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Creators Push There Agenda For C-32, Important News

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posted on Nov, 17 2010 @ 03:52 AM

This Bill If passed will make you A Criminal!
This C-32 Bill will also prevent Normal Canadians from uploading bought and owned Music on youtube
This bill seeks the end of anime music video, remix music videos, Fan made videos as well

The grouchy Oscar Leroy, the peace-loving Amaar Rashid and the crusading Dominic Da Vinci descended on Ottawa Tuesday to give parliamentarians their marching Agenda for the digital future.

The bill would officially legalize many well-established consumer practices, such as recording TV programs or downloading a CD onto a digital player. But ACTRA and other creator groups complain they are not being compensated for these uses.

The creators are also concerned that some exemptions in the bill are too broad. They are opposed to provisions that would allow consumers to make video or musical “mash-ups,” and are worried about the exemptions for educational purposes. They also want authorities to get tougher on bit-torrent sites that allow users to view pirated movies and to force Internet service providers to deal more harshly with customers who download without authorization.

Fellow Canadians i am sick and tried how the film and music industry is treating us the consumers like a Criminal yet little did they forget we have our rights, but it seems they don't see it that way.

What i am asking you is to tell your senators about this bill! and urge to them not to vote for C-32 we as canadians have our rights we see this as a take over by the greedy globalist corporations & industries.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 03:15 AM
No responses? while just to give you a little more background on this bill

This bill was pushed by obama and his administrators in Washington this C32 is a counter bill of the amercian COICA one.

Its just has bad has the original.


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