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Terror Against the United States!!! DIRE!!!

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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 06:00 PM
reply to post by plube

...because you are a Jew you automatically think your a better(chosen) person over the next....If that is the case then that is a very sad day for Judaism....Just as when Islam calls people outside the core infidels.
The day is coming when all will be exposed but it will be after a bloodbath of an inconcievable scale and that is very sad that it may come to that cause of peoples selfcentered egotistical beliefs that one human is anymore important than another human.

Amen bro!

There is something inherently dangerous about what we might call a "supremacist" belief. Whether the belief comes from culture, religion, "science" (as in the case of the Nazis, who imagined Aryan superiority), it can easily get ugly, real fast.

What you're saying about Judaism is largely true, and it's an issue too often swept under the rug. Is Judaism inherently "supremacist"? We can answer that at our peril, but the answer is in fact staring us in the face. The word "Chosen" says a whole lot, although if you agree with the idea that Jews have been chosen by the elite because of their useful characteristics, then the "joke" might indeed be on them.

Of course, there really are Jews that have tried to "update" their traditional outlook in this regard, and prefer to cast themselves with more of a "leadership" role in the world, instead of simply being "superor". But that is a departure from the long Talmudic tradition, and still smacks of "ego" as you put it.

Here, another "distinction" turns up. The Talmud (not really the Torah) is the source of the supremacist notions that are so much a part of Jewish subculture. Notice, I prefer to look at this as "cultural", rather than "religious". It's one of the things that continually confuses the Gentile masses. They really don't often "get" that "religion" for the Jews is NOT as important as their IDENTITY. While that identity is obviously tied up in what Christians usually refer to as the Bible, their identity is a product of so much more. A long history of "persecution", a tradition of segregation, this and more, has contributed to "who" these people are. The Talmud is in many ways the Jewish "response", in writing, to the world, from their traditional adversarial perspective. In other words, their great thinkers thought about, and wrote about what might be called their collective experience, but not as mere history, but as commentary, meaning that they gave a great deal of thought to the "implications" of what were, once upon a time, a core belief (as found in the Torah).

The process is actually completely natural, and can be compared to any other group that possesses an identity. Blacks in America for example. Do they share an "identity"? Yes. Do they even share a "culture"? Again, yes, there is an identifiable black subculture, distinct from the "white" mainstream. And what do we see, when push comes to shove? A LOYALTY to blood that the mainstream white people may not even understand. Of course, you put them into prison, and they'll figure it out real fast! My point is, this thing we're dealing with when it comes to Jewish identity is not necessarily "evil". It can be, whenever a Jew sees injustice, and looks the other way in favor of one of their own. No different than any other distinct group we could plug in and compare to.

You mention Islam. Like all big religions, those who do not believe as they do, are "infidels". Christians are no different, even though they may use different terms. Again, it's about an "identity" that each group/religion/race has, that remains apart from a much greater identity...

That is, as members of one human race (family)...

Imagine what things could be like if that came first! No, I don't think we have to give up our differences, they are actually good for the most part (what would I do without Mexican food?). But, there must be the recognition that we are all fundamentally the same inside, regardless of how big our outward differences seem.

I'm an agnostic, not a christian, but I'm reminded of a famous line made by the US ambassador to Israel back in the 1950's (no one could say such a thing today!). It went something like this: If the Jews and the Arabs can't sit down at the same table like good Christians, then we're never going to have peace!

Well, maybe there's some truth to that...


posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 08:15 PM
reply to post by plube

Just because some Jewish people happen to have keen business minds , and happen to be prominent in certain skills such as banking or politics , I think its unfair to exaggerate this and turn it into a zionist coup.
From what i've gathered about america , it is supposed to be the land of the free , where democracy is prized and anyone can be whatever they want to be , and there are open opportunities for everyone.
Why then do some jews get demonized because they choose to go into politics or finance rather than work for a pittance at mcdonalds.
Is it purely because they are a jew ?
I see exactly the same attitudes where i live , and I am well accustomed to seeing other peoples bias. I live in a place where bombs , shootings and sectarianism were daily events , and I know that when 9 people out of 10 do a certain thing , its ok , but when the 10th guy does it , its wrong , because of WHAT he is.
It was the same situation in America with the blacks , and again , it brings to mind what Martin Luther King said

" Men will be judged by the content of their character rather than by the colour of their skin " ( or some other characteristic that makes them stand out from what the self-righteous deem to be normal and acceptable )

The whole nation is being demonized because of the actions of a few. It would be similar to me thinking that every single person in america is fat , lazy , sits in burger king all day and behaves like david koresh.
To single out this " zionist " thing is tarring the whole nation of Israel with the same brush , just because a few people chose to succeed in life and have a good job , just like the constitution admonishes all americans to do...........prosper , succeed ,........ the american dream,.

According to the bible , God will rule from Israel. It would be a very foolish man who would try to tell Him that He can't do this. Though the nations surround Israel , His word will come to pass

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 08:39 PM
reply to post by Reconciler

Great go into politcs, but don't do it to serve another country's interests while your doing it. Which is what is happening in America.

As far as the bible stuff well whatever. lol

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 09:45 PM
reply to post by mayabong

so its ok when america does it and brings about regime change in Iraq which is also a sovereign country.
America did more than just " influence " a country. It took over and controlled it , hanged its leader , scattered its government and set up one of its choosing.
How , can you guys stand there with rocks in your hand , ready to condemn Israel , when America did much worse.
Saying " It wasn't us personally " doesnt absolve you , because you democratically elected Bush and gave him your mandate to act on your behalf.

I have no hatred of america. I have a lot of american friends. I just hate seeing racism , and for me , anti-semitism is the most sickening of all , because you'd think we as a species , would know better by now and would've learned from dark days.

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posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 10:09 PM
reply to post by Reconciler

When you say america you look at it as a seperate entity. America has been taken over by Zionists and yes most of them at the top are jews, call it anti-semitism, but its a fact.

"A Clean Break" an isreali document clearly calls for a regime change in Iraq. Phil Zelikow wasn't only the head of the 911 commission but he was also the creator of the preemptive war strategy to go into iraq. He's a dual citizen.

AIPAC is the largest lobby in the United states and its for a foreign government. They take americans tax dollars to israel and turn it around to fund candidates that will always vote for israel.

300 members of congress sign unwaivering support for israel.

Its not all jews of course, but weather for religious reasons, bribery, or maybe nuclear blackmail by israel, these politicians do not have america's best interests in mind. This goes for alot of other countries too, especially in Euroupe.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 10:27 PM
reply to post by mayabong

but , if you were born a jew , you would be in favour of these things , and so would the person who posted the thread.
No-one has any say in where they are to be born , or what colour their skin is , or what their name will be , or a ton of other things we have no choice in.

Anyone ....i'll say that again....anyone , in this thread could just as easily have been born to jewish parents. You had no say in your origins whatsoever. You Sing your national anthem and take great pride in your country. Do you think the Israelis have any less pride for theirs.
I know that if I had been born Jewish , I would be defiant in protecting my country and my borders , because mans' inhumanity to man continues unabated.

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 05:41 AM
reply to post by Reconciler

I will beg to differ on one issue one is born a are born a human being...then you become a Jew...Bloodlines are so mixed nowdays that,statement is a fallacy in it's own right.
just as we are not born a Christian or born a Muslim or born a Bhudist...etc etc.
There is only one race...and that is the human race....The differences are cultural,Religious and political and the lines cross deeply with each other.
I to am agnostic and i am also a pacifist if labeling helps in these situations i don't know....but It seems to me the people who have faith in human beings are the ones who are not being swayed into thinking that one person is better than another person because of the group that they belong to.
The Difference is the people in power who control the world are the Elite and are the ones who have to power to maneuver the masses into a singular way of thinking and that is the scary part....
I have seen over and over how someone may step on someone else to get a leg up in this life and their words are "well that is just business" which is some kind of BS excuse for behaving badly towards another human being.
Also if helping others means only helping those within your chosen group then that is also a situation i would not like to see occur as it just creates more segregation in society as a whole and it is what breeds so called hatred towards people.
The chosen people are the human race...

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 07:20 AM
Please notice how the OP has a history of creating inflammatory threads such as this to stir up stink on ATS and then disappears for a month. Next month another thread on the same subject. Just to get you all fired up again.

Threads with no substance and of course this thread was a DIRE! warning. For What?? Just stirring up the hate. DIRE! indeed.

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 08:03 AM
reply to post by Reconciler

I have no problem with Israel as a country. The fact that the American political system has been bought to give tons of money and weapons to israel is the thing that bothers me. If you want to commit genocide and have an apartheid country go right ahead, but I don't want to have to pay for it. The fact that they can get away with "The Lavon affair", and the "uss liberty" without even a congressional investigation rattles my mind.

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 08:34 AM
reply to post by Reconciler

Just because some Jewish people happen to have keen business minds , and happen to be prominent in certain skills such as banking or politics , I think its unfair to exaggerate this and turn it into a zionist coup.
From what i've gathered about america , it is supposed to be the land of the free , where democracy is prized...

The whole nation is being demonized because of the actions of a few....

To single out this " zionist " thing is tarring the whole nation of Israel with the same brush , just because a few people chose to succeed in life and have a good job , just like the constitution admonishes all americans to do...........prosper , succeed ,........ the american dream,.

According to the bible , God will rule from Israel. It would be a very foolish man who would try to tell Him that He can't do this. Though the nations surround Israel , His word will come to pass

Reconciler, you really need to start learning about these issues, if you want to make a difference. This whole "jealousy" of the Jews bit, they have played that hand, just like the antisemitism hand - been there, done that.

Amerika is not the land of the free, anymore. Vote fraud is the norm, and is absolute when it actually matters. Obama was not voted in by a majority, anymore than Bush Jr. was before him.

Was there a "Zionist coup"? The answer isn't as simple as a Yes or No. In fact, the America that Washington and Jefferson knew has been dead a long time now, and some may say such a thing is not even possible today anyway, for a variety of reasons. So be it.

Whether a coup or not, the fact is, Jews have taken leadership, and more importantly "ownership" roles in every key area that matters. For all intents and purposes, people can indeed label such a thing as a "coup", IMO.

The real question to ask is whether or not this situation was "planned" somehow, which is why we usually see issues like the Protocols of Zion raised time and time again. Sure, could just be "antisemites" constantly stirring up hate or something, but let's put that aside, and at least admit that the current situation, with the titanic Jewish presence at the helm of everything important, is indeed a real state of affairs. Did this come about "naturally" perhaps, or is it something more sinister?

Certainly, many Jews today are very talented, and much of their success should be attributed to exactly that, and not automatically to a coordinated "plot". And yet, perhaps what we see is a bit of both, it would be foolish to dismiss the idea outright, especially considering the implications of their enormous power over life and death.

I'm sure others will jump in on this volatile matter, but I will address your final paragraph, about God's word coming to pass.

This "religious" dimension is a very big part of the problem! I wonder how many religious folk out there ever give a thought to the implications of their beliefs? "What if" what you believed, led to innocents dying? Would you still insist on believing, perhaps blaming God instead of yourself? I don't mean this in a personal way at all, I'm really hoping that anyone who holds onto religious beliefs about the "Chosen" will have the courage to look into the matter, and determine if they haven't been deceived.

Have you been deceived? Does God really have a Chosen People? I'm certainly not addressing Jews out there, we know they may believe such things, it's really the "christians" that should have their heads examined, sorry if that is offensive.

Let me ask this, at what point in time did "christians" begin to feel this way about Jews? When exactly did their theology latch on to this concept? Could we possibly discover that such beliefs are relatively RECENT? What would the implications be if we found that such theology had no real basis in the Bible at all? What if we were able to trace christian zionist theology to particular people, particular influential seminaries perhaps?

I won't just hand out the answers, but I will ask that "christians" who find that their congregations, or denominations are adhering to zionism, or that are sympathetic to this cause, I would ask that you make an honest effort to determine exactly how such an absurd state of affairs came to be.

I would submit that you would not be a very responsible person, if you failed to make this effort about beliefs that are so damaging to the world. YES, your beliefs may actually have consequences! We need to be responsible.


posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 10:21 PM
reply to post by Humanity4Ever

I also could not agree more with both these posts. It is offensive, and the OP obviously has a serious grudge against the 'zionist state of israel'.

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 10:24 PM
Don't skinheads ever get tired of spreading this disinformation and hate?....

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 02:00 PM

Originally posted by digginapony
Over one million innocent civilians have died in Iraq alone according to the International Red Cross.

Really? Are you honestly going to try to say that there were a million innocent lives lost in Iraq due to our forces? Well let me assure you that you couldn't be further from the truth according to the Wikileaks "warlogs" total casualties in Iraq Number Just over 100,000 now admittedly the percentage of people deemed innocent is reported to be around 60% of total casualties it is nowhere near a million souls. I can guarantee you between the First gulf war and our present day campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan the total casualties are far less than that as well so do a little fact checking next time.

On a completely off topic note that statement was so bad it brought me out of lurking.

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posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 05:58 PM

Originally posted by Doujutsu
Again you deliberately ignore my previous post and come up with Obama muslim clap-trap as usual.

Are you saying that Obama hasn't been bending over (literally when he BOWED to the King of S.A., an unheard of breech of protocol) for Muslims, going out of his way to "apologize" to the world for the actions of the US, providing Miranda rights (which are supposed to be reserved for US citizens for crimes committed in the US) to Muslim combatants on the battlefield, supporting the Ground Zero Mosque, and extending an "open hand" to a Muslim country (Iran) that would prefer our destruction?

Why hasn't obama pulled out troops from Iraq and Afghanistan so that US troops stop killing his muslim brothers and sisters in the Islamic lands?

He's working on it.

If obama loves muslims soo much than why hasn't he taken any practical steps to deal with israel?

Why hasn't he put sanctions on israel or declare war on it if they don't return the palestinian lands back?

Why hasn't obama paid his Hamas and Hezbollah muslim brothers and arm them with latest millitary tech to bring down israel?

I see you haven't been watching the news:

The United Nations Human Rights Council this month adopted nine resolutions against Israel. Obama's delegation remained silent, allowing their passage.

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 08:02 PM

Originally posted by digginapony
Do you think it is necessary to unilaterally support the Zionist state of Israel because Muslims are terrorists and the Zionist state of Israel is on the side of the United States of America? Did you know that the Zionist state of Israel has attacked Americans and American interests?? Here is just one example out of multiple cases:

The Israeli military planted bombs inside American, British, and Egyptian owned hotels in Egypt with the intention of making it look like the attacks were committed by Muslims. Do not simply take my word for it. Please look it up while you still have the opportunity to access the information. The incident is referred to as the Lavon Affair, also known as "Operation Susannah."

As if this were not repulsive enough all in and itself, the surviving agents were awarded with certificates of appreciation by Israeli President Moshe Katzav for their roles in the terrorist plot. Did you read that correctly? In 2005, Israeli President Moshe Katzav awarded the survivors who targeted an American hotel for a terrorist attack with certificates of appreciation. This was in 2005! This was two years after the United States invaded Iraq with the pretext that it "might" be a danger to the United States. Iraq never once attacked the United States, yet our government sent over four-thousand of our brave men and women over there to die. Over one million innocent civilians have died in Iraq alone according to the International Red Cross.

How did the United States reprimand Israel for this act of hostility? It continued providing it with billions upon billions of dollars of aid and advanced weaponry that has been used against Palestinians, killing many civilians, including women and children.

There is no way this is true, right? That could never happen! According to John McCain, Israel is our greatest ally! Surely, you would know about this. There is no way the United States would attack countries that never once attacked it and yet give such unwavering, unilateral support to a country that has committed acts of hostility against her!! Please look into the Lavon Affair, which has indeed been acknowledged by the Zionist state of Israel. This was not the only time this happened.

If you never knew about this, what else might you not know? Do you really think Muslims hate you for your freedom? Does that really make sense to you??

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I really hope this isnt true

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 04:37 PM

Originally posted by trey85
" Do you really think Muslims hate you for your freedom? Does that really make sense to you?? "

Always found this amusing.What idiots really believe this. The sad thing is most of the country does.

When I read sections of the koran concerning sharia law, and the treatment of infidels who refuse to submit, YES resoundingly YES.....I do believe it. I see absolutely nothing peaceful about this religion. Apparently it is OK to rape and beat your wife. It is ok to mutilate and murder your daughters and sisters. islam seems to be a cult of hate in my opinion.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 08:57 PM
reply to post by OldCorp

I am not sure that you are getting the whole story. Actually, I am sure you are NOT getting the whole story.
But, your interpretation of Obama is popular in the media. That should make you stop and think....

Muslim huh? Really, now.

When will you guys learn these people have NO religion?

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