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Republicans disagree/congress unable to pass budget

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posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 05:07 AM
In the Washington Post 6/30/04

It seems that a melt-down has occurred in Congress, due to the GOP moderates, who wants to put a curb on tax cuts,slash spending,
and the Conservative Republicans who want to keep cutting taxes, even with the budget deficits in the red.

It is not surprising that the Conservatives want to keep on giving those tax cuts to the few, while the middle-class pay out the bxtt. We are way deep in the "RED" zone with the deficits as it is and those swindlers do not care.
The American citizens need to get rid of that whole bunch come election day, before they drown us . God help us !!!!!

Even a face-saving effort in the House to impose federal spending curbs blew up just after midnight Friday when 72 Republicans joined a united Democratic Party to torpedo the leadership-backed bill.


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