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My Letter on S.3804 COICA

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posted on Nov, 15 2010 @ 04:28 AM
Below is a copy of the email sent to every single Cosponsor and the original sponsor of this bill

Feel free to use at your discression BUT please tweak it to your opinion if we all just copy and paste the same letter to the same people they will think it just something passed arounf the net but it's something to start with

S.3804 COICA

I have looked this over and found that you were added as a Cosponsor and this really disturbes me.

I question the authority of government to create legislation that gives them the right to censor in any way what is a free venue for open discusion. Add to that in a supossedly free country. Just as one would say one bad cop doesn't make them all bad one could argue that one bad person on the internet ie. piracy or infringment, does not make us all bad. I worry about people or committiees being given this kind of power yes some of these people need to be stopped but creating this type of legislation empowers even the most devious with blanket power to shutdown what ever they deem inappropriate and slapping an infringment or piracy claim on it as we ALL know is done daily by bad seeds in government or in unsupervised groups working for them. I never thought as a voting American I would ever have to fear my own elected officials or those that work for them but looking at the list of groups and interests For this bill clearly shows that those with money get the say and those with out just keep getting stepped on and more freedoms, privledges, and rights are taken away but the criminals are just that Criminals and will not follow the laws passed anyway. I rely on elected officials to speak for the people who voted them in. And this is a slap in the face to every single person that did so and appears to be happening with out them even knowing about it. I strongly urge you to rethink this and realize how out of control this could get.

Thank you for your time I will be contacting the others as well

Edit to add:

If contact the senator from Wisconsin I added:

I noticed when filling out your online contact form I was only allowed to select the state of Wisconsin, I hope this is a site error, because I would like to think that an elected official would like to hear ,and represent ALL Americans not just those who can vote him out. Especially on a matter as serious as this being that it would effect everyone not just Wisconsin

posted on Nov, 15 2010 @ 04:50 AM
LOL when I get time i will post the auto reply from a few of the Senators It basically tells you in short terms they don't have the time to reply to poeple from out side their state. Funny they only want to hear from the voters that can vote them out.

Im spreading it everywhere this is BS especially since they are cosponsoring a Bill that would effect people in EVERY state not just theirs.

Edit for spelling time for bed

Night shift RoCkS
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