abortions and unlimited procreation, I dont consider those two to be personal freedoms, because they affect another person.) Legalize and tax soft drugs, but leave hard drugs illegal.

Conservatism - fiscal responsibility (in the sense of not making debt, but not conservative in the sense of very low taxation, because then we would not be able to afford the above state services without debt, we cant have both), limiting immigration (except for highly qualified individuals for which there is shortage on the market). Do not tolerate illegals. Limit bureaucracy, there is no reason for its existence in the age of computers and internet.

Libertarianism - abolishing central bank and returning the right of issuing debt-free currency only to the state. Extensive use of privateers for government services, to ensure efficiency.

Direct democracy (with elements of geniocracy) - with the Internet, this is the first time in history that direct democracy is practical on large scales.

Fascism - hm.. nothing?
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posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 11:47 AM
All political ideologies have at least one thing in common--they seek to control human behavior to preserve their particular sense of "order".

For humanity to be truly free, there can be no establishment that claims legitimate authority to control what you do and what you think; therefore, there should be no political ideology. There should be no politics, and therefore government, at all.

The answer? Anarchy. Has humanity evolved to the point where it can handle that? Not yet. But if you're serious about human liberty--unlike conservatives, liberals, communists, socialists, fascists, and even libertarians ("limited government" still means you're being governed, hence you're not truly free)--peaceful anarchy is the direction humanity needs to go.

Unlike growing thumbs, this type of evolution begins by opening your mind.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 08:01 PM
first i will state my logic for my ideology.. first off i believe our lives have two fundamental values that we can strive towards. the left would be spirituality and the right would be materialism... in our day and age most people have no choice but to be pulled towards the right... the music.. the tv... all the ads everywhere we go we are convinced we need things that we do not... the futher to the right we are the more we disconnect from our left... and if we are too far to the left we are disconnected from the right... so i believe we should have an ideology that allows us to have a balance between the two bringing balance to our lives..

i think we should mix capitalism with socialism... i think society should be split into two sides. the capitalist would be able to work and pursue their materialistic dreams... the socialists side would be completly dependable on the government with assigned credit value for the purchase of goods.. every body would be gauranteed a nice standard of living with access to information at all times, 3 meals a day, health care , and education. if a person wanted to be a musician or a monk or an artist he or she could because they would not have to worry about bills or surviving... if they want more then government issued "stuff" then they could excel in their field and take tests to recieve more credits or until they become famous through their expressions and could support themselves through their art... a new twist to the american dream where you could actually be what you wanted to how would we pay for this?

the capitalist would be allowed to pursue the original american dream... the problem with our current system is uncapped greed... greed in this country is the only human condition that does not have a checks and balance... corporations are allowed to become larger than life... where human lives come in second to the dollar...

i think to control this "uncapped" greed that has produced a super elite class of people that is endangering our earth and our lives, we must put a cap on corporations... so on our corporate side of things business would run as normal, but when they get to a certain size, the founder or ceo is congradulated and the company's profits are handed over to the government to go back to the people.. the ceo would have a choice to continue his or her work and help improve the company or retire while the government would put them on a credit system so that they could maintain their life style...

the top 1% must take responsibility for the the other 99%... like stan lee and now the great pacquio said, " with great power comes great responsibility".

every soul has their own journey to take and under this system people would actually have the freedom to do what they wanted to do. drugs would be legal under this system... people use drugs because of the issues that they must work out for themselves... under this ideology people would be able to escape and come back to society when they are done finding themselves... everybody will have a choice on how to live their lives..

people that are tired of the corporate world could go back to a simpler life to explore their spirtiual needs or pursue their true callings... i think this would give us a new explosion in the arts, science, and spirituality.

the elite have enough money in their banks for us to pull this off.... they have most of the money any ways.. it's about time they learned to share and give back to the people that gave them their fortune and that is us the people that they conveniently forgot about...

this isn't organized and it's all in my heads... so pick it apart and tell me whats wrong with this or if you want more details..

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 05:20 PM
I'm suprised this thread isn't get more replies.. is there only 3 people that have an idea on ats? or is it because its like beating a dead horse?..

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 05:36 PM
I reckon we need to give Demarchy a try. We are nearly at the point it becomes possible. Nearly.

For a good book that describes a possible Demarchist society try The Prefect by Alistair Reynolds. I liked it.

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 11:20 PM

Originally posted by Misoir

Just give me your opinion on what would be best to keep if we were to create a new ideology.

Humans cannot create nothing.
How it is possible to create if the all the things in our world were already created?

Humans can destroy or maintain/define, but cannot create.

Humans should start think in this way. And other things will be placed in order by themselves.

posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 02:44 AM
The new political ideology from Russia:
A new universal model of government of 5 independent political parties with the movable centre joint decisions would put an end to ideological enmity and consolidate society.

"Communists say that there is no democracy under capitalism, and capitalists have the same complaint about communism. So what is true democracy? Democracy is when the political system creates conditions for tolerant coexistence and productive collaboration is made possible through real competition between different political ideologies in the process of joint work within a single team, with the freedom for the citizens to choose between them. And the ideology of consolidation and emulative creation should become dominating.

Wisdom begins with the multi-polarity of views, and the true road is between the ideological extremes."

posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 03:07 AM
A start would be creating self sustaining connected communities, we should support and govern ourselves locally.

Globalism is another failure in its current model, it simply will not work in a for profit model.

The Constitution was to limit the ability of the government to limit freedom, we need to expand on this model. Does a free society need 640,000 laws on the books?

Reforms of every aspect will have a hard time succeeding when there are so many interest groups pumping money into the current system.

I have many more ideas for this, but its late so I will sleep on the rest and add more later.

posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 03:40 AM
We need to change the paradime of what our social and personal motivations are. Personally i think we should get rid of money. Do that and you can get rid of greed. I guess it is a socialism type set up in the respect that we can provide for every man, woman, and child the basic needs of life set forth.

Food? It's yours
Housing? Sure
Transportaion and technology? Free to good home

Then and only then can you eliminate this greed based drive that keeps everyone seperate from the whole. Im not saying that you still wont have a need for some type of commerce....yet that should not be t he driving force in our lives. The betterment of humanity should be paramount over all else. Everyone is free to do as they please as long as it is not a detriment to others in sociaty. Wanna off yerself? go right ahead. Wanna stay doped up in a world of clouded confusion? Thats your right.

As long as it does not harm another in the physical sense who cares?

I know, what will people do for work? What ever makes them happy.....if your a painter then paint. People are more productive when they do things that bring them self pride and distinction...McDonalds isn't that. We could get rid of the jobs that hold no true value to the greater banks.....who needs em? What real true purpose does it serve? None I can think of. If your work is not progresing the harmony of others and the advancement of the does not exist. We have the means to bring this ideal to fruition now, but choose not to.

Not sure what Gov type you would call that, but the closest example I can come up with ,corny enough, is Star Trek in theory.

Unless we change our motivations for being, we will repeat the horible history that has plauged man for a centuries.

posted on Jan, 31 2012 @ 04:10 AM
How about a legal system based on only one crime: Theft.
If something can be traced back to that, then we know there was a victim.

Examples could be- If someone were steal someone's property, security or dignity.

The law would be much less convoluted and fair with more freedom for people to do as they please (without affecting others).

It would also eradicate loop-holes from existing and being taken advantage of. There would be no fine print that could save a guilty person from punishment when the exception relates only to the law and not the case.

posted on Feb, 2 2012 @ 09:14 PM

Originally posted by comerer

Originally posted by Misoir

Just give me your opinion on what would be best to keep if we were to create a new ideology.

Humans cannot create nothing.
How it is possible to create if the all the things in our world were already created?

Humans can destroy or maintain/define, but cannot create.

Humans should start think in this way. And other things will be placed in order by themselves.

Humans create social structures based on cultural, or traditional, and society which is any culture in a modern context. We do indeed create things, many that have to do with complex organization with a society. But we also create technology which is unique to humans in that we can engineer devices and machines, refine metals and invent artificial ones etc.

I only point that out because we know chimps adapt things in the environment for tools as also crows, and ravens. Quite remarkable what crows and ravens do, but they like chimps adapt natural material like sticks and chimps use rocks as tools. We create things based first on adaptation of what nature provides and develop entirely new technology that has no natural equivalent. Of course many things in nature are far more advanced in such things as bio-informatics, plants for example. Nature can organize information in the most amazing ways, is unbelievably efficient and most of all adaptive, self correcting and self-organizing.

Our technology is still very primitive by comparison, (I am working on synthetic self organizing systems, they in effect would build themselves based on natures use of information-organization). but we did indeed create many structural as in societal and technological things. And we will do more...

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posted on Nov, 2 2013 @ 08:48 PM
I think a new ideology needs to be more about how we act and not how we are governed.
It should be more about teaching people that there is an alternative to selfish society and reward the good.

People say we do not need laws but knowledge is enlightening, we need to preach our beliefs and work towards better goals.

People say government is not required but guidance and teaching is essential.

We can not forget what we have learned to give people the same opportunities we had. We should pass our knowledge on.

A new ideology uniting people behind good and agreeing what is the best understanding we have of our wants, purpose, history and own life.

We should be looking at ways we can put our trust in others. It would be immature to think there is not temptations that can be avoided with proper guidance.

A new ideology giving guidance to all, setting global agreements that chooses its leaders based on how fairly they can offer guidance such as not being jealous of achievers, not wasting when people are wanting, not endangering other societies, passed , present or future.

Without a new ideology we stagnate. We need to develop the global ideology like fairness before something rotten takes hold?

posted on Nov, 3 2013 @ 03:06 PM
ian welsh ideology

some good thoughts on his blog of ideology.

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