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Some site suggestions

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posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 05:30 PM
There are some things about this site that make it very confusing(and sometimes frustrating). Overall much of it has been corrected, but i still feel that it could use some work.

The big one:
There needs to be a way to access my last post on a thread. I dont want to go through a thread looking for the post i last made. Sometimes the threads can get really big, and finding your original post is nigh impossible. If there is a way to do this, please let me know, but i cannot figure out how. This is important to me because i want to read the new posts people made, and my last post is a good placeholder of where i finished reading peoples responses in threads.

Creating new posts and finding topics is really awkward. I like the idea of the most popular threads being on the front page, but having all the random forums on the right listed is kind of distracting. I think the forums should be listed first and then the "most popular threads" should be on the right.

A "ATS Guide" would be really nice. Im not gonna lie, this site is awesome and what you guys are doing is great. However, i think this site is really confusing to navigate. I find myself pretty computer savvy and even i have trouble finding things sometimes. I think with the myriad of topics and opinions this is bound to happen, but there should be an easy to find guide to help you out.

Thats all for me. I love this site i just wanted to hand out some suggestions to make it easier for myself and hopefully other people.



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