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What Recession? Wealth of Congressmen Grows 16%

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posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 07:29 AM
Story Here

Recession may be just for the average Joes. Members of Congress on average saw their net wealth increase by more than 16 percent last year from 2008. Nearly half the members of Congress — 261 to be exact — are millionaires, according to a study from the Center for Responsive Politics.

The wealth is fairly evenly divided between the parties. In the House, the 10 wealthiest members include five Democrats and five Republicans, while in the Senate, six Democrats and four Republicans make up the top 10. But of the top 10 overall, seven are Democrats.

Hey ... to those who make a ton of money.
Great for you. Glad you are working and (hopefully) paying your taxes. But honestly, next time ya'll try to sound like you understand the average American, I'm going to

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 12:38 PM
Our Congress is a band of thieves. And I've got a story to back it up that will make your eyes pop out of your head.

Bill Clinton came up with the "Quadrennial Defense Review" which one of it's plans was to contract out military/Federal Civil servants to cheapo contractors so the Federal Government would save money.

Exhibit A: is they contracted out having active duty military/Federal Wage Grade (dont make much) Civil Servant mechanics to fix the air force trucks at Andersen AFB Guam. The Defense Contractor running the show now is a sub company of Day & Zimmerman (who have such contracts all over the world). On the day before the B-2 crashed in Guam allll the big firetrucks were parked at the contracted maintenance yard. Closing time roles around and they all go home. Back in the day the Active Duty/Civil Servants would have stayed and fixed the trucks until enough were operating to support the air field. Well those days are gone. So they kept flying planes without firetrucks.

When the B-2 crashed and burned smack dab in the middle of the air field there was 1 tiny little fire truck driving back and forth spraying 100 or so gallons at a time then driving back to fill up. The entire $2 Billion plane burnt up completely intact because we didn't have firetrucks. They had to call in the Guam Fire Department to put the plane out.

Our Congress Critters get kickbacks from Defense Contractors and you can look online to see who Day & Zimmerman gave money to. Our Congress critters make more money than what we pay them. Did we save money by contracting this service out? No. GI's could have worked overtime for no extra pay. The Federal Wage Grade Civil Servants don't make squat on Guam. They kept the fire trucks working for decades with hardly any pay.

This whole ordeal blew big in Congress and had the Congress Critters scared of what they did and that their scam might be exposed. So in the Defense Budget the following year they required the Air Force to submit a report to Congress on how they were going to fix this "deficiency" within 60 days.

Well if our Congress Critters weren't double dipping and getting kickbacks from Federal Contractors and employed people to do the job instead of Contractors....America may have been able to salvage that B-2 Spirit bomber.

Bill Clinton's Quadrennial Defense Review contracting things out in DOD was actually a plan to get extra $$$$$$ into Congress Critters pockets...especially the Democratic Party.

This is just 1 example of many, many more. Our Congress Critters have been robbing this nation BLIND.

Imagine the liability of exposing the island of Guam to burning Advanced Carbon Composites/radioactive elements which are likely in the air frame?

Imagine the liability if the aircraft happened to have been carrying nuclear munitions and contaminated the island? I'm sure the plane was carrying roles of toilet paper to drop on North Korea and didn't have any ordinance.

But imagine if it did?

Our Congress is manned with THIEVES. They kicked it into high gear with Bill Clinton's help.

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 12:56 PM
I kinda thought the same thing . . . . existing thread . . . but you get a Star and Flag from me for thinkin' along the same lines.


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