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Bush 3: Civil Liberties 0

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posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 11:37 AM
Before we get all happy about the "defeat" given to Bush in the recent Supreme Court rulings, it would be helpful and wise to take a closer look at what it actually means. Here's a good analysis by Elaine Cassel, Lawyer, teacher and civil rights author.

Hamdi, Padilla and Rasul v. Rumsfeld and Bush
Who Really Won?

Forget what the media's talking heads have told you about these three Supreme Court decisions that tested the power of George W. Bush. The President won far more than he lost, so administration "officials" who pronounce themselves victors are more on target than the press who tell you that the decisions represent a defeat for the Administration, or rein in its power. Taken together, the decisions are more important for what they did not do. Their significance for the future, particularly if Bush is reelected, cannot be underestimated.


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