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Change The World You Say? Are You Ready for Change? The World Has Done It's JOB

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posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 01:42 AM
Hi Everyone,

Every 3.6 seconds someone starves to death and 3/4 are children under the age of 5...

This thread is dedicated to further discussing solutions to help bring more peace on Earth and goodwill to humanity. Please feel free to share new ideas or thoughts on solving the global/world problems/crisis's --- for those who wish for a more peaceful, loving, caring, sharing, giving planet.

There is a saying that goes, 'You're not here to change the world but the world is here to change you.'

GREAT – Let it be written and let it be said.

The WORLD is not the way we want it to be, it's full of all kinds of problems and world crisis's that need to be fixed and by this world being the way it IS it has changed MANY.

So the above statement is working, the world being the way it IS has changed many of us, it seems to be doing it's JOB...

Wait a minute Does that sound right? JOB


YES the world has done it's JOB, we DO NOT DESIRE these kind of things to happen anymore.


Our Hearts are broken over some of things occurring on this planet today and we WANT TO SEE CHANGE come forth now on EARTH because the WORLD has done It's JOB...

We want to see PEACE on EARTH & Goodwill To Humanity!

OK WORLD, You've done your job now YOU CAN CHANGE NOW or Wait a minute CAN YOU?

Many in the world today feel enslaved (The one's who think about it) because they want to change the world and they know it's very simple if all the people in the world would only get together and start a new 'Holiday' and call it a 'LET'S FIX THE WORLD DAY' and had meeting places to join together with communities/groups in their areas to start discussing about how they can all help the less fortunate in their areas so they won't be homeless and everyone may have a place to sleep, eat, drink, wash and clothe themselves.

If the 'LET'S FIX THE WORLD DAY' were to take place all around the world and the people truly wanted this change in fairly distributing the basic necessities of life among the less fortunate in need in their areas then good changes would come - OR WOULD They?

COULD it happen YA Think?

Isn't it frustrating for some people (The one's who think about these type of things) to know that they can't really do anything about it even if they tried? Doesn't it make these people feel powerless, frustrated, depressed and so on?

Why is that?

BECAUSE They KNOW deep down inside that the governments and people in the world COULD change it and if they only worked together and setup that 'LET'S FIX THE WORLD DAY' and released that to the mainstream media for everyone to be aware of and maybe even vote on if they are in favor for or against it then they believe that the world COULD change...What Do you THINK?

If they did have a vote on such a thing what percentage of the world's population do you think would be in favor of doing such a thing, such as:

Feeding those without food
Finding shelter for those without a place to sleep
Providing the basic necessities of life for those in need around the world?

We are talking about the entire world here not just some countries that have homeless shelters and places to get food and supplies for those without provisions...

Do you think that most of the world's population would agree to this or would they refuse it and say nahh I'm too busy with my own life to worry about others in need, forget that or do you think they would find it within themselves to say WOW this is wonderful, the world can literally change if we do this and humanity can come together in peace and work together to help those in poverty stricken nations live fairly, providing them with the basic necessities in life and so on?

Yes We AGREE we will change in our HEARTS so that the WORLD can also CHANGE...

WE Realize that WE must first change in our HEARTS so that the WORLD then can CHANGE...

But then THE REAL DEAL thought sinks in when (those who think about this stuff) realize that first of all 'Nobody out there will listen to them' THEY KNOW how the world can transform/change but NOBODY in government positions around the world (internationally) truly WANTS to change the world otherwise it would have ALREADY been done...

OK so maybe perhaps there are some in governments that want this same thing as well but they are more frustrated than anyone (most likely) because NOBODY else with REAL POWER positions will listen to them and take on such an idea. CLEARLY the real POWER people are out there somewhere that have the authority, power and government funds to fulfill such an idea about a 'LET''S FIX THE WORLD DAY' and there could be one of these every month or every week if necessary until the world finally gets cleaned up.

OF COURSE this will take great sacrifices on people's part but ACTUALLY not really because most of those who are better off in the world could easily afford to help more people with what they have in their possessions and they would still be stinking filthy rich (pardon my tongue). The AVERAGE family would be making more sacrifices sure, but isn't it worth it everyone? I MEAN the world could literally TRANSFORM and CHANGE if this was brought to pass and people were willing to actually work this out TOGETHER and they all know that they could.

45,000+ Children on average die every day due to starvation when the world has the ability and capacity to feed, clothe and shelter every single person in the entire world 3 X's+ and over if they only came TOGETHER and chose to. INSTEAD somewhere in the world there are POWER groups working behind the scenes that have the real power unlike a PRESIDENT does and even if 30 Presidents came together from different countries to try to work this out or the United Nations it still WOULD NOT HAPPEN.


Many in governments around the world in what appear to be seemingly power positions of presidency that truly want to CHANGE the world and make this happen are FRUSTRATED because they know that somewhere out there in the world there are POWER groups that really control the governments economies behind the scenes of EARTH and hold the governments hostage basically for ransom to never ever talk about it OR ELSE with those kind of threats. SO the media never hears about these things, the people rarely if ever think about these type of things BUT (those who think about these type of things) are overwhelming heartbroken, frustrated and feel greatly depressed over knowing all of this is happening in the world and there is NOTHING they can do about it because they feel powerless. Nobody will listen to them, nobody will help them, they just don't know what to do or how they could ever make a difference. PEOPLE in the world are just living out their lives BUSY, focusing on Work Work Work, Money Money Money, Bills Bills Bills, Survive Survive Survive and they rarely if ever even have TIME to think about these type of things let alone help those in need in their areas or at the very least make an attempt.

So WHERE does the true problem LIE in ever making such thoughts become a Reality?


Where does the REAL POWER exist?


Those who are at top notch high level positions ABOVE & BEYOND ---> ATOMAL, CNWDI, COMSEC, COSMIC, CRYPTO, NOFORN, ORCON, SAP, SCI, SIOP, (CTS) type clearances/rankings/positions behind the scenes of The MILITARY/Industrial M.Complex/Black operations (private contractors) deep down under ---DUMB's/Weaponry/Nuclear/labs---among others such things that receive demands and orders acting on fear KNOW all about it...

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the 'NEED TO KNOW'' basis orders.

Who has the FINAL saying in something?

Where does the buck REALLY stop?

You would think the presidency within governments, hmmmmm but what REAL POWER do they REALLY have over the situation?

Answer:: Minimal to---NONE

So then for someone who thinks about these type of things, the reality of the situation starts to kick in, where they feel heartbroken over the world situation, powerless, frustrated, depressed and so on.

IS there ever going to be a SOLUTION?

WHO is going to change the world?

Is it YOU, is it ME or Can it be?

Evidently being the CHANGE you want to SEE in the world is not enough and falls short of ever really fixing the world crisis/situations/problems. Of course you should BE the CHANGE you want to SEE but more real work needs to be done in ORDER to Change The World...

The problem now LIES in how to go about Making Others AWARE of this situation about certain WORLDNAPPER's that have held world governments up for ransom and hostage behind closed doors secretly in the middle of the night. WHO ARE these people with such great power and how did they ever acquire this much power?

Where does the POWER really exist?

(behind the scenes)
DEMANDERS... (behind the scenes)
TROOPS - Obey orders
MILITARY – Obey orders
BLACK OPS - (shhhh secrets)


Yes lots of secrets from the Sssssss.

Don't ask JUST OBEY.

Who is actually Really/Truly 'IN THE KNOW'?

WHO or WHAT has such great POWER and authority over the world?

WORLDNAPPED by Whom or What?

And the people keep living out their BUSY lives, rarely if ever thinking about why the world is the way it is... FREEDOM reigns truly on Earth Does it Not - OR DOES IT?

FREEDOM for some to a certain level/degree maybe --- 45,000+ CHILDREN die every single day of starvation on average...ARE THEY FREE or HELPLESS?

We may just have inside knowledge on how to change the world...

But the problem is who's interested and who's listening...

The solution requires people, numbers and awareness...

Every problem has a solution...

With people, numbers and awareness comes knowledge...

World Population: = It is currently estimated to be 6,882,200,000 by the United States Census Bureau.


Is it YOU, is it ME or Can it be?


Please Take TIME to watch the following video's below for Awareness...

Note: Video -1 - It's not just about the money in that -1- Please watch Video # 1

The World Hunger Problems, Facts, Figures & Statistics!

Every year 15+ million children die of hunger. (Roughly 45,000+ per day)

The Indian subcontinent has nearly half the world's hungry people. Africa and the rest of Asia together have approximately 40%, and the remaining hungry people are found in Latin America and other parts of the world. Hunger in Global Economy!

Nearly one in four people, 1.3 billion - a majority of humanity - live on less than $1 per day, while the world's 358 billionaires have assets exceeding the combined annual incomes of countries with 45 percent of the world's people. UNICEF

3 billion people in the world today struggle to survive on US$2/day.

In 1997 alone, the lives of at least 300,000 young children were saved by vitamin A supplementation programs in developing countries.

To satisfy the world's sanitation and food requirements would cost only US$13 billion- what the people of the United States and the European Union spend on perfume each year.

It is estimated that some 800 million people in the world suffer from hunger and malnutrition, about 100 times as many as those who actually die from it each year.

For the price of One Missile a school full of hungry children could eat lunch every day for 5 years.

The World Health Organization estimates that one-third of the world is well-fed, one-third is under-fed one-third is starving- Since you've read this at least 200 people have died of


The Time Has Come...
Spread The Word...
Let's make a goal & dead-line____ (- -)



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posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 02:07 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN


You want to change the world start with this.

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 02:11 AM
It will never happen. The rich powerful elite likes their money too much as well as their god complex beliefs. Till the human race actually gets together to remove these ppl and find other ways to reward people for working dont expect anything to change. .

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 02:16 AM
reply to post by loner007

Dear loner007

Agreed now if you want to do that just read the thread above. They would be gone over night.

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 03:15 AM
reply to post by ET_MAN

Epic OP, the worst part for me if i've got this right, is that there is plenty to go around, there is an abundance but everything is poorly distributed, and it's quite intentional pay close attention to 1,42 - 2,02

"take all the money we spend on defense each year and use it to feed and educate the world which it would do many times over and we can explore space, both inner and outer, forever"
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posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 05:12 AM
reply to post by yyyyyyyyyy

Hi yyyyyyyyyy,

Thanks for adding this video to the thread.

I've posted it here for quicker/easier access for some that don't always take the TIME to open up new WINDOWS...


posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 05:28 AM
reply to post by MAC269


You want to change the world start with this.

Hi MAC269,

It's a great IDEA and could definitely WORK, however the problem now LIES in getting Humanity to Listen and especially those hard/trained Soldiers that are very used to taking COMMAND'S...

Now if SOME payed attention to this message and found a way to spread such an IDEA within their Areas/Territories/Countries (Wherever they may be) THINGS CAN HAPPEN...

STRONG DETERMINED GROUPS coming together in Behalf of LOVE & PEACE draws in powerful SPIRIT and I assure you and Everyone-1 Here That if such a group were to come together and work on something similar to what's being suggested in this thread.


Change comes through a spark and works it's way up into a BLAZING FIRE...

A FIRE that consumes all the WEEDS and THORNS...

LOVE & PEACE is within REACH...

IT CAN BE DONE from one spark within this world/vineyard...

I'm sharing this VIDEO as an example of how people should start treating each other...

Even though this video is of a religion nature put that out of your minds, the religious parts of this video is NOT What's Important. --- WHAT'S IMPORTANT is the EXAMPLE being set on how we should be treating others:


Do Unto Others As They Would Have You Do Unto Them.

Please take TIME to WATCH this video --- It (IS) a TRUE --- EXAMPLE – Of How Humanity Should BE Treating Each Other on this Planet.


Be the LIGHT and Example to the Rest of the World...

Such Wonderful Places Are Yet Within Reach!


posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 05:28 AM
Here Here! Well said.... Look AT THE MAN IN THE MIRROR... We MUST change before its too late. YOU can change your self....

Let me add.... Lets REALLY LOOK at the hundreds of M-I-L-L-O-N-S paid to basketball, football, baseball, soccer, golf players around the world.. Well is 100,000 Million per contract REALLY REALLY needed to make the game more fun to watch?

The contract managers for sports stars are wonderful! lets put them in a pool, fly them to Washington DC ( but tell them ahead of time they will have to have their "junk" touched from TSA felons) ........and let them haggle with US govt on where to spend the money... underground bunkers are not as important as STOPPING WAR and let me say it....

TAKING WEALTH FROM THE CRIMINAL GOVTS AND GIVING TO THE PEOPLE FAIRLY... I did not say for hard working honest rich... I said for evil banksters, and govts that steal money from hard working people... criminals that make billions and take HOMES BY THEFT... (forclosure mills)

Look at the "man in the mirror" well what are you going to do? I know I have made the change!!!!!!! It feels great!


posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 10:43 AM
I feel there are many who would wish to live in a fair and equal world, and not only know that their voices are ignored by the leaders, in fact suspect the leaders have up to the minute stats on everything, know that the money spent on social services and building affordable housing, for example is a fraction of medical and legal costs and prisons, for dealing with under addressed social problems, in fact, even our own ultra conservative annanuki supposed liberal government of Gordan Campbell in BC did studies to that affect.

It Costs Far More Tax Dollars To Be Mean And Heartless Than To Provide Substantive Equality!!!! But that is not their intentions at all, its not to save tax payers money though they pretend this is their goal, they don't care about our collective money or empowerment, most often its used to make things look OK on the surface then given away in projects to their rich Friends, which is extortion.

But over the heads of Gov, is the true shadow government, the corporate heads, banking heads, arms heads, Bildenburg set, Black Ops, the S group, or SS group, what is primarily the Feathered Serpent Group, of the Mayans and Aboriginals, depicting in all their symbols, statues, gargoyles and coat of arms.




So what can we do?

I really believe we have the ability to do as much as the heart can desire or imagine or yearn for. One person, one infinite soul, where as in Quantum Mechanics, in No Time, in Infinity, has the potential to reach into their Infinite progressive journey and has Family watching over, is able to know they're up for the job. But most of us don't have the courage even though we try to convince ourselves we can make a difference.

The Gov of the world pledged to drastically reduce poverty by the year 2015. Yes I'm sure they did. A little genocide here, and a little genocide there and the problem would be half reduced.

Its in our hands. If we stopped giving to Churches, what we give to them, we could feed the world many times over, even if we cut in half, or gave 1/3 of the tithings. But its not just feeding the world, its having the will to see through our economics, our controlled trade, so that they can't reach world markets, our world banks, and the Bankers policies, our wars, our divisions.

We should already be living akin to the Venus Project the whole world over, and equally, with local/regional and world counsels of equal men and women, rotating like jury duty, from a cosmic educated population, with everyone, regardless of health, handicap, or age, living with beauty, dignity, options, choices, creativity, homes and gardens and communities helping each other out with maintenance and work, and all work including child care equally counted and valued.

And human rights of the highest standards of equality and substantive equality where its put into practice, without slavery or corporate labor needed in exchange for real estate or homes, and religions/spiritual beliefs considered a private affair that brings people strength and joy to get through the trials/tests of life, but completely disenfranchised from all governments and courts.

We can make a difference, if we actually went for this Fix The World Day, every month and formed nonprofits and community groups in every area, with free newspapers, delivered door to door, paid for by a pullout local advertisement session, for ethical businesses only, ie. the little guy.

If we focus on homelessness, what city counsel rules need to change so many homes could put up yurts in their back yards, or donate farms for communes filled with yurts? What city rules need to change so there are hostels in every few neighborhoods for the ones in more hard cases, ie. much of the homeless in Canada are the mental patients who were kicked out on the streets when the facilities closed, and they need more of a half way house support. How with those who are on the streets, dealing with drugs, crimes and dangerous black market world, do we provide in the right way? Do we deal with drug laws and tolerance issues? Most neighborhoods actively protest against any hostels forming near them, so how does a community decide on placement, and I'm not referring to city counsel, we the people need to grow up and do things ourselves, and make a difference ourselves and talk about it and then show support by opposing the city counsels of the world!

Can we see whole neighborhoods as a kind of Venus Project?

Can we see the lack of free press as a problem and get real community newspaper that are delivered door to door, with round house signatures to pull together from all bullying that the police force and Nazi legal teams would use against these papers, and already have in my province for online ones!!!?

Can grown up adults decide to have workshops in tradesman's garages teaching disadvantaged teens to build generators, windmills, ham radios, fix a tire, basic mechanics, home repairs, Free Energy!!!??

Can grown adults look at our corporate monopolies and say, OK, well who has food safety tickets and space to share? Lets form groups of people including the homeless, and replace these businesses and only buy from each other!!! And share the income with whole groups, including the vulnerable ones, leave no one out.
Of course this also means dealing openly and honestly and compassionately with some of the problems that lead to crime, mainly drugs and even some organized crime.

News media/home grown businesses with profit sharing/colonies of yurts, heck I would live in one too!!! Really growing up and joining hand in hand, even walking away. Several home owners sell their home, buy some land, and set up yurt eco villages, and make sure 1/4 of this is for the homeless and vulnerable ones, though we would have to be honest, many of them have some hard core problems and might need some hostels and help with these problems.

It takes connecting with others. Forming Counsels For Change In every community and region and country.
It takes focusing on giving a strong message frequently to the leaders, once people begin to wake up and realize they can act maturely, and solve problems, that we know what we want and send our suggestions and that they join in and also, we need to let them know that we understand how powerless they really are, so surely joining with us, is the best thing everyone can do!!

And for the secret shadow governments, I would suggest we list their place of operations, and get crowds of thousands and millions doing combo, sit in meditation with flowers, prayers, and invititations for them to step down, amnesty, join our side, with Alex Jones, bullhorns, we need to get them out of the bases and into the real world, and never give up. Invite ,invite, invite in large numbers.

homeless in america

The average age of homeless children in the US is 6 years of age.

Homeless Children

Homelessness in Canada - Take Action

How Fair Trade Can Help People Trade Their Way Out Of Poverty

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posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 11:11 AM
People with land and homes could be motivated with local counsels to sell and contribute larger land and projects, and Yurts, which don't need to be tents, they can be made like Earthship homes out of old tires, hay, and a slurry of mineral, soil, paper mache, recycled things, and hemp which is the strongest fibre there is and is grown in the prairies for industrial, building purposes and insulation. I've thought of recylcign old shoes and clothing in giant shredders with hemp, as insulation as well, to fill in between the tires, or to be used alone.

Yurts survive storms due to their shape the way domes do, they can survive cosmic storms and hurricanes!

They can be erected relatively quickly, many materials can substitute for them, and they don't have to be tiny and temporary looking, they can be DELUXE! We could get projects going for people, and donations of land and really make a difference.

But short term, how about generators built for the poor, and seed kits, to grow food in their own homes, apartments, and dwellings. Clean water. Education. But I am really tired of thinking of just the smallest help to end severe poverty. We need to equalize and be gifts to one another, and ensure everyone lives with dignitiy, options, vitamins, nutrients, art supplies and crafts, and things that they want, in their lives.

Yurts 1

Yurts 2

Yurts 3

EcoCamp Perito Moreno Glacier Patagonia

Yurt Tent Portable Canvas Estate Nickerson State Park, Brewster Cape Cod Mass.

Cabin Tent - Yosemite Park CA.

posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 02:19 PM

Oxfam Fair Trade Clips

Rich countries and powerful corporations have captured a disproportionate share of the benefits of trade, leaving developing countries and poor people worse off. Trade rules should be judged on their contribution to poverty reduction, respect for human rights, and environmental sustainability.

Instead of robbing half the world of a proper living, trade could help millions of poor farmers and workers in developing countries beat poverty, and change their lives for good.

But this will not happen unless countries change the way they trade.

So we’re campaigning hard to make sure they do....

But a deal that helps reduce poverty will only be achieved if rich countries change their attitudes and put development at the center of their concerns. New fairer trade rules are still needed for poor countries to participate more equally in the global trading system but a deal should not be pushed through for the sake of it. A bad deal could do more harm than no agreement.

The rampant food price crisis (2008-2009) has shown that food and livelihood security cannot depend solely on market forces. Development rather than liberalization has to be the central objective of negotiations and trade rules must respond to the needs of the most vulnerable people first and foremost.

Fair Trade - The Story

--Globalization is described as many as the race for the bottom. Companies have gone oversees looking for the cheapest labor they can find and the lowest environmental standards they can get away with...

--Fair trade breaks that contradiction, so companies here do quite well by paying farmers more...

You Are What You Buy [Fair Trade Video]

What's behind your chocolate?

--What's behind your chocolate? Ever wondered?
--Here is the REALITY of what's behind those big chocolate company names...

Child Labour...of which some were abducted and sold off to cocoa farmer

--Exploited farmers, bad working conditions, unfair wages, starvation.

--some cocoal farmers only get 1 penny for a bar that sells for 60 cents.

There is a lot we can do, but it takes public will, to write in and insist that labor laws change. They talk about free trade and fair trade, but its not the same thing.

Statistically for every person who has a job in our country, 3 service jobs are created. That means, something. The world never needed to be in the situation its in, it could have been in abundance, with alternative energy and plastics made from plants, and technology creating clean upgrades for all, sustainable ones.

In addition all first nation countries, enjoy low or even negative number, birth rates.

We need to do work locally, in our countries and abroad at the same time.

This is another BUMP for an important issue, hopefully more can add their thoughts.

Just for a moment, consider this, while most people are displaying apathy in their own communities, in the stores, food/clothing, gift stores, that most of what we buy is done in slave conditions and yet the monopolies are being extraordianarily funded, BY US! Its our money. We've made them who and what they are!!! Now they'd like to take it all, NWO, and get rid of the poorerst of the poor perhaps.

What if, we had in every town online stores, that delivered, food within a range, and had pickups too. That were all Fair Trade stamped and sealed, farmer direct even in many cases, and local, and displayed this proudly, and went overboard to work with the public, ie: people had accounts and their income was noted, and they were given sliding scales, with almost items at cost for the poorest folk, and promotion of this was all the time given out including on community online radio stations that just conversely could actually do some alternative news interviews and even have their own coast to coast guys.

I mean once you start thinking, what could you do in your community, or get a group going on, there are many possibilities. And if people met up or partnered up with poorer regions of the world, then businesses here could pay, fair wages and have co-ops or contributions from all over, and whole regions could assist other regions in many ways, along with their own regions.

And make sure the local side gives voices and creates activities and businesses for the ones who are in need here, homeless, single parents, elderly, handicapped, and those marginal ones who could really benefit from some shared projects and work that would share the profits, but only require a few hours a week per person and hands on training, but if the businesses were well thought out they would provide shares that could be livable wages. In addition, for those who are handicapped and barely getting by a few hours every few days for family members, or volunteer family, for we can always pair up, could help provide real income for people who were incapable of doing this.

Rental agencies to find and match rooms and shelter for the homeless. People in our own communities offering space.
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posted on Nov, 18 2010 @ 03:21 PM
Excellent post my Brother,

The problems of the world are fixable. It takes a universal consciousness for change. I am glad to see you and so many others fired up to make it happen. The mind of Man is maturing. The world we see with our eyes is not the world we want. WE are the CREATORS. WE are CREATING our reality. LOOK what WE have CREATED!

The illusions of money, fame, and prestige are falling to the way side. Be ready for change for it comes quickly.

If you are attached to your physical goods, your lavish life style, you false idea of being better, more deserving than your fellow man, prepare to be shaken.

Money is dead. We have the manufacturing capacity to supply the world. We have the labor force to rebuild the world. We have the knowledge to clean up the world. We have the resources to feed, clothe and house the world.

What stops us from doing this?

Money is the means to control the world and we ALLOW it.

Over the past six months I have been traveling around my city and asking workers one question.

If they could live the average lifestyle that a $55,000.00 a year job would provide, would you continue to do your job for NO MONEY on a voluntary basis?

The answer I am getting is a resounding HELL YEAH!

I then asked them if they were willing to travel around the world helping others bring their standard of living up to this level provided that those others learned from them the trade they possessed?

The answer I am getting is a resounding HELL YEAH!

I have been speaking to unemployed workers. Would you go back to work if your living standard was $55,000.00 a year, but not based on money?


My theory is simple. Set a base line standard for all MANKIND based on available resouces and skilled labor to make it happen. Bring ALL up to this level.

Get the governement OUT of the way.

Be self Governing. READ the PLAN at the bottom of my posts.

Look around, do you see one single human being who does not contribute?

I don't! I see a world where people contribute according to what their hearts, talents, and drive lead them to.

Do you think the starving artist on the street corner needs to go shovel? Hell no! we have plenty who enjoy that who are not artists! The world NEEDS beauty as well as productivity!

Do you really think RCA, Electra, and other "recording" studios pick out all the talent in the world?

Hell no! We have many many many beautiful voices, song writers, poets, authors, TALENT all around us. Our current system restricts our attention to JUST what they pick.

Look on youtube sometime. There is much free talent doing what they do because they love it! and they are just as good if not better than what your pushers feed to you.

Money, sheesh, through it out of the temple of Mankind!

With Love,

Your Brother

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 12:10 AM
ET_MANS intention admirable quality: I support his efforts.

When a man is constructing his house he must put in the effort, he must get the right tools the right materials and find some land; if he does not get either of these he can not construct the house, without the tools he can not use the material without the land he has no where to build. The man could speak to his family for as long he chooses but the house wont get built until he picks up the first brick himself, there is many bricks in laying a house and hard labour to make the man the foundation, the man loves the design he seeks to create but he will need help in doing it, he will have to ask for help for the labour is to much effort for one alone.

When walking a type-rope one must keep oneself balanced and calm, least one lose balance and panic and fall.


Adonai Christ bless

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 02:42 AM
This is the CHANGE we are talking about. No, this isn't 'OBAMA CHANGE', this is real change. The worst is yet to come. We see this everyday. the foundation of our society is rotting at its core and when the roof caves in panic ensures. Why is this? What keeps us tied to the very same society that places its burden on us when the rich get away with openly robbing us?

The funniest thing about all of this is that it isn't a hard thing to do at all! It's just we are so conditioned to go along with it because it's always been this way. The choice we must make seems like a HARD choice but in fact it is much more simple than it sounds. Would you rather live under a tyrannical dictatorship controlled by greedy mega-corporations or live a life that evens out the playing field for all of us? Now I would think that most would choose the second option unless you enjoy watching others suffer who are less fortunate than you are, which is what these rich people strive for. I speak for many who are fed up with the system and want change. The problem that most of us encounter with this scenario is that it has been NORMALISED to experience pain and suffering in your everyday life. This is the way it's been and it will stay this way, or so we've been told.

The hardest decision we have to make if we really want real change is to WALK AWAY from this false reality the Powers That Be have set up for us. If we don't walk away now and start setting real goals by not buying into their trickery we might not be able to when camp FEMA is open for business. Walk away before your door is busted down and you along with your family are taken away by force into these modernday Nazi concentration camps. I can't stress this enough, time is running short and we must ACT now by doing all that we can.

Be the change you want to see. Follow your dreams, make your utopia manifest in this reality. The importance of dreams is very significant, they serve as a reflection of your current understanding to connect with your subconsious mind. Some of the most intuitive inventions of our time have came to people in their sleepstate. To give an example look at the Piano, the man who created this instrument brainstormed it in his sleep! This goes to show how powerful our own thoughts really are when we take the effort to follow through with our own ideas.

I want to personally thank you ET_MAN for starting this thread because this is just the beginning to something that can have a ripple effect on many. It only takes one person to make change, if we can convey our message properly to other people we can show them what the true meaning of life really is! Look at how easily Obama and others fool the masses into thinking everything is all okay while the real badguys get away with destroying us from the inside out. If Obama can do this with LIES imagine what we can do with the TRUTH!

I also want to thank you Unity with the contributions you have made to this thread, information is power! This is how we take our planet back from the very ones who have tried to destroy it. If we do not take something like this seriously, what do we really stand for?

And to everyone contributing to this thread I want to thank you all for helping get these ideas out to others who will need information like this in the future. Keep up the great work you are serving your brothers and sisters well.

On a side note I'd like to mention that I've just been reconnected with my internet yesterday, so I'll get around to the messages that some have sent me.

Thanks for reading and I hope you all have a great day,


posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 02:56 AM
I didn't read your whole thread, I couldn't. I will come back to it and finish reading, but I get so angry when people are spending hundreds of dollars on designer shoes and bags when there are children like the ones in these photos that the cost of one poorly made bag, with a fancy name, could feed hundreds of children.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 11:46 AM
reply to post by IAMIAM

I agree with what you've posted, I was raised in a family that pretty much believed in something akin to the Venus Project growing up, not a low level world, or equalizing us all to poverty, and not a no rules, no decisions by counsels, or US/We The People, no lack of human rights, no everyone is free, but the healthiest dominant male without dependents will naturally be able to take more than his share. I was also raised in a primarily Feminist household, not feminism/matriarchy as the opposite of patriarchy, so these words could be different, if some good alts could be found,but basically meaning, equallity, and substantive (which is real, put your money where you mouth is) equality, equalizing everyones situations. By the way, that substantive IS the wording of the Canadian constitution. As an example: and this applies to everyone but using this as an example.

Two adults divorce and the mother has primary custody of the 2 children, who are young, whether or not this is a situation of abandonment, which is frequent enough, or perhaps a friendly break up, so the father is there a lot, but also, wants them to have consistency with the same friends in school, etc, and not be carted back and forth all the time.

He's relatively young, say 28, and after losing work or EI, decides to go back to university, as he's never been, and takes 8-10 years to gain a phd level and teach at the college.

She goes back to school when the youngest is 5, say, but is limited (due to already working around the clock0 in making extra wages, so unlike him who may have gotten more part time work, she may have less, his wages may have been higher, hers lower if any was found. there is a cut off point, on the number of years you can go, due to the studen loan limits. These used to be in forms of loans/grants, with the actual payment back being related to being a single adult, equalizing woman and men. And I don't approve of anything else in fact its a complete injustice, and support GREAT equalizing social programs to the enth degree! Not a conservative, more socialistic in a moneyless than the norway or sweden, don't want to live in a dog eat dog world with or without money!) But with a cutoff of say 80 000, his 8-10 years can be managed with living in a group situation, no need to worry about your children and noise, and he's only got his own skin to worry about.

She is limited and has this family size to worry about, so though, she always dreamed of becoming a lawyer, she ends up taking a lesser course and he earns over 50 000 year, and she earns far less.

Substantive equality makes alot of government bills and even local counsel statues ILLEGAL, but no one seems to have the will to do anything about it.

So I really support a moneyless resource society, with counsels, half women and half men, everyone doing their share, everyone called, you can back out if needed, but then you'll probably be called again in a few years and never ending education. with people contributing, not 8 hours a day, turn taking, 4 hours, 3 days a week, volunteering for bigger projects. Bounty, abundance, every cleaner higher technology, art, creativity. Guilds in every area with courses, meetups, and tools, support for anyone wishing to toe into, art, music, martial arts, any form of creativity or activity, and scientific experimentation, inventors, creators.

Some missions. Because lets be honest, who would choose to work 8 hours a day, 5-6 days a week as a janitor while their friend is a clothing designer or top notch graphics artist, when they probably would like some free time to do that as well. And do we need janitors when robotics is gettign far more advanced (from what they will disclose) whereas in reality many of those negative ETs were created by para military/black ops and bloodlines in underground bases for the negative entities, and their robotics is of a high level.

When there is no money, there is no limits, this means in survival situations, pulling together and working harder, but in advancement situations, whatever we can dream of, can be done, and can inspire and find volunteers.

Currently so many people are out of work or not choosing to contribute, or cant due ot handicaps, because they cant hold down job expectations or work long hours ,their worlds are shrunk. In reality, in a world like this, many would be contributing that don't have the option, and welcomed because the boss doesnt turn people down, everyone is welcomed to contribute, depending on how well organized it is.

But we would force no one either, just raise kids in school to dream and try on different roles. Like they have career days, and booths, there would be interactive 3d holographic presentations and children and adults who are healthy and able bodied, would be dreaming on what they can become.

Because we're all creative and there would be avenues open to explore all things with materials created for art, and everything, we would end up, wealthier and more prosperous, but with things that didnt break down all the time, things we could acutally pass on to the next generation, built to last, and easily recyclable, like super stainless steel coffeepots, or plastics made out plant materials.

Anyway, i want an EQUAL moneyless world, substantive equality for all. And we're the adults in the counsels running things in open transparency with top notch stats and information.
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posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 12:17 PM

The Venus Project part 1

The Venus Project part 2

Imagining a World Without Money

--Now America is inclined towards fascism. It has a propensity by its dominant philosphy and religion to uphold the fascist point of view...

--We're given notions about the respectibility of work and I really look at it as being paid slavery.

--We're brought up to believe that you will earn your living by the sweat of your brow. That holds people back. Freeing people drudgery, repetive jobs.. In ours society, a resource based economy, (the Venus Project) machines free people.

--(in our society) human employment is in direct opposition to technological development.

This is what I see, however, I like beautiful country living, those yurts look dreamy and eco farms myself, with smaller cities or shared tech places, however, the key to this kind of world is that I am somewhat suspicious that this moneyless society is being put forth by the bloodlines, and the very same idea needs to done grass roots by counsels of citizens sharing leadership, rotating shifts frequently, for like the Hopi natives said, not to wait for someone to come and do things or take control, but We're The Ones We've Been Waiting For! The leadership needs to be a shared responsibility by the people.
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posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 06:39 PM

Originally posted by calstorm
I didn't read your whole thread, I couldn't. I will come back to it and finish reading, but I get so angry when people are spending hundreds of dollars on designer shoes and bags when there are children like the ones in these photos that the cost of one poorly made bag, with a fancy name, could feed hundreds of children.

If you run around in circles for to long you get dizzy; all depends how one channels ones energy, one could remain mad at those who give into material things but then one will only drain oneself, or one could channel that anger into something productive and offer to help another 'changing the negative energy into a positive'.

perhaps one can plant the seeds rather than throw them to the wind in anger and hope they grow, one could use righteous anger as a motivation to bring change for the good for others 'channel it into something creative rather than destructive'.

Adonai Christ bless
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posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 10:13 PM
reply to post by IAMIAM

Hi Brother IAMIAM,

Awesome post, that could have made an entire thread all on it's own.

I realize this planet's reaching a critical point where the technology rises to a certain level that can be a Plus+ Positive or – Negative depending on the spirituality/condition of the world.

With Technology comes a great responsibility that requires – SPIRITUALITY...

It's very necessary that the world starts working on turning a NEGATIVE into a POSITIVE.

It's very easy to get angry, upset, depressed, saddened and so on but people should realize when they get angry, depressed, sad, stressed out etc it's a form of NEGATIVE energy on a certain level and they are affecting the world.

Last night, I had some really bad news in my life that affected me greatly just as bad news usually does.

I reacted 5 seconds or so in a negative way out of frustration getting upset putting out energy that was non-productive.

The spirit inside let me know, look at yourself and I quickly realized I am going against what I share with others and I am reacting in a negative way due to the negative or bad news that's affecting me.

Since I was full of emotions, I quickly tried to calm myself down, take a few deep breaths and I said a prayer and I let all of those emotions come out crying as I said the prayer but I was crying with GOOD INTENT and to project POSITIVE and Good Energy back into the World.

So we can turn a Negative into a Positive.

We need to be more careful on how we react to negative energy such as bad news or something happening in our lives that affects us in a negative way.

Being aware that what we put out into the world through our own thoughts, feelings, emotions, actions, deeds and reactions/interactions with others can affect the World.

Our spirits put out energy and we need to always turn a NEGATIVE into a POSITIVE.

That is another START on helping to Change the WORLD into a more POSITIVE place.

I also want to add this for those who are following from a previous thread of mine that I have some important things yet to share pertaining to the upcoming critical years that lie before humanity.

The world is reaching a point in time that is an important time-line 2011, coloring book pages can change.

NOW, TODAY and the upcoming months is critical that we try to help send more POSITIVITY into the world and spread the LOVE and POSITIVITY with others. Shine the Light not only being the example but try to share it with others so they ALSO can be the example and SHINE their LIGHT and POSITIVITY into the world passing it onto others.

Humanity and our Civilization can go in two directions reaching this technology state that humans now have in their possession and most of it high level/secret/military/government equipment.

It can work in favor of the human species or against them.

That means the spirit of LOVE & PEACE must start a fire from the sparks within us that consumes the world of corruption which is the weeds and thorns. We need to hold up a LIGHT and pass it onto each other so that the next person can be AWARE that negative thoughts, actions, deeds, reactions/interactions with others and in our own lives CAN affect the world in a negative way.

Stress can affect the world.
Sadness can affect the world.
Depression can affect the world.

It's time to use our MIND OVER MATTER (which is spirit) to Overcome the negativity we are faced with in the world on a daily basis.

Change starts within ourselves first, the world is coming to a crucial/critical/important point on the coloring book time-line that if it continues in this direction with Wars, Starvation, Abuse, Crime, Dishonesty, Violence and so on that Humanity or the world as we know may fall.

Humanity is now reaching that point in time at 2011 where they can change the world for the better or worse as 2011 is a time-line and I have given it out. I'm AWARE of this coloring book page time-line, please make others AWARE and pass it on so that we can all start working on upgrading our spirituality and sending out good positive energy into the world that is necessary and very needed right now.

The world as we know it could fall if it continues in this direction with WARS and humanity will start all over again or learn a HUGE devastating lesson of destruction.

What Can We do to help some may ask?

What can you do?


Stay Positive, project only Positive Energy into the world and turn a Negative into a Positive always.

Send Positive, Loving, Caring, Good Energy into the world with Positive Intent.

But If you want it to really get there to someone and reach others you must also BELIEVE.

BELIEVE in yourself that you can reach the world with positive energy, have faith in those you send this energy to that they will receive it and most importantly Never Doubt when you send this energy that it will reach them. BELIEVE and have Strong Faith and it will be a ripple in the world that takes affect across the energy field lines of Earth.

There is a POWER behind LOVE and that power is Being AWARE that LOVE can affect and Change the world for the better in a POSITIVE WAY.


What causes War, Disease, Famine, Pestilence, Violence and so on?

The SPIRITUALITY level of not just those with power and weapons but the SPIRITUALITY level of the entire world collectively as a whole.

In other words – Negative energy is the cause for all things occurring on this planet that are negative.

Positive energy is the cause for all things occurring on this planet that are positive.

Those who are starving to death in the world, being abused, mistreated and so on – THAT ENERGY from these things taking place affects the world.

Some call it depression, some call it recession, some call it war, famine, pestilence, disease and so on but a positive person that doesn't allow the negative to get to them doesn't have to be affected by these negative things occurring and can help the world in return by turning that Negative into a Positive.

We can receive negative energy or bad news and other things in the world and TURN them into a POSITIVE. Turn that frown upside down into a smile, strike it reverse it and reject the negative and accept the positive.

TAKE the Negative and Change it into a POSITIVE.

Everything in Earth's material world is affected as a WHOLE (collectively) by the energy running across Earth's energy grid. BUT only if you allow it to. You can change the WORLD by turning Negative into a Positive and if the population of the world was AWARE of this and worked on it – Imagine what Great Changes could and WOULD occur.

WAR happens because humanity's SPIRITUALITY level is getting unhealthy/negative.

Sometimes it's not just a few groups out there corrupt with weapons and power behind this but it's the entire WORLD and the population of the planet affecting such things manifesting it into the material world.

The NEGATIVENESS inside of us affects the World.

The World CAN CHANGE and make a difference in Projecting POSITIVE and LOVING Energy.

There are further things I wanted to share about certain events in particular regarding other matters but I won't do it right now.

I KNOW where we are headed and I most certainly would not be here now posting this if I didn't BELIEVE that I can make a difference to help spread more LIGHT or a SPARK that could be passed on to others hopefully turning it into a Blazing Fire that consumes all weeds and thorns or 'Corruption' in the world.

I BELIEVE that the world will Change for the better and I Have Faith in the world and everyone in it.

The world can overcome the NEGATIVITY and Corruption.

Those Corrupted, negative, evil or whatever you want to call it CAN CHANGE.

I BELIEVE in them, I put my faith in Humanity that they can DO IT and get past this crucial, important coloring book time-line.

We CAN all recover and get better...We Can help those in Darkness.

Let us always send out Good Thoughts, Prayers, Intent for those in the world who are LOST and in DARKNESS doing things that they are not fully aware of sometimes in ignorance because they don't see the LIGHT and TRUTH or comprehend it. They don't realize how it is affecting the rest of everyone in the world (MANY) out there are not aware of such things they do. MANY are and do it intentionally but many in Darkness are Lost and unaware that everything they have INSIDE OF THEM will also affect the world and COME BACK TO THEM.

You want to feel good inside?

Do you feel bad?

Work on becoming more POSITIVE and it will come back to you and you will feel better, it's not about just you though but the ENTIRE WORLD.

But in order to help the WORLD one must first change themselves within and become more in tune spiritually making connection to the spirit of LOVE & PEACE that can guide and help direct them in their lives.

Once a person takes care of their own spiritual struggles then they can spiritually be capable to help, assist and uplift others.

I say all of these things in the spirit of LOVE & PEACE and with Good Intent sending my Blessings & Positive Energy into the world.

I appreciate IAMIAM's excellent POSITIVE contribution post in this thread.

Let's work for a better CHANGE in the WORLD---> TOGETHER...

1 Person at a time.
1 Spark can turn into a Blazing Fire.
1 Light can turn on More Light.
Weeds and thorns affecting the spiritual Tree of Life path, in other words our weaknesses, faults, errors and the corruption in the world as a whole. We can get rid of such things and turn our weaknesses into strengths through POSITIVE ENERGY and Become healed within/whole.

This planet CAN CHANGE regardless of what others may say or think ,do not believe others ONLY BELIEVE that it CAN.

I KNOW It Can...

Never Say Never when your dealing With Forever.

ETERNITY is a long time where (technically) there is NO TIME.

Your Eternal Brother__________________________________

Love, Peace, Positivity and Best Wishes!

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 10:36 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

Thanks Sister Unity_99 for all the great posts.

You are always staying the course and speaking from your heart.

You are making more of a difference than you realize and POSITIVE energy only makes a POSITIVE difference/affect on the world.

Stay the Course and continue Sharing your Hopes/Wishes/Dreams in POSITIVITY with others.

Never let fear, worry, anger, depression and so on --- WIN and pull you down, but I know you are a STRONG HEARTED person that overcomes such things and has been through many trials/tribulations/hardships in your life that brought you specifically to this point in time and for a reason/purpose that is manifesting now in all you do to share with others. Thank You

Stay The Course and continue onwards with POSITIVITY to project and share with the WORLD.

We Can Bring Positive Change Into The World!

There's always HOPE but you must BELIEVE...

BELIEVING is the Strongest power behind LOVE of All.


Believe in yourself that you can make a difference and bring forth good changes, believe in the others around you that they can also bring forth good changes and last but never the least being the most important of them all - BELIEVE in the Power of LOVE & PEACE and the Spirit that's within you.

'All good things are Possible if you have strong FAITH and BELIEVE.

Love & Best Wishes Always!

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