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Todays Guests On Parker Spitzer Are Clueless and PS To

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posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 08:24 PM
Just a while ago Parker Spitzer the former governor of New York a host on his show had a range of guests, the major the topic his and he were discussing was the economy overall, the most idiotic one was ben stein on which he claims.

That the recovery is real and ever one of Americans need to give it more time and chance for it to work its magic.
another guest came up started babbling about nationalism, saying america is still the greatest and that america is right on track!
but needs more.

Cant remember his name but a guest came to promote his book on the economy? he has claimed that there are jobs in america but some people arent looking well and also 8% is a real jobless rate number.

It was a waste of time watching it, but i will say this Parker Spitzer doesn't like anything bad been said about the state of the economy, after all its CNN what you expect?

someone will upload it on youtube, sorry if i didn't catch it all.


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