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Wikileaks Founder Sought for Rape - Again

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posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 07:37 AM
Sweden seeks Wikileaks' Julian Assange over rape case

I can't figure out how to link a news story, things have changed since i last posted a thread.

It appears Julian Assange is not going to be able to escape these allegations, even though the timing of them is terribly suspicious. They came around when the big leak of Afghanistan documents was approaching. Anyone who has read the official history of the intelligence services, along with whistleblower books, knows that accusing a target of particular crimes is an effective way of dealing with them. No one wants to be associated with people accused of certain things, rape, paedophilia, murder, drug use, all of these are commonly used to discredit people.

This is so obvious it's rather disturbing, why are the mainstream media not jumping on this more heavily?

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