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War On Drugs : Do Drug Squads Over Valuate Cannabis To Justify Their Own Worth/Existence/Expense?

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posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 02:14 AM
With the war on drugs coming repeatedly into question & the persecution of the little guy.
Do drug squads inflate the alledged street vlue of cannabis to justify

1. Their own worthiness?
2. The very existence of drug squads?
3. The great expense to tax-payers to pay for the war on drugs itself?
Values given in Australian dollars.

Cannabis Haul Valued Incorrectly
A CANNABIS haul valued by police at about $8 million would really have been worth only about $270,000, cannabis law reform campaigner Michael Balderstone has said.
Police last week seized more than 4800 cannabis plants ranging up to two metres in height, along with 25kg of dried cannabis head, in raids around the region.
Based on a valuation of $2000 per plant, police said the drugs had a potential street value of about $8 million.
However, Mr Balderstone said the true figure would have been lower. He said only one-in-10 plants in a cannabis crop usually survived to harvest.
Those that did usually yielded about an ounce (28 grams) of useable marijuana, which he said was worth about $200.
That put the value of the 4800 plants at about $96,000. Combined with the 25kg of dried cannabis head, that meant a value of $272,400.
Drug Squad commander Superintendent Nick Bingham agreed the police method of testing values was imprecise, but added it was based on the ‘potential’ value of a crop.
There is always going to be conjecture on what a plant is valued at,” he said.

It is usually only the little guy the police pick on whilst the king-pins are left alone, plus allegations of corrupt police running drug cartels.

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posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 02:31 AM
reply to post by acrux


When someone is busted with just the marijuana on them they calculate the price based on the gram. Nobody buys a gram unless they are in high school. An ounce is about $200 and a gram is sold (as they calculate) at $15 per gram. Completley overblown!!

When someone is busted for cultivation the dirt, roots and whole plant is weighed. The only thing that is worth anything is the buds, which has nothing to do with the big stems or even the wet weight. The dry weight is roughly 20% of what they cut.

Not that I have any idea about any of this.

They absolutley try to justify this stupid drug war on the wrong grounds.


posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 02:36 AM
edited because apparently ats have been taken over by the CIA, LMAO!!!
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posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 02:38 AM
reply to post by acrux

Why are you even questioning it, you are correct in your thinking and the whole war on X (ATS censorship measure unfortunately) is fake, flase, mis-leading, based on lies, corrupt and slows down our evolution as a species but we can't say that on ATS cause they are advertising revenue based and sold out a while ago - but apart from this MASSIVE conspiracy which ATS refuses to touch, which is a conspiracy in itself, the site is pretty good.

posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 02:39 AM
reply to post by jexmo

you will get a warning or a ban for simply telling the truth on this site about this subject.

posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 02:44 AM
reply to post by yyyyyyyyyy

You should read a book called "food of the gods." it is about our evolution from out of the forest. They think that we started eating magic mushrooms and that was the exponential growth of our brain. The drugs are what made us "intelligent" beings.


posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 02:50 AM
reply to post by predator0187

I like that theory

posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 03:08 AM
I don't think the drug squads are to blame here, they are just the drones that go out and do the dirty work.
The problem lies with the legislation on narcotics, "all drugs are bad, all drugs are illegal.
It just seems that they target cannabis because that is the most popular drug, there's more of it about, therefore they find more of it.

posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 03:22 AM
Pound per pound the cops value mexican swag the same as high grade Humboldt
Anyone that smokes knows that mexican swag is junk and should be thrown away if you can get humboldt

There is not a medical pot clinic that would even carry mexican.

The main reason the cops inflate the price is so the IRS if they want to can bust the growers or transporters/dealers for taxes

posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 03:31 AM
The truth about drugs.

Cannibis - a helpful drug.

If police spent more time finding murderers than cannibis growers, that would be good.

Cannibis helps people who have pain. Cannibis is a gift of this world.

It is time everyone realised that Cannibis is a helpful drug - find the P and the meth people - they are the true criminals.

posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 03:35 AM
It's amazing the similarities you find when looking at two of the biggest "Wars on ".
The two biggest spending wise have got to be the "War on drugs" and "War on terror". Both are unwinnable and are, in fact, never meant to be won. Those in power thinking up these "wars" know this but it's all about spending, and who gets the money!
The "wars" are sold to the public as being necessary for our very survival and we are then bombarded with propaganda enforcing the government view. Of course, and by design, along the way there is one hell of a lot of money to be made by private corporations supplying everything from manpower to expensive (vastly overpriced) equipment. It's a feeding frenzy. One careful look at the stockholding of all the politicians would probably indicate that most, if not all, are benefitting directly from policies that they put in place, by investing in those awarded the contracts.
In fact, I'd go as far as saying that those things the politicians declare a "war" on have been made worse and more of a problem as a result.

posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 03:58 AM
reply to post by ANNED

A Policeman in Sydney told me once they do the same thing here but claim the leaves & stalks to have as much value as the rest of it. He said its the weight that counts not the quality. He said they basically make a figure they want but that figure is not evidence & counts for nothing. It's the weight

posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 04:13 AM
A book called "Victorian police corruption" authored by Raymond Hoser,will blow your mind.

A person i used to know would grow weed all the time,he was always paranoid so he joined the police force!!!?

Another person i used to know got raided by the local cops.They done him with nearly $30k and about 7pounds,he never saw the inside of the police station,never got charged,it just went away.!!!?

Included in weights is soil on the roots even,lawyers got this nutted out a while back.

posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 01:50 PM
reply to post by predator0187

Not read it but BIll Hicks had the exact same idea here, great use of a mic stand to re-create 2001: A Space Odyssey

reply to jexmo, told you, CIA is a little strong but who knows, its not always easy to prove a negative but ATS has shown their true colours and they are just paying lip service to conspiracies to further their own wallet, sad but true but the shills they are, ATS is still a million times better than MSM, even sadder but even truer.


posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 02:00 PM
reply to post by acrux

Speaking as an LEO......YES. It is way overdone. Weed, in my opinion, is now where booze was during the prohibition era. I believe that the government is making to much money off of it and using it's "evils" to justify pet projects.

posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 02:05 PM
i agree with much of this, yet it is missing some basic info.
back in the day when 'camp' was started in california, many of the growers took their seeds to mexico.
quite a bit of the so called 'cali kind' is actually grown in mexico.
it is sold cheaply at the border or in places like tucson and then transported, being sold at insane profits as
cali grown.
this is what the cartels and u.s. alphabet agencies control and profit off of. most of these crops have been taken away from americans in mexico and transferred over to the cartels.
if anyone thinks that the cartels are not fighting for control and profit of this stuff you are pretty much a fool.
much of the so called 'indoor' crop is not that, it is just high quality outdoor.

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posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 02:07 PM
sorry, double post
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posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 03:55 AM
reply to post by acrux

They just realy value our money,you can hire a hitman for 20$ so just think what they willl go through to sell a dime sack.

posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 04:03 AM
i once had a dream ,

in that dream i was living in the year 1992,
for some reason i meet a fellow selling cannabis ,he charged 6 euros / gram of what he sold

in the same dream the year was suddenly 2002 and i meet a fellow selling cannabis,
he still charged 6 euros / gram of what he sold ,

in the same dream but now it was the year 2010 i meet the same fellow and he still charged 6 euros / gram of what he sold ,

in the same dream he told me he couldent understand where law enforcers got their numbers from since if it was that valuable he would have been rich a longtime ago.

then i woke up and realized it was all a dream.

posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 04:04 AM
I recall a friend of mine was busted with 7 plants.
The picture in the news showed the plants, valued at 10.000 dollars came up to the officers chin

They didn't show the window box which the officer was holding up to his neck.

The plants were about three weeks old.

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