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The Truth Will Set You Free

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posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 01:16 PM
It is obvious that there has been, and currently is an agenda to dumb down the American population. I like to consider this a three-fold operation, and I'd like to see if any of you have come to the same conclusions.

Post World War II, The Rise of the Federal Reserve

It is no secret that the powers that be have been planning this for centuries, if no millenia. But what are their reasons for waiting? A serviceable population? Control of resources? Refinement of materials, tools, and technologies? Whatever the reason, it's happening now. We were lead to believe that after World War II, everything was grand! We were on top of the world, similar to a stimulant high. The 50s, and 60s brought prosper, advances in technology, and civil rights. One of the biggest shams, was the Civil Rights movement. Rights that are granted by birth, were finally bestowed upon our "loving and caring government." All a facade.

What you didn't see, behind the scenes, were cloak and dagger operations. The military gaining power through a number of overthrows, invasions, covert operations. The Gulf of Tonkin incident, Jack Ruby, Oswald, all upsetting the established order. The plan was in full swing now, and people were chomping at the bit for news and information.

The End of the Cold War, The Beginning of the Idiocy

As the Illuminati defeated their last large enemy, the Communists [a regime they started in the first place], they turned their attention through internal control. News, sports, and fast food became the staple image of the 80s and 90s. Consumerism. Buying more and more furniture, apparel, and materials that we did not need. Holes in our lives being filled with plastic goods that were worthless. They held no merit to the spirit of the person. Kids would receive literally hundreds of toys for Christmas, and forget about 99 of them by the next week. This was where control was exerted. We were conditioned to believe, it's okay to go eat at McDonald's! It's okay to impulsively buy this $300 camera! It's okay to not question authority, in fact it's encouraged! Boy were we mislead.

What Can You Do?

Sadly, there is nothing you can do. The American Idiots are zombies now. There is no cure. Show them Zeitgeist? They'll debunk it. Tell them about alternative topics? They'll laugh at you. Because the only important thing to them is their insignificant existence. They think they're helping society evolve, when in reality they themselves are devolving to a mindless bag of meat, flesh and bones that goes through whatever motions it's master tells it to. I've argued with Republicans. Democrats. Independents. They are anyone. Luckily they aren't everyone. There was an unforeseen variable that could very well mean the end of the Illuminati

The Unforseen Variable

The Internet. Ah yes, the very tool you are currently operating. The World Wide Web was to be yet another mind-numbing control mechanism. But instead, it's become a life-changing, thought provoking, insightful tool that those of us who are aware have begun to use to communicate, coordinate, and share information. The only danger we pose to ourselves, is the validity or invalidity of said information. That's where tptb last hope lies; disinformation. Misinformation.

Sadly, ATS has fallen victim to this. So many, what we have coined as "trolls," march across the board posting fruitless forged documents, videos of CGI rendered craft, or frisbees on strings. They've posted entire chronicles claiming they are from an "agency," or that they are from the "illuminati." And our searchful spirit has eaten up a lot of what they've fed us. I'm not calling for action against these individuals, but I am pleading for inaction. The only way to disarm a disinfo agent is to ignore them. This will cause them to go back to the drawing board and come up with a new strategy. A new topic. And when they come back, you have to weed them out again, sadly.

How to spot Disinfo Agents:

So What Is An American Idiot?

The next time you go out for a bite to eat, or to pay a bill, or to drop off laundry, a movie, or take a girl out to dinner; note your surroundings. One of the first important virtues is to be familiar with the space around you. Note the man in a Yankees shirt, with a blonde wife, talking over a normal speaking voice. His gut protrudes, but he is not fat. It's a small beer belly. He hoots and hollers about the latest play made on TV by a football player of some sort. Perhaps he works for a staffing agency, or he's a stock broker, or a day trader.

Take note of the guy in glasses, wearing a button down shirt, and slacks. Perhaps he's at a bank, cashing his paycheck from his IT desk job. Maybe he's been surfing ATS all day.

The family of four and a half. A dad, a mom, a daughter and son, a mortage, a mini-van that comfortably seats 16 adults.

All of these people, the very people we are trying to save from being enslaved, are your enemy. They all want to preserve their false ways of life. Their "American Dream." If you made an attempt to revolt against our government, these people would stand up for the very enemies that enslave them.

Also notice the man in the sunglasses, and green suit. His face is bland, and you notice a flesh colored ear piece extending from his lapel. He seems to be watching you...

posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 01:33 PM
Haha, I like your style. In all honesty, you can only save yourself. You can try for the others but at some point they will be those left behind.

posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 02:29 PM

in the sense that they are clueless, willfully blind and more contributing to the problem than solutions . . . I might agree.

Most such are just all cocked and set-up to be fodder for the death machines.

'Useless eaters," "clueless slaves," "drones,"

etc. are not respected by the puppet masters. Actually, no one is.

They don't even respect each other.

Ruthless tyrannical power and cruelty seems to be their coin.

Thankfully, imho, God has other plans . . . and more than sufficient means to carry them out.

However, it seems to me that plenty of bloodshed is scheduled between now and then.

posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 02:46 PM
reply to post by DocEmrick

It is so true.
I have tried to wake people up, and I will do so if I happen to get an urge, but as far as spending countless hours gathering proof and information, only to get laughed at and ridiculed...yeah, those days are waaaay over. I'm like so done with people, with Americans especially (and I am one).

I step outside my door,
and alls I see are sheeps, pigs, cows, and gerbels.

what can they do?
or choose to Rise Up

I see no rising, and niether do the Volturi
( *glides index finger over the front of her neck* )

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