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Project Cobalt Glass, the Nephilim Children

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posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 08:33 PM
Chapter 9:

Kevin was having trouble sleeping after that night. He was often after the Watchers episode found in the middle of the night just wandering the house apparently sleepwalking. Mary had told Gene the story of the events of that night and he had questioned Kevin about this to obtain more details and try and determine if the sleep disturbances and the strange tale of abduction were related but to no avail. They decided to take Kevin for some tests at the medical center there on base. Mary set up an appointment for Kevin to get him into see his pediatrician later that week.

Dr. Stanly Cox was just made aware by Jo Ann his receptionist that Kevin was on his schedule for that Wednesday afternoon. Just as he was done writing a note of this down on his calendar the phone rang. He listened as Jo Ann fielded the call. A Major General Fitz was asking to see him immediately. It was near lunch time so Dr. Cox told her to tell the General to come on over.

A few minutes later General Fitz arrived and was ushered into Dr. Cox’s office. Captain Cox we should talk in private. Dr. Cox told Jo Ann she could go onto lunch. It’s about your patient Kevin McCormick, he said. Dr. Cox motioned to the seat in front of his desk and said to the General “please have a seat and tell me what the problem is.”

Dr. Cox felt alarmed at all this since he had never had a child of an Air Force sergeant under this kind of higher brass scrutiny and did not know how to take this. The General started with “this young man has been under observation as having special skills.” The Air Force truly needs to evaluate his level of understanding of social and mental issues for his age group to evaluate his potential for one of our special programs for advanced placement. We would like your cooperation in this Captain Cox.

Dr. Cox was still wondering what this was all about and his look of consternation was all that Fritz needed to move onto the next level in this conversation. I have evaluated your training history and placement record as well as your security classifications Captain Cox. I have noted especially that you have had and still hold top secret clearance for your work as medical liaison for Project Blue Book. Dr. Cox immediately felt he knew where this was going. Are you saying General that Kevin is; the general held up his hand like a stop sign. Cox went silent.

I am saying Captain Cox that your discretion is required in this instance and you are still under a top secret clearance. Do I have your cooperation Captain? Dr. Cox nodded his head in compliance. Yes General you have, he said. General Fitz laid a plain envelope on his desk. After I leave Captain please review these documents and then you will be up to speed on our special program.

Dr. Cox ask the obvious question “what special program?” of course General Fritz was not about to discuss this with him so he simply stated. “even the name is classified”. The Dr. gave up at this point and simply stated “General what is it you want me to do.” Fritz knew this was the end point in the conversation. Dr. Cox once you have read through these documents we want you to take good care of Kevin but we need to install some microphone and camera feeds here in your office and in your exam room and we need to give you some guidance on some of your diagnostic questions if you don’t mind. Dr. Cox knew this was going to be an interesting assignment. Perhaps he thought it would answer some of his lingering questions from his days working as medical liaison for Project Blue Book.

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 09:04 PM
Chapter 10:

Young Kevin awoke Wednesday morning feeling just fine. Mary told Kevin upon rising that he had a Doctor’s appointment for later this afternoon and that she would pick him up early from school. Kevin wondered what this was all about but a soft still voice told him to just hold his questions. Kevin just shook his head in acceptance and went along with his morning regime. As he was brushing his teeth in the bathroom mirror Kevin has a curious vision. It was like he was looking at the mirror and into some distant place. Kevin let his mind go to this place and he could see men setting up devices and wiring some devices in a Doctor’s office.

Kevin was perplexed at the vision and he continued to travel to this place and watch the events unfold as he ate his cereal at breakfast. This time looking into the milk and then off to this other place. He was quite familiar this this place. It was the office of his pediatrician Dr. Cox he thought. Kevin said nothing of this to his mother and then got on the bus for school. When Kevin arrived his teachers were it seemed to him quite upset with him. One teacher in his first period smacked a ruler onto his desk. He realized when she said where are you Kevin, would you like to join the rest of the class that he was now being watched by everyone.

Kevin tried to pay attention to the class and quickly developed a sense for when his teacher was about to look at him to see if he was indeed paying attention. At that moment he would snap out of his vision and return to attention on his teacher. In this way he would he thought be able to seem like he was following the class. His teacher Mrs. Bolton was not convinced. She seemed to sense his attention wandering out of the room. His attention it seems was very noticeable to her on a subconscious level.

Suddenly Mrs. Bolton felt angry at this game and decided to quickly focus her attention to her peripheral vision and could see that Kevin was looking off into space. When she quickly turned her attention to Kevin he met her gaze. This infuriated her further. Kevin! She shouted, what is the answer to the last question I just ask the class? She was sure she had him now. His inattention would be undone she thought. Kevin was caught he felt. He was only paying minimal attention to what was going on in the class. He quickly summoned his calm and then listened to the inner voice.

Instead of his regular inner voice he heard in his quieted mind a voice from right there in the room. A young girl he barely knew named Karen Fisher was thinking very clearly to him. “The answer is 24” Without thinking Kevin piped up 24 Mrs. Bolton. Her face became fully flushed with anger she could feel it. Mrs. Bolton held her anger and said “very good Kevin.” The question had been what is 6 x 4? Kevin could feel that the others in the room had noticed his but now their attention had left him he sneaked a look over to Karen. He smiled at his as she met his gaze. Then he quickly looked away so as not to catch anyone else looking at them.

It was time and his mother called the school. Kevin met his mother outside and then took off for the Dr.’s office for what his mother said was a checkup. Kevin reviewed the visions he was having that day and felt something very hurtful. He felt doubt at his mother’s honesty. It really hurt. He was a bit confused by her subterfuge. Kevin was sure that what ever this Dr. visit truly was about it was not a standard checkup. Of that he was certain.

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posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 09:42 PM
Chapter 11.

Kevin arrived at Dr. Cox’s office right on time. He was ushered into the Dr.’s office and took a seat with his mother. Dr. Cox seemed nice enough and talked very soothingly to Kevin to reassure him that this was routine and he had nothing to worry about. Dr. Cox ask Kevin to go into a side room which he opened up and there were toys and coloring books and crayons and such there he could amuse himself with while he spoke to his mother in private.

Kevin entered into the room and began to review the books on the shelf. Mary sat down once the door was closed and began to recount to the Dr. the tale that Kevin had told her and of the sleep walking events that had happened since that time. Kevin in the mean time had settled on some books on science he found interesting. Then he had a visitor in his room.

It was Helga. As she entered the room she reached for Kevin’s hand as to offer a handshake. Kevin offered his hand and she shook his hand and placed her index finger and middle finger on his wrist and tapped 3 times on his wrist with her middle finger while at the same time greeting him and taking her left hand and covering their clasped hands. Kevin watched as his attention split between the various stimuli. He focused first on her tapping on his wrist with her middle finger 3 times, then to her other hand clasping over their joined hands, and finally to her words.

Kevin I am so glad to see you, I hope you are doing well. She smiled and thought for a moment of the others who were observing and wondered how she had done. Kevin was aware of all this and put it together with the vision of the people wiring the Dr.’s office in his earlier vision at school. Kevin looked up at Helga and said: you again, you seem to come out of the wood work when I am under observation like this. Helga smiled and let go her grip on Kevin. She stammered for a moment and said well what ever do you mean child, I volunteer here and as the school to help our Air Force children. Kevin stopped smiling. He then looked straight at one of the hidden cameras and spoke. I mean those people who are with you and are observing me. She followed his gaze up and saw lens of the hidden camera he was looking at.

Helga felt her job was in jeopardy and knelled down and held Kevin by the shoulders and looked straight into his eyes. She said; Kevin we are simply looking out for you and trying to understand what is happening to you and help you though it. Kevin looked straight into her eyes and then focused his attention further inside of her into her soul. He could see the conversation she had with this other man, she called General Fitz. After review of this conversation he turned his head once again to the camera and said; General Fitz if you wish to speak with me please speak to me in person. This lady you sent is an insult to my intelligence. Fitz was shocked looking at the camera feed. He could feel Kevin’s stare on him. A lamp flickered in the room and then Helga excused herself and left Kevin to his books.

Dr. Cox was not aware of this situation and Kevin was now a bit annoyed. The Dr. had finished speaking to his mother Mary and ask Kevin to enter into the exam room. Kevin complied and then Dr. Cox started to question Kevin about that night when he got the nose bleed and the bruises. Kevin was now directed by his inner voice to focus his mind and listen to the sounds between the Dr.’s words. He could hear it. It was a kind of sound in the inhaled breath of the between his words as he spoke. It was like nothing he had ever heard before. It was like what ever was going on in the Dr.’s subconscious mind seemed to direct his lips to form words or parts of words that contained the truth of what he was saying while he inhaled.

He ask Kevin if he was aware of the little Dr.’s in his dream while he was awake. Upon inhaling he could hear Dr. Cox say “do you hear them in your mind?” Kevin knew to shake his head and say; no not since that dream. The questions continued. Kevin cooperated as his guidance suggested. When the session was done Kevin was sure he had just walked a kind of tight rope. They knew just enough to accept his story and leave him alone for now. He also felt certain that his guidance was right and he would have many more challenges like this to contend with in the future.

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posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 11:48 AM
reply to post by wayouttheredude

whooohooo! I got lots to read, can't wait

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 11:06 AM
Well folks I was wrong. It is working out to 15 chapters not 12 as I stated earlier. Should be posted this evening by 8 central time. Enjoy.

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 11:20 AM
I'd like to read this... but you can't possibility imagine how much my eyes don't like to do this type of work. My eyes prefer looking at the backs of their lids best.

Any chance for a audio version?

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 12:19 PM
reply to post by ChaosMagician

I often read stories in black ink print on white paper instead of trying to read light gray on dark gray here. If you want to listen to it like an ebook you can use something like this: Panopreter for X86 systems

Not sure what to use for a mac or linux system.

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posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 06:43 PM
Chapter 12:

The following day Kevin made a point to of paying attention and determining a good time to approach Karen Fisher. She was something of a loner as he was and when at recess she was alone near the back fence of the school yard near the woods he wandered over to talk to her. Kevin made a point to try and only communicate with his mind to her.

Thanks for the answer to the teachers question yesterday he thought. You are quite welcome she said to him aloud. Again he used his mind to tell to her “do you know that you speak with your mind to me.” “Well yes” she thought to him. He then ask her to only communicate with him with her mind for a while. She complied. Have you met others like us Kevin ask? No one other than my mother Karen thought back to him. Kevin explained that his mother could speak to him but that she did not respond when he communicated with her with his mind alone. Karen frowned and thought to him, “well you have been alone in this then? He then thought well I have found you now. She smiled and thought I always thought you were cute when I listened to your mind. You are so much like me I feel connected. Thanks Kevin thought. We are about the same age as well.

Then some serious questions came to mind. Kevin thought “have you seen the little doctors yet?” Karen fell silent and then Kevin was with her in her journey to see the little doctors, she was holding his hand and squeezed tight. He saw her undergo the same procedure they had done on him but she did not see her backup as he had. She was more frightened then he had been and did not have quite the same experience that was clear. Karen was feeling kind of exposed now. She had not confided this to anyone and now she had shared with Kevin things she had not wanted to face herself. Kevin was now holding her hand and she and he were looking into each others eyes as some more children approached to see what they were up to they separated and faced these onlookers.

The children taunted them after seeing their close moment. They taunted, “Kevin loves Karen” then the chorus repeats. Humiliated and deeply embarrassed Karen ran away. Kevin was practically steaming with anger. The person leading this humiliation was Chad Reeves, a bully and spoiled brat to say the least. Kevin thought in passing “I wish Chad would just fall over backwards.” Within less than a second he did just that tripping over his own shoe lases which had become untied. Kevin met his stare just a split second before the fall with a scornful look. As Chad fell he looked at Kevin and seemed to know that this fall was a result of Kevin somehow. Chad held his tongue but thought “you witch”. Kevin had never head this term used to describe him. He thought he would have to look this up and see what it meant.

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posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 07:18 PM
Chapter 13:

Kevin made a point to go by the library and look up this witch thing. He had only heard about witches from movies and TV and of course Halloween. Also he liked the show Bewitched. He did not see the relation to the Hollywood idea of witches and himself in anyway.

The books in the library gave more detail of the lore of the witches. There were tales from every continent of people who had powers that others did not. They were in some areas considered as leaders of the tribe. These folks were called Shaman or Witch doctor in primitive peoples. In some religions they identified these people as being possessed by devils. In other instances they were regarded as dangerous sorcerers who could blight crops and kill someones cattle with their mind alone. None would dare and cross the witch because they might speak a curse at them or give them the evil eye.

This was the bit that caught Kevin's attention. It was this piece of information that explained Chad's reaction to and he was sure it was a result of him catching his eye just before he was hurt in the fall. Now it made sense to him. As he was done with these books and had he thought reached a conclusion who did he see while putting these books away but Chad. He saw Kevin putting the books on witchcraft away and looked straight at Kevin and then spoke to his companions. “See I told you he is a witch,” while pointing at the books. His companions just knowingly shook their heads in agreement.

Kevin felt very frustrated at all of this. He could not admit that he had read Chad's thoughts and it was his thinking that Kevin was a witch that had caused him to look up the term and study these library books. Kevin just walked away from the group and said nothing. He thought to himself that he knew this was going to become more of a problem. He did check out one book on the history of witchcraft and demonology. He had read a little of it and thought this was a good place to start his research.

By the next week the rumor had spread and of course the story had changed to make Kevin seem even more of a monster. Kevin was ask to help with putting up Christmas decorations in the lunch room by his third period art teacher. The girl put in charge of the decorations was Cindy Gallagher. Cindy had heard that Kevin was a witch from Chad and she was a devout Christian and was alarmed that she would be working with someone who was a witch. Kevin was sitting on the floor of the lunch room sorting through a box of decorations when Cindy approached him. She told Kevin that she was a Christian and that him being a witch was upsetting her and that he had better mind his own business.

Kevin was embarrassed by this negative attention and forced himself to be calm. He then raised his hand and with a waving gesture warded off her negativity. He looked up just as she reached the top rung of a folding ladder to place a Christmas ornament. Her gaze met his at just the moment that the ladder shifted and fell to one side. Her arm was caught and injured in the fall. Cindy looked back at Kevin and yelled “you are the anti-Christ, you devil.” Everyone was now looking at Kevin with a look of horror he had never seen before.

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 08:26 PM
Chapter 14:

The monitors at the school had warned General Fitz that Kevin was becoming far too well known as having special abilities for him to remain. The General decided that it was time for the family to move to another more remote region. Kevin's father Gene then received orders that he and his family would be moved to Anchorage Alaska. Gene was promoted to first sergeant He was then given the position of NCOIC of postal and courier at Elmendorf Air Force Base. Gene was delighted but at the same time perplexed by the timing of this promotion. He had been stationed at the Pentagon for several years now and thought he would likely continue there for several more years.

They moved into a trailer home about 3 miles off base. Gene wanted his family to experience life off base so that they would feel more like part of the local community. The kids were enrolled in the Anchorage school system instead of the base school. Kevin was immediately in love with the frozen world. They reached Alaska on the Alcan or Alaskan Canadian highway. It was just now winter. The truck they were in had chains on the tires so as not to slip off the road. The whole thing seemed to Kevin as one great adventure. They has moved so many times by now that everyone took it in stride. Losing friends was not easy but you could be sure new ones were waiting to be made at the next base.

Their first day of school was just after Christmas break. It was 1972. Alaska had a major earthquake about 8 years prior and was still in the rebuilding phase. Funds had been slow coming since there was the Vietnam war to deal with and now the reconstruction was in full swing. There was talk of an Alaskan pipeline to bring in the North Slope field oil to the US. Investments were going wild up in Alaska at this time. It was good to be here in this eventful environment. Kevin had taken up the hobby of picking up any technological trash he would fine and bringing it home and putting it in the garage and taking it apart. Gene saw his son's interest and soon began bringing electronics that were destined for the trash from the base to his son and leaving it in his shop space along with new tools he had purchased for the boy.

Kevin was working on a TV that was put by the curb a week prior when Gene came in from work and questioned the boy about his efforts. Kevin had just found the internal fuse buss for this 19” 1967 Magnavox he was working on and found that the fuse was simply blown and he had replaced it. As he was putting the back cover on the TV he offered the now working set to his Dad.

Gene was impressed with his son and now decided to put his full attention into the development of young Kevin's technical skills. This would be a turning point in their relationship. Young Kevin was clearly a talented boy with a genius for the technical. There was few times in his life that Gene had felt so close to the boy so or inspired to aid his development.

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 08:37 PM
The final chapter in this first installment of the 3 part series will be posted tomorrow night. I was called away to work very late as a patient had an issue that would not wait till tomorrow. So sorry for those who expected the finish tonight. I just ran out of time. Regards.

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 06:31 AM
reply to post by wayouttheredude

This is so awesome, I was not expecting more chapters to read today. And you say you will post the final tonight? Perfect timing, I love to read the stories at night before bed, lol. Like reading a couple of books before bed

You are doing fantastic, in my opinion. I love to read and this story, really lets you look through the eyes of little Kevin's life. Amazing, confusing, scared and wise all rolled into one. Are you going to post the following installments here too? If/when you do, could you let me know? That'll be great.

Hope the patient is ok

posted on Nov, 29 2010 @ 09:45 PM
Chapter 15:

That night a most curious event took place in the sky above Anchorage Alaska near the air base. The lights and the sirens awakened Kevin and he rubbed his eyes clear and went to the window to see what the commotion was about. There in the sky not more than a few hundred feet up was a brightly glowing object that seemed to be bobbing like a cork on the water but was flying in the air. It moved silently as far as Kevin could determine above the din of the sirens from the base. There was no engine sound only a kind of hum which grew higher in pitch as the object changed its elevation. It was glowing an orange on the bottom in what looked a lot like the aurora. This plasma made the ground glow underneath the object. The search lights from the base were trying to get a fix on it but as soon as the lights would light up the object it would move a few hundred feet up or to one side or the other.

The entire episode lasted for no more than a few minutes and then the object which was clearly the classic flying saucer shape angled up at 45 degrees and took off in a streak of light. It was out of view in less than 2 seconds. Kevin was feeling very strong emotions and his feeling of wonder was more than he had ever experienced up to this point. This craft or flying machine he had seen was unlike any he had ever seen in the 9 years of his life. The air force had no such technology that he had ever seen and it if was theirs they would not have been so obviously alarmed by its presence in their air space.

This was a truly amazing sight. When he awoke later in the morning for breakfast and ran into the kitchen no one seemed to be aware of what had happened. Kevin could of course listen to the thoughts of his family and he could tell that not one of them had been awakened as he was that previous night. He found this confounding but decided to say nothing since none of his family had this common experience it would be very hard to share with them.

Kevin had been relocated to this remote place on Earth. He walked for miles on his own when his patents were at work and he was on his way back from school. He loved the outdoors and was fascinated by nature. Kevin’s dad decided that it was time for Kevin to learn some of the truths of life. First was that food was not something that came from the market. It was time to teach him of the cost of living. It cost the lives of other animals to bring meat to their table. Kevin would learn that the cost of life was death to those unfortunate enough to be slow enough to take down in the hunt. This was a lesson that would bring out a part of his character no one had seen before.

Kevin was taught to shoot a 22 caliber Marlin self reloading 7 shot rifle. It had a 9 power Tasco scope and had been zeroed by his father and was dead on accurate. Kevin was going hunting for the first time and was very excited. His father taught him to squeeze the trigger and to exhale as he did. He was taught to not think of the shot that would come but instead focus on keeping the rifle aimed at his target. He had learned to shoot targets very well. Now it was time for the field and for his first hunt.

As Kevin and his father walked along the trail near the remote cabin on a small 80 acre tract of land his father had purchased near Sunshine Alaska his father spotted a snowshoe rabbit. He called Kevin’s attention to it but Kevin did not see it since it was holding very still. Since Kevin did not take the shot his father instead shot the rabbit with his 30 carbine. The rabbit was turned nearly inside out by the rifle bullet. What remained barely was able to be cleaned and preserved for later eating. It went in his father’s game bag which hung on his back.

Kevin did not take any animals in this first time hunting. When they returned to camp his father went inside to clean the rabbit and young Kevin stayed outside and practiced acquiring targets through his 22’s Tasco 9 power scope. Kevin saw a small bird enter into the camp and land in the tree just outside of the cabin. He scoped in the small bird which was a common camp robber. Without much of a thought Kevin fired at the little bird and killed it with a heart lung shot instantly. As the little bird fell to the ground his father emerged from the cabin to see what had happened. He saw the little bird hit the ground near the base of the tree and ran up to congratulate Kevin on his excellent marksmanship.

Kevin was sort of proud at his father’s adoration. But then Gene turned to a different tone altogether. He said that Kevin must now dress and eat the bird since a hunter never kills what he is not going to eat. Kevin looked down at the little bird and realized that he had killed it without a thought of the consequences. He was crying and reached to pick up the bird as his father looked on and told him how to dress the bird for eating. Kevin did not want to eat this little bird and cried and thought he wished that he had not shot the little creature and wished it was alive so he would not have to eat it. As his tears of grief rolled down his cheeks and fell on the bird something very strange began to happen. The little camp robber began to move. It seemed to be struggling to breath and then it stood in Kevin’s hands and shook itself off and flew away with a loud squeal of surprise. Kevin was stunned but smiling. Gene was stunned but was not smiling but looking on in astonishment.

Kevin watched as the little bird landed in the tree, preened itself a bit and then took off into the winter sky. Gene was still in shock. He could see from the position of the shot that Kevin had hit the little bird center mass from 30 feet away with a 43 grain hollow point 22 long rifle bullet. There was no way in his mind that that dead bird could come back to life but he had to admit to himself that it did. Kevin thought nothing more of this but being glad that the little bird had not died. His father was not so convinced.

The hunting trip was over and the man and his son went home to their little trailer just off base in Anchorage Alaska. They cooked and ate the little snowshoe rabbit. The lesson was learned Gene supposed but he still felt perplexed at what had transpired that weekend in the woods with his son. Kevin was growing up so fast. His life was only beginning but no one who knew Kevin could think of him as a normal little boy. There were things going on with him that defied logic and reason.

Kevin was the next evening laying on the floor about 10 feet from the TV. They were enjoying that 67 Magnavox that Kevin had repaired and as they watched a Star Trek episode young Kevin noticed that when he would quit focusing on the show and instead focus on his visions of other places while looking through the TV that the picture would begin to flip out of horizontal control. When he would focus on the TV program or if he focused some place else the TV would quit flipping. His father noticed the TV flipping and got up to adjust the antenna in hopes of getting a clearer picture. Just as he got up Kevin focused his attention away from the TV. The TV stopped flipping and his father sat down again.

Kevin told his father that the TV would start to flip when he focused his attention through it to some place else. His father looked down at him and said that this was none sense. There was no magic involved it was only interference or a weak TV signal that was responsible. Kevin again felt slighted by his parent for not believing him when he was being honest. Kevin decided to play a game with his father, he focused his attention through the TV and the screen began to flip. As his father rose up to go and adjust the antenna to clear the picture Kevin would focus his attention elsewhere in the room. As soon as he did the picture came back to normal. He did this perhaps a dozen times until his father became frustrated and angry. Kevin then could no longer contain himself and left the room and returned to his room to have a good laugh. His father just was far too rational to put 2 and 2 together in this instance.

Kevin was later that night to be transported out of his home in a way he had never experienced before. The little doctors had returned but now they were in one of those craft he had seen above the air field just days before. They brought him aboard and showed him things that he had never seen and would never soon forget. He was changed after that night and knew more of what the future would being then he could have ever imagined. His path it seems was set for him but he would resist this as it was just too much for his mind to wrap itself around. He felt compelled to find a higher authority than these little doctors. Perhaps God would help him he thought. He would have to investigate this creator to see if he would help him.

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posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 06:42 PM
reply to post by Fenix777

The added 2 volumes will be posted to this thread or at the very least the link to the new thread will be posted here and also added to my tag line. Since you are subscribed to the thread you can check your tools for the updates. Glad you are enjoying the story.

posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 09:05 PM
reply to post by wayouttheredude

Hey mate,

Very nice writing. I look forward to the rest of your story. I get called in to for my patients. I;m curious what you do. I'm in the Veterinary field.


posted on Nov, 30 2010 @ 09:35 PM
reply to post by hoagy1199

I am in alternative non toxic cancer treatment. We have a botanical based chemo and diet and nutrition program that has a broad spectrum efficacy against a wide range of cancers. Glad you are enjoying the story series. More to come soon.

posted on Dec, 1 2010 @ 04:38 AM
reply to post by wayouttheredude

That'll be great, thank you. By tools you mean, there where the messages are? Still getting a feel for the layout here and how everything works. I saw where the messages are there is a tab, is that where I'll see there's been an update? Or just where my subscriptions are?

posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 11:27 PM
Volume 2 is on its way. I will be releasing it in its entirety instead of a chapter or three at a time like volume one was released. I expect to be done by Sunday evening.

posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 12:36 AM
A quick sneak peek of volume 2.

Project Cobalt Glass: The Nephilim Children Grow Up.

Chapter 1:

Kevin was growing a bit wiser now on his tenth lap around the Sun. He knew that he should not allow himself to be accurately measured. This revelation was a tough one as he had always wanted to fit in and be less conspicuous. He now had to at least seem to be far less then he really was as he noted that when measured he would astonish people and this was always followed by negative consequences. The challenge was to remain unmeasured as much as possible and when measured he would carefully calculate just the right level to achieve in the testing. It is hard for the observer to gauge just how tough of a situation this created for young Kevin. If he was angered he could lose his composure and his more difficult to manage side would be uncovered.

Ancient history is replete with tales of the Picts and their Berserker Rage. Kevin was descended from these ancient warriors and his DNA contained the double expression of this Nephilim gene sequence. This also means that he would tap into a kind of primal power far in excess of his body's normal strength and mental powers. His siblings and playmates discovered this on various occasions. Kevin it was determined was not to be trifled or toyed with. To anger him to his boiling point which was hard due to his kind consideration of others was very dangerous.

When Kevin was 10 his true nature was exposed in front of many on the school yard. Kevin had never been able to hurt a fly up to this point. He would be bullied and when he felt like striking back some part of his higher consciousness would hold him back. He was called ever vile thing the bullies could come up with to this point and did not ever react with violence. While it was true that some of his harassers had come to very painful lessons this was not widely noticed or believed. Most people that heard these stories of Kevin being a witch or anti-Christ did not believe it since he was incredibly passive and not at all aggressive to others. He was most commonly thought of as being almost too gentle and friendly.

This was part of his nature that went against these stories. It was in this first incident that this perception was truly challenged. Kevin was on the playground. Some bullies thought they would get the best of him and make an example out of Kevin. Kevin felt that something was coming. He looked up from his other playmates to see the posse of bullies approaching. There were 4 of them including some of the biggest boys in the 5th and 6th grades. As they approached him and his playmates Kevin's guidance warned him to leave. He put some playground equipment between the group of bullies and himself. While this strategy gave him some room to maneuver it also left some of his weaker and most vulnerable friends in the path of this little horde of bullies on a rampage.

The largest of the bullies and obviously the Alpha of the pack descended on one of Kevin's friends a be-speckled and small kid named Josh Christy. He was still on the swings when the bully struck. The raging bully first knocked off Josh's glasses and then stepped on them and pushed Josh from the swings. This made Josh land straight on his head and injure his head and neck in the fall. This had the effect that the bully had wanted all along Kevin moved from his cover behind the monkey bars and towards the bully pack. They circled Kevin with the biggest one facing Kevin and distracting him so that one of the others could come around and get behind Kevin crouched to set him up for a fall from the biggest bullies push.

Kevin sensed the attack setup and stepped back over the kid that was on all fours behind him just as the biggest bully attacked. The bully tried to push but ended up on top of his kneeling friend instead of pushing Kevin to the ground as he had desired. Kevin still lost his balance and hit his head on the support pole of the swing set. The bullies all laughed as they picked themselves up from their failed attempt to knock Kevin down. This angered Kevin as he looked at his injured friend Josh. The pain in his head and his anger at watching these bullies unjustly harm his friend and himself caused the first ever of Kevin's Berserker moments. Kevin lunged for the swing and sent it at the biggest attacker. The bully ducked the swing and laughed and pointed at Kevin. Kevin then jumped just in time to catch the chain of the swing as the swing came back to the place where the bully was standing. This caused the swing to change its trajectory so that the seat came up and hit the biggest bully in the neck and head. He fell forward and was injured in a similar way that he had injured his friend Josh.
The bully was now biting playground dust and holding his head and neck and crying. Kevin did not delay. He jumped onto the second swing and used it to catapult himself into two of the other bullies. He hit them like a side swinging bowling pin knocking them both to the ground. The third bully in the group was running at this point and Kevin picked up stick from the playground and threw it in his direction. It perfectly landed between the kids legs and caused him to trip and go face first into the ground quite violently. All of this happened in about 5 seconds. The teachers monitoring the playground did not see any of this. The children near by mostly did not know what had just happened but the look of rage and fury burning in Kevin's eyes was not something many of them would ever forget after that day.

These bullies were enraged at their failed attempt were not yet humbled as they should have been. They decided to make another go at Kevin. This time in the Gym when Kevin was just coming out of the locker room. The game of the day was going to be dodge ball so the balls were out and in play on the gym floor. All 4 bullies threw their dodge balls at the exact same time in a volley designed to catch Kevin off guard. It was a somewhat successful attack. Kevin was hit by 2 of the 4 balls and was slightly injured. Angry and now becoming furious at their attack Kevin decided that he had had enough. Since the gym period would not start for several minutes Kevin returned to the locker room. The bullies as expected followed him to get him alone before gym class started.

Kevin was not unaware of their reaction as he could see in his minds eye them following him. Kevin went straight to the showers. He turned on the hot water on each shower as he passed through the group of them. He aimed the hot water streams so that they would cover the areas of the walls with hot water streams and also sprayed hot water on the shower handles making them too hot to touch. The bullies as expected followed him thinking that he had gone straight to the showers and would be vulnerable to their coordinated attack. Instead Kevin went straight for the rack of softballs on the other side of the room. He pulled the rack of soft balls a bit closer to the showers just as the group of bullies entered into the shower area. They were forced by his actions to travel directly down the center since all of the side walls were being hit with showers of hot water. This choke point was just what Kevin had wanted As they came to the center of the shower room he quickly unleashed volley after volley of softballs. Hitting each of them many times. In their haste to escape this rain of softballs they tried to duck but all slipped and fell and became victim of more softball assault.

Smarting from hard softball strikes, soaking wet, and burned from hot shower steam they were in a confusion as Kevin went around the shower area and back to the gym in time for class turning off the shower room light as he left. This of course added to the pain and suffering from this group of would be thugs.

Kevin felt something that disturbed him. He felt a kind of satisfaction from this situation. He did not like this side of himself. He would have to he decided work harder to avoid this type of situation in the future.

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