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Skynet, are you ready for it.....

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posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 10:37 PM
reply to post by Fox Molder

Actually, Fox, Skynet is already here, and has been here for some time now.
I made a post about this last year....

Britain Launches Final Real-Life Skynet Satellite, Dubs it Skynet with No Sense of Irony

The UK has just sent up a new communications satellite that's completed their Skynet, the highly-advanced network that's going to give them the ability to allow robotic military units at long range. You know, like in the apocalyptic vision of the future from the Terminator movies. The network's name in those movies? Skynet. Have you learned nothing, England?!

The system allows for communication both in the voice and data variety between basically any unit of the British Armed Forces, including computers talking to computers, probably about how best to murder their makers. For example, a base computer in cheery old London can communicate with the "Reaper," a robotic spy drone in Afghanistan, retrieving data and telling it where to go, and transmitting live video over the connection from the UAV. The sat also has solar sails which extend its life to 15 years, a special anti-jamming antenna is set on the receive side, while 4 steerable antennas can be aimed in a single spot to concentrate broadcasting ability.

Even worse is the fact that the whole thing is privately owned, with the British Armed Forces only promised a portion of the bandwidth rather than having control over the whole thing.


Recent breakthroughs in advanced microchip design and computer processing power were the impetus that led to America’s first military grade neural net based artificial intelligence, SKYNET. Almost overnight, American computer and electronics technology had taken a leap four generations into the future and the world wondered how that could be possible. The West wasn't telling and the concern grew among its enemies and to a much lesser degree its own allies. In the space of three years, from early 1985 to late 1988, America had started developing and deploying cutting edge electronics which were far smaller and far more powerful than anything its allies (or enemies) had at their disposal. Intelligence forces around the world were at a loss as to where the Americans had made the breakthrough that gave them an edge several generations ahead of the rest of the world. Rumors and speculations abounded, some of which even hinted at America having access to salvaged ET technology. Whatever it was that the Americans had discovered, it had the rest of the world surprised, perplexed and ... above all, wary.


Cyberdyne Industries is real too, just research it if you want to find out. The Japanese are hard at work building Robot Soldiers, all they need is A.I.
Isn't it funny how movies become true?

posted on Dec, 7 2010 @ 08:08 AM
Thank you, you have just confirmed my thoughts....I wasn't sure if it was being done, seems I'm behind the ball but a few years.....I guess it's safe to say that one of these days we as humans will be complacent enough to let computers destroys us.

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