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is there a conspiracy regarding the numeber of illegals in the u.s.?

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posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 05:48 PM
here is a link to the pew hispanic center.
according to their numbers the number of illegals has been dropping for years.
living in new mexico i find this hard to believe.
yet, i also need to realize there is likely an influx of illegals coming from arizona.
my basic question is, are the numbers i'm linking to correct?
are there any more reliable sources worth checking into?

pew hispanic center

posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 06:48 PM
There has been a conspiracy about this since the 1960s let in illegals (the least educated and least able to pay more than what they absorb in services the better for their plan) give amnasty a few times give entitlements to the illegals and their offspring who as a general rule do not value education much either to create resentment among the taxpayers. Drastically under report the numbers so it seems that the taxpayers are whiners.

Classic divide and conquer techniques.

Look at what has happened to our country since the 1965 amnasty.

We have more things and less value, more information than ever and little ability to critically analyze it. More time in school and dumber than ever. Education is more expensive than ever in history and no jobs when they graduate because this generation has been taught they don't have to work with their hands*. So they ship the factories off to the country that has the most exploitable workers and will do so again when those workers start demanding a fair wage. (Instead of rotating crops they are rotating industry.)

Americans have become a people too overworked to do anything but slave away like a drone.

This is the downfall of America as we know it

*Inventions come from working with your hands. I remember something about Pres Carter offering prises for fuel saving devices but they are no doubt hidden in a crate next to the arc of the covenant.


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