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Military Helicopter Intercepts UFO/Ball of Light/Colin Andrews witnesses these events.

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posted on Feb, 14 2012 @ 02:53 AM
reply to post by K-PAX-PROT

I am posting this here because I am not yet allowed to start a new thread - and this story concerns Colin Andrews. If somebody wants to move it somewhere - fair enough. I wrote it for Colin.

Rock singer Annie Haslam is baffled over two gold discs.

These weren't awarded her for record sales but appeared mysteriously on a
photograph she took at her garden in
Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

Now a team of experts is putting the photo under complex
analysis in a bid to discover if the dual UFOs pictured -
each bearing a V like symbol - are real or an optical anomaly.

Ufologists are impressed by the clarity of the digital shot
and lawyers for Annie, lead singer with the classical rock group Renaissance, are
filing for copyright and have ruled
against any public viewing of it until it is shown at the
International UFO Congress in Phoenix on February 25.

Showing the picture as part of his conference presentation
will be researcher Colin Andrews, a friend of Annie who called
him to tell him she had photographed the golden discs.

Colin, who first revealed news of the photo on his website
here: is said to be
"very excited" about the picture which he hopes might help
lead to fresh knowledge about the nature of UFOs.

He said : "I have never before seen a UFO photograph quite
like this. I am 100 per cent certain there is no dishonesty
involved. This is definitely not a publicity stunt. I know Annie
very well and trust her completely. She is simply baffled
about this photo and called me wanting answers."

Annie took the 1/30th of a second exposure shot at the end
of October last year while trying to capture heavy rain just
turning to snow which produced the heaviest October snowfall
on record and cut power to her home for 36 hours.

She did NOT see the objects as she took the photo but noticed
them when she reviewed the camera pictures three weeks ago.

The photo - one of eight in that sequence which are mostly
snow scenes - shows the two large golden ovoid or disc shapes,
one slightly obliquely behind the other apparently flying very
low with the green garden as a backdrop. Each orb is marked
with a V symbol, with one leg of the Vs slightly curved, covering
half the visible surface.

The team Colin has asked to investigate the case includes
Dr Steven Greer (C.S.E.T.I and Orion Project), retired US
Navy optical physicist Dr Bruce Maccabee, remote viewer at
the Institute of Resonance Dr Simeon Hein and Professor
J.J. Hurtak of the Academy for Future Science.

Colin said: "So far Bruce is fairly confident that these discs
are not some artefact of window reflections. The focus is bang
on with where the objects appear to be, i.e. in the garden.
He also has calculated that the closest disc moved 2.5 inches
in 1/30th of a sec and so we have yet another indicator that
they were actually out there."

He added: "Annie is deeply spiritual and has had shared UFO
sightings on tour with the band. She has provided total access
to anything needed to learn as much as possible about this."

PS As I am part of the team investigating this I can tell you I
have seen the photo which is very impressive.
My only qualms are that it was taken through a house window
so the discs may be some reflection of lights inside the house.
Photo expert Bruce appears though to have ruled this out for
various reasons.

posted on Feb, 15 2012 @ 02:33 PM
reply to post by wotsup

This photo is being shown at the Phoenix UFO conference on the 24th
I should be able to post it here after that - can't show before for legal reasons

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