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Project Cobalt Glass, the Nephilim Children

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posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 09:39 PM
Chapter 1:

In 1957 Gene McCormick met Mary Smith. They were both attending High School in Stanville Kentucky. Gene was a junior and Mary was a Senior. Mary was a flag girl, and Gene was a Linebacker on the varsity football team. They caught each others eye during an afternoon practice on a Sunday the forth day of October. They were instantly bonded to each other in a way they did not understand and had never felt before.

Gene approached Mary shortly after the practice. Gene ask her her name, and she said "Mary Smith what's your name" Gene pointed at his jersey and said Gene McCormick. Mary looked into his eyes and said "Gene do we know each other?" Gene looked into Mary's eyes and there was a flash of recognition.

Yes I think we do but I can not say from where. Mary was smiling, no beaming. I feel that way too. If such a thing as love at first sight exists these 2 were experiencing it. "What are you doing this evening" Gene ask her? Well my daddy is the pastor at the Grace Baptist Church, so I will be attending church this Sunday evening. Mary played the pipe organ for her daddy's church every Sunday morning and night and Wednesday evening.

Gene ask if he could see her on Monday after school. Mary blushed and was feeling kind of shy and nodded her head in acceptance. Gene piped up "how about we meet at the malt shop downtown"? Mary thought for a minute and said yes. Gene was excited and trying to think fast on his feat. 4:00 PM he said. Mary thought for a second and since school was out at 3:30 and her parents would not be home until 5:30 she reasoned that she could make this little encounter and still make it home in time to finish her chores and be ready when her parents arrived.

Her little brother Steven would not be home from his piano lessons until almost 5 so he could not possibly see her and Gene together even if he did end up at the malt shop for some odd reason. They left practice and want on their way thinking of the deep connection they had both felt for each other.

Gene and Mary were together forever at this point they felt and they married straight out of high school. Gene had just lost a brother in the Korean War. He was still very angry that he had lost his older brother. Gene joined the Marines shortly after getting out of high school. During that period the choices for a young man in Stanville were the coal mines or the military unless you happen to be a shop keeper's son. Gene picked the military. While the Korean war was over there were police actions on the horizon. Gene spent his 3 years in the Marines first in the Korean occupation and then on to his station as a trainer for the Amphib recon force 2 attached to the ASSP #315 Sea Lion. Gene was a corporal in 1961. His time was up in the Marines and so he decided that since he and Mary wanted some children he would have to change careers.

When Gene got out of the Marines he for a short time worked for Douglass in their Nike and Hercules missile program as a sheet metal worker to try and provide for his family. Their first child was a daughter they named Sarah Marie. She was born in October of 1961 at the Marine base where they spent their first year of marriage in Pensacola FL while Gene was stationed there. In January of 1962 Gene had had enough of being a sheet metal worker for Douglas and decided to join the Air force. Gene was by this time a pretty good writer and could type 75 words a minute. He applied for a job with the postal and courier service of the Air force. Gene soon landed a post at Maxwell Air Force base on Alabama. This was close to his home in Kentucky so he could visit with his Mom. In June of 1963 they had their second child a son they named Kevin Gene after his Father and his own name. The couple did not want their son called junior so they switched the name up so that he had his father's name as a middle name and his grand father's name as his first name.

This is the point where our story gets kind of strange. Kevin was in his 4th week so he was only known by Mary's late period and some morning sickness. Mary awoke with a toothache one morning and shortly after throwing up and then fixing Gene some breakfast she told him of her toothache and they called in to see if she could get an appointment to see the dentist. She was told that a spot had just opened up due to a cancellation. Mary had an appointment scheduled for 2PM. Gene went to work and Mary cleaned up and got ready for her appointment for later that afternoon.

Lt Coronal Gerry Fritz was on duty that day. He had been looking for another candidate for the procedure they had developed with the German scientist working for the Air Force special operations branch. Project Blue Book had been recently shut down but their experiences with the beings that they had encountered had evolved into a project code named "Cobalt Glass" to recreate the human development efforts that these beings had performed with humans thousands of years in the past. The EBEs had told the US government that their earlier project had been a success and that only some of the worst parts of this effort had been destroyed in a flood that the Earth had experienced in the time of Noah.

The project "Cobalt Glass" was to stimulate the recessive Nephilim genes in children of Air Force enlisted personnel. Gene and Mary would soon experience things that no human had endured in thousands of years prior. Of the hundreds of women that had been tested for the recessive Nephilim genes Mary tested positive and so did Gene. Their child Kevin Gene would have a double recessive gene segment. When LtC Fitz heard of her pregnancy and now her scheduled dentist appointment he knew that this was the opportunity they had been looking for.

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 09:52 PM
...and then???

actually, this started off reading as a novel. is it a novel?

Who, exactly, do you believe are the nephilim? Giants? Do you believe they still exist or are all gone?

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 10:29 PM
Chapter 2

Mary was in so much pain from her toothache that she hardly had eaten. 1:30 rolled around and she headed to the medical center on Maxwell Air Force Base. Since they were in base housing the commute was short on the bus. She entered the dental center and ask the reception if her dentist was there. The receptionist pointed her to a seat and told her that her Dr. was delayed. Mary complied and sat down for perhaps 45 minutes. LtC Fritz entered the room and told the receptionist to follow him into the Dr.'s office. When they returned the receptionist looked nervous as she told Mary she could go into the Dr.'s office. Mary noted this but was in so much pain she could not give it a second thought.

Fritz was seated in the Dr.'s chair behind his desk. Just before Mary entered he quickly took the pictures from the desk and put them in the top desk drawer. Dr Franklin who was the actual dentist had a picture of himself and his wife and child on his desk. Fritz reasoned quickly this would not be something he could explain. He motioned for Mary to take a seat in front of the desk and she did and then he started to question her about her dental problem. Mary described her problems with her lower right jaw and then LtC Gerry Fritz ask her if she might be pregnant. She said yes that she had already been to the OB and found out she was indeed pregnant and Fritz said to her that she would not be able to take the regular anesthetic drugs since she was pregnant. Mary accepted this out of concern for her baby. Fritz then told her of this new procedure where they would give her a less harmful experimental drug called Merperox.

Mary had no reason to distrust this man but her gut instinct was screaming. She questioned this procedure and told him that she did not think an experimental drug would be wise to give to her baby. Fritz quickly assessed the situation and told Mary that she was in danger of losing her baby with the regular anesthetics. Mary in pain and upset decided to allow the procedure. Fritz then walked her into the room with the dental chair and sat her down and gave her the injection. Within minutes Mary experienced the most profound hallucinations of her life. She remembered looking at the wall of the dental clinic and seeing it transform into a green spinning vortex. Out of this vortex she remembers seeing hands reaching for her and pulling her inside. Then Mary awoke and there was another man in the room. As strong as her hallucinations had been she thought perhaps she had misremembered the first Dr.

Mary had some relief from her toothache from her treatment but she also felt more nauseous than before. She decided she should visit the OB and make sure her baby was safe after this dental treatment. They took a blood draw from Mary and then came into the room with some more men who where identified to her as specialist in neonatal health. They put Mary on a special diet and told her that she had borderline diabetes and this was the reason for her ill health. The diet restricted her sugar and salt and they also gave her special vitamins which made her feel quite ill.

Lt Coronal Gerry Fitz was checking out reports for Mary McCormick. She was coming along fine in his opinion. She was going to visit with Gene's mother in Stanville and they made sure she had plenty of her special vitamins. These were in fact an anti-rejection drug that was provided by the EBEs to keep the project Cobalt Glass mothers from prematurely aborting the Nephilim fetuses.

There was a UFO flap recorded over Stanville in late June of 63. The Watchers were watching after young Kevin Gene. He cried and cried. Kevin Gene was so sick. He was born about 2 weeks premature. Kevin was very normal looking but was very sick. He lost weight before being released from the hospital. When Kevin cried sometimes the lights in the room would dim or even go out. This seemed odd to everyone but no one had put the 2 things together.

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 10:33 PM
cool story bro

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 10:43 PM
More, more!

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 11:03 PM
Chapter 3

Young Kevin Gene was barely born and was just starting to become healthy. His father Gene was very concerned for his young son. The boy cried a great deal but would calm down and just look into his eyes for what seemed the longest time. When Gene would look into Kevin Gene's eyes he would begin to see views of what must be future events. It was like Kevin was showing him some kind of future world events. It made Gene feel very afraid and at the same time very impressed and attached to this little boy of his. Gene was a very rational man and thought little of the weirdness that seemed to be surrounding his young son.

Kevin was only 2 years old when his mother Mary noted that he could always know when his father was coming home. Even if Gene was coming home early for some reason Kevin would know and would run to the front window by the door and tell his mother that daddy was coming. The first time it happened she reasoned with the boy that his father did not come home until 6 but Kevin was sure and stayed by the window. At 4:30 that Wednesday evening Gene came home and Kevin delighted to see him ran for the door to greet his father.

Gene held his son and kissed his wife and she with her brow curled told him that young Kevin had known of his father's early arrival. Gene always the rational pragmatist just reasoned this away as he told his wife Mary that it was just a coincidence. They did not see Kevin's face and the look of puzzlement that he had felt in his father's disbelief.

Years passed and Kevin was nearly ready for school. His father took him onto his lap one day in late August of 68. He wanted to teach the young Kevin about addition. He showed Kevin flash cards and explained patiently what they meant. Kevin seemed to understand and tried hard to cooperate with his father. Gene grew impatient with his son because he just did not seem to get the idea of the addition problems he was giving him. Kevin seemed so smart that Gene took this as some kind of slight from the boy. Gene reasoned that Kevin did not want to answer the questions right.

What gene could not see is what Kevin was seeing. Kevin was awash in images of the numbers and characters he was seeing. Kevin began to see the number system evolving into 3 dimensional columns of numbers and figures. Then he watched as these figures became more and more complex. It was at this point impossible for Kevin to focus on what his father was saying. He had in fact began to deduce all of the permutations of what he was seeing on these flash cards. His mind raced forward to the more complex ideas that evolved after addition to subtraction, multiplication and division and then on to algebraic expression.

The vision was so involving his father had to shake the boy to get his attention. Kevin grew frightened of what he was seeing and of his fathers violence and growing anger and began to cry. His father out of desperation and frustration then slapped the boy and this shook young Kevin to the core. His loving father who had never raised a hand to him had somehow become transformed into someone who he now feared.

If took years for young Kevin to resolve this fear of learning. It was a hard couple of years and full of frightful events that would shape his life and determine his destiny.

posted on Nov, 14 2010 @ 11:10 PM
reply to post by Alethea

More tomorrow. I got to go to work in the Morning. The whole story is in my head though so more for sure tomorrow.

posted on Nov, 15 2010 @ 11:05 PM
Chapter 4

The events of young Kevin Gene McCormick were some of the most strange that can be detailed in writing. Kevin was not like other children in his age group. His mental and social development was far in advance. This was a problem in his early placements in both school and day care settings. Imagine for a moment what it is that Kevin sees in his daily life.

When Kevin conceives of a thought that thought became as real to him as the world around him. Kevin first witnessed the thoughts of others and the emotions of others. This helped him realize that his thought process was different then theirs. His mother for instance. Kevin could watch his mother conceive of things like what was for dinner, what was on TV, and also what she thought her husband Gene was up to, and when he might be home and what mood he might be in.

Kevin was only about 3 when he first saw the thoughts of his mother. When she would think of her young son Kevin would come running into the room. When she would think of her love for him Kevin would squeal with delight and try and word out some thoughts such as "love mommy". He could tell that while he could feel his mother's emotions and see her thoughts that she could only read his facial expressions and hear his first attempts at words. It gave young Kevin a curious feeling of isolation in his own mind. He had after all expected this communication to work both ways. Clearly from this early age Kevin could sense that it was not.

When Kevin turned 4 years old he discovered that he could see things and entities that his parents could not. It was his first discovery in what could be called the occult. Kevin encountered his first non-corporeal or non-physical being. Her name was Matilda Lynn Sawyer. She was Kevin Gene's same age when she drown in the near by river during a flash flood on a late Summer evening while playing by the creek. Matilda did now know that she had passed. She was attracted to the curious mental energy that she felt coming from young Kevin.

Kevin saw Matilda playing by the cheery tree in the front yard. He looked right at her. Matilda had not felt someone's eyes on her for as long as she could remember. She immediately began to approach Kevin and when she drew near Kevin looked at her directly and seeming unafraid. Matilda smiled at Kevin and ask him his name silently with her mind. Kevin was very excited to be able to hear someone silently respond to him with their mind alone as he had long noted that he could do. Matilda was not like mommy or daddy. She was able to communicate with him without speaking. It delighted Kevin more than he could describe. His excitement kind of began to shake Matilda and she vanished before his eyes.

Kevin was astonished by this spectacle. Never before had he communicated with his mind alone non verbally with another person like he had with this young girl. Not at the base enlisted daycare center and not at the play ground in the city park. Then she had vanished. He had known that she was different since she could communicate in such a manner but he was not aware that she was non-physical or non-corporal until just then.

Matilda did show up again the following day. She approached and introduced herself again to Kevin. Sorry she said, you just frighted me because your mind is so strong. Kevin had a new friend. This friend though was one only he could see. Matilda was so much fun. They would play quietly. They would never speak since they did not need to speak. It was not until he was ask by his mother if he wanted to go and make some friends so he would not have to play alone that he mentioned that he had a friend. His mother became very curious. She wanted to know more of this friend that only little Kevin could see.

posted on Nov, 16 2010 @ 12:14 AM
Chapter 5

The Lt. Colonel Gerry Fitz was now a Major General in charge of Project Cobalt Glass and attached to the Air Force Special Operations Branch Special Projects Division. Fitz was very interested to know what had become of his star Nephilim gene activated child. He had been monitoring young Kevin while he was enrolled in the base preschool. The school had long been under audio and now was under the early video surveillance but still relied heavily on HUMINT operatives. In the case of young Kevin McCormick he has enlisted the help of one of their imported Nazi German scientist a Dr. Helga Krebs Bonn, who had been attached to the Nazi program for human development in the newly budding science of Neural Linguistic Programing or NLP.

Helga was not terribly impressed with her job. She had no need to know any of the details of this young man so she did not understand what it was she was supposed to achieve exactly. Her task was laid out fairly simply for her and that was she was supposed to expose young Kevin to various dangers and then offer NLP to him while he was still traumatized by the contrived dangers. The object reportedly was to cause Kevin to develop a bond for Helga that could be used to interrogate the young man to determine his development.

This was going to be a far more difficult assignment then she could have conceived of even if she had been forewarned of just what this young man represented. Dr. Helga Bonn began to set up the first of these events shortly after lunch time on the first day of his preschool. This time was chosen to improve the impact since the young man would also be conditioned to be more unsure and excited since this was a strange place to him.

Helga positioned herself volunteering at the lunch counter and handed out drinking glasses of various punches and juice drinks to the children. She smiled and greeted each child and ask them if they wanted water, juice or fruit punch. Kevin had always loved to have some fruit punch so when he approached and she handed him the beverage he did not notice the feeling in his gut that was bothering him. He simply attributed this feeling to hunger since he had no other frame of reference to compare it to. The feeling peaked as Helga handed him his glass of fruit punch. It was like a kind of shock he could feel from the time he touched the cup until the time he had sat down. It was distracting to him but Kevin just reasoned that the whole thing was pretty overwhelming to him at this point. What he did not know is that Helga has secretly filled a cup for him alone. This cup has a little soap in the bottom of it.

Shortly after lunch Kevin felt the need to run to the bathroom. He found it in a far hall about 50 feet or so from the lunch room. He barely got his pants down and got on the potty in time to avoid soiling himself. That would be so embarrassing so he was glad he had made it. That was not the beginning of his trouble it seems. Kevin finished up finally after some serious gut grumpiness from the soap contaminated beverage he had unknowingly consumed. When he had finished wiping himself and cleaning up the mess in the bathroom he washed his hands and reached for the door only to hear the bell indicating the end of lunch ring at the exact same moment as he had grabbed the door knob.

Kevin had pulled off the door knob as he had tensed from the bell ringing. The doorknob was still threaded through the door but the guide rod was attached to the outside doorknob. Kevin tried to put the doorknob back together but it instead pushed out of place and hit the floor on the other side of the door. Realizing he was stuck and starting to panic Kevin yelled for help. The sounds of the children of the preschool running back to class form the playground drown out his cries for help. Kevin began to feel very frightened. He cried for a moment or 2 then felt anger. In his isolation in the empty bathroom in this strange place he had suddenly felt like he was being observed. He could not see the cameras or microphones but he could feel the thoughts of the people that were watching. He felt and heard with his mind a silent muffled snickering. He felt like he was being betrayed and perhaps tested. He was more angry now than frightened.

Kevin focused on the feeling of the people tho were observing and he tried to reach them in his mind and ask them to stop. He could feel that they did not understand him and grew more angry at this situation. Kevin then shouted out with the anger in his heart and it soon became joined with his voice. The skylight glass in the room broke and fell to the floor as the lights flickered and then went dark. This made Kevin become more frightened then angry and the lights came back on. Soon teachers and other men dressed like custodians managed to get in the door way. There was Helga who greeted him first. He ran to her frightened and crying and she hugged him and said into his ear. There there Kevin you had an awful fright but it is better now Helga will take care of you. She tapped him on the back as she said these words. It was physical stimulus as a reinforcement for the NLP. She had done her job well she felt.

Kevin was pulling back the tears and then felt an anger burning deep inside. He felt Helga suppress a snicker. Her body slightly shook from the effort. His mind raced back to the mental snickering he had heard in his mind before while locked in that bathroom. It was somehow the same. He knew he had been somehow suckered into that situation. Helga was not the kind caring savior he had at first thought she was. Something was amiss with her. He woud later discover the truth of this situation he told himself.

posted on Nov, 17 2010 @ 02:14 PM
Is that how it ends?

I'm liking it, so far, but it feels unfinished, what happens next? Good job

posted on Nov, 17 2010 @ 06:48 PM
reply to post by Fenix777

There will likely be a total of 12 chapters before I close up this first part of the 3 part series. Thanks for viewing and commenting. I liked writing it. I can see the whole store in my head but have a full time job and am writing this in some spare moments. I expect to finish this first part of the series by the end of the week. I'll do a chapter or 3 each evening I have the time free.

posted on Nov, 17 2010 @ 07:00 PM
Enjoying it, this would be the type of story I would write if I had time. Thanks

posted on Nov, 17 2010 @ 09:52 PM
Chapter 6

After reviewing the images and audio Fitz was aware that what they had recorded was a phenomena that has until this time never before been seen and recorded in more than folk lore and biblical text about the inherent abilities of the Nephilim.

The sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.

Legend and religious texts indicated that the powers of God were bestowed to these half bred creatures according to several early religious texts. The All father at the time El had these half breeds killed and called these offspring wicked and abomination. Later on the remaining few that which were not killed by the flood were hunted down by agents of the new Crowned Church of El in Rome and they killed a great many of them calling them witches and sorcerers and monsters blaming them for every bad omen and event in the lands of Rome.

Thus the children of the Nephilim were purged from the Earth but some of these children remained. In hiding and running for their lives. Some of these families with the Nephilim blood ended up among the early settlers in the new world of America. These children with the recessive Nephilim DNA were well hidden by family and friends until the modern age where blood was drawn and tests were devised. In no place were these tests as thorough as the USA military industrial complex of the 60's into which young Kevin and others like him were born into.

The rejection rate had been nearly 99% of the Nephilim gene activated children. There seemed to be a mechanism of programmed death in normal humans that rejected the Nephilim species offspring like a virus. The Watchers had provided their "special supplements" which helped fight the rejection but in live birth it seemed to require that no mater how different and genetically different the host family might be the important part is that both parents have the recessive Nephilim gene sequence present at the 6th chromosome pair.

The level of technology for genetic research available even at these most secret government labs in the early 60's was just not up to the task of predicting likely success or failure of the subjects. This means of course that the experiment was set up in a very large participant base. The rash of miscarriages among military wives in the early 50's and 60's is likely due to this experimental process being worked out on this large population.

After review of the background information the newly minted Major General Fitz decided that they needed to take a more direct role in the project in order to obtain the desired outcome of the mission. This desired outcome of the mission would be secret to most of the persons involved in the Project Cobalt Glass team but not to General Fitz. The object of Cobalt Glass was to create not only a new Nephilim race but one that worked for the United States defense establishment as direct allies. For this reason he needed to win the trust of young Kevin. As the strongest of this lot he represented to the general the best hope for a weaponized near immortal race of employee of the US intelligence apparatus.

His ignorance of his situation would be astounding if not being so sad for everyone involved.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 03:55 PM
Chapter 7:

Young Kevin was disturbed by this first day encounter with Helga and with what he perceived as a setup of some sort. The skylight glass breaking and the lights going off was just very strange. Kevin was trying to sleep that night and was going back in his mind to the incident in the bathroom. He found when he returned to the scene that he was not himself but seeing himself outside from above. It was like watching himself by going back to that time. This realization fascinated Kevin. Was he there or was he imagining this scene. It was astonishing. Then he came to the part where the door knob fell off and he was starting to cry. He felt no emotion this time when watching the scene from outside himself. He was experiencing everything from another perspective while remembering how he felt and what he was thinking. When he came to the part where he was reaching outside himself to feel who was the cause of this and heard that mental snickering again he again felt that anger.

This time however Kevin realized that he was outside himself and could move about in his consciousness and moved towards the person who his mind had fixed on earlier that day. Sure enough there was Helga. She was standing next to another man who was with her in this tiny room not far down the hall from the bathroom. It looked not much larger than a closet. They were huddled around what was clearly a TV. On the TV he saw himself. Just as before he was growing angry and then the glass broke and the lights flickered. It was fully dark in the closet now and the TV was off. Helga and the other man seemed astonished at what they had just seen. Helga then ran from the little room with the other man following behind her. He was clearly one of the men he had seen dressed as a custodian.

Things were starting to make some sense but Kevin had more questions than before. What was he seeing he wondered. Was he imaging all of this detail or was he actually going back in time to see the events. The question puzzled him a great deal as he drifted off to sleep.

Kevin’s out of body wandering through the time-line was not going unnoticed by some beings. The Reptilian race of the Anunnaki who were long time enemies of the Elohim were aware of this creation of the Watchers of El.

Azazyal who was the chief among the Anunnaki that still monitored the Earth decided he would pay this creature a visit to see what sort of being these Watchers had conjured up.

Kevin had just drifted off to sleep. His mind was already in early REM sleep when he felt something wrong. He awoke to a feeling of a presence in his room. It was a feeling of the darkest anger and hatred he had ever known. The hairs on the back of his neck were standing straight up. Then he smelled the most foul stench of sulfur and slowly turned his head around to see what the source was. There not 10 feet from the foot of his bed was a creature like nothing he had even seen. It was nearly as tall as the ceiling and was a luminous green skinned being. It had scales and a head like a dragon. Its eyes glowed red but it seemed to have a black aura around it. Kevin could not cry out he was so frightened. He could feel that this creature that he had never seen before just exuded malevolence and hatred for him.

Azazyal looked in disgust at this frail creature. He sniffed the ether to determine its makeup and found that it contained some of the bloodline of Michael, Chief among the Elohim assigned to the Earth. How had this happened he wondered. There was none of that bloodline left in existence he was sure. This was some piece of work the Watchers had done. His old enemy it seemed had a child now once again on the Earth. The frightened and pathetic creature was beneath his contempt. He returned to his abode thinking that the time would come when this being matured and if it was allowed to do this it would become formidable. Perhaps even a host for of one of the Elohim themselves.

Finally Kevin was able to cry out. As his mother and father ran into the room the entity faded into the swirling black vortex that surrounded it. He pointed to the direction of the being he had seen but it was gone before either parent had the time to turn their heads in that direction. They both rushed to his bed side and he hugged them both. His parents held him and assured him that what he had seen was just a dream. Kevin was just shaking and crying and his patents felt terrible for their son. His fear was genuine that was certain but this creature he described was like something out of a fiction.

They let Kevin sleep with the light on for the night. It took Kevin hours to finally fall asleep. What ever that was he thought as he was drifting off to sleep it hated him for some reason that he was sure of. How can something he imagined in a dream come into his room and how could he feel its hatred towards him if it was not real? It would be a long time before the mystery of this night would be revealed to him.

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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 03:55 PM
reply to post by wayouttheredude

This story has got me continuously pondering what is going to happen next. Poor little Kevin.

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 08:08 PM
You have pulled me in! Thank you for this alive and vivid tale. I find myself wanting to rush forward and yet remain focused on each word at a time.

Delightful to discover tonight, just a prefect read.

posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 09:50 PM
Chapter 8

We move ahead to several years later. Kevin’s dad was now stationed at the Pentagon in the early 1970’s. The Vietnam war was still raging. Kevin’s father was away on TDY or (Temporary Duty Assignment) for much of the war with his job as a Pentagon Courier. One day when Gene was on assignment Kevin had his first memory of an encounter with the Watchers.

Young Kevin was only 8 years old at this time. Kevin was awakened to a green glow. When he opened his eyes he at first felt a cold draft and then a kind of tingling in his spine. His eyes became unfocused and he heard a ringing in his ears that turned into a sound like a rushing stream. Then he heard a loud pop that seemed to come from inside his head. He saw a flash of light in his mind just as the pop sound occurred. At that moment he felt restrained like someone was holding him and lifting him up.

He was being pulled into a kind of green vortex by many hands. Then he found himself on a table with small beings that had large hands. Their heads and eyes were large and dark and they smelled of some kind of chemical odor like metal and ozone. They spoke to him directly into his mind like he and Matilda would speak when he was younger. Their thoughts were not in English language. They were instead a kind of musical mathematical language which he somehow could understand.

He was frightened but not terribly so. In fact the sounds they made in his mind had a calming effect. They put some kind of device into his head and he heard a crunch and saw a flash of light in his mind. There was a little pain but not too much. Then they picked Kevin up and walked him into another room. They had their hands on his shoulders and held his hands. He could not see their faces in the darkly lit place they were in. It looked like a cave of some sort. He reached out around himself with his mind. The Watchers looked at each other and he could feel their thoughts. His sight in the darkness was like nothing they had seen before. It was remarkable to them he felt. Kevin could see in the darkness and could reach out with his mind and mentally touch objects in the room.

He felt a cold round cylinder near the far corner of the room. It was at that moment that he had the most odd sensation. He felt like inside of that cylinder was a person. That person felt like he was touching himself. When his mind touched the person inside of the darkened metal cylinder he felt his mind touch himself. It was so curious that he ask the Watchers what it was he was feeling inside of the cylinder. They looked at each other and then back at him after several silent seconds they told him. That person is you Kevin. You are inside the chamber and you are also out here near us.

How could this be he ask feeling a bit confused. The Watchers then explained to Kevin that he was on this world for a reason. That reason required that he at some points in his life would be placed in mortal danger. This being you feel inside of the chamber is a part of you. It is like a backup copy of a sort but one that is being kept from harm here in this place. If you are harmed or injured this copy will replenish you through the interface that we have just installed in your brain. If you are mortally injured you will be repaired in this way. If you are destroyed entirely for some reason then your consciousness will use the interface to download all of your knowledge into the copy here. In this way your mission here on this world can not be interrupted by your untimely demise.

It was somehow reassuring to Kevin that he was able to use this twin if he were killed. The repair system he did not fully understand at this point. At this point the Watchers lead him to a chair where there was a sort of large screen and they sat him down then started the machine. It played a kind of 3d movie that showed him how things would unfold in the years to come. Not details of his life but kind of the big picture of how the affairs of this world would unfold and an outline of his part in this unfolding.

Kevin was then led to another portal. It was the green swirling vortex and again he felt the pop and he was then back in his bed. He felt sore and tired and quickly drifted off to sleep. When he awoke in the morning it was time for Saturday morning cartoons. He tried to lift himself off the bed but fell off instead. Hurting and frustrated he cried out a low cry. His mother had been doing the laundry just down the hall and ran into his room to check on him. She gasped and looked on at this horror. Kevin lifted his head from the floor and said “ I’m OK mom.” Mary was shaking her head with a look of great concern on her face. Kevin wondered why all the fuss about him falling from the bed but then he looked where she was looking up on the bed.

Kevin’s hair was matted with dried blood and his pillow as well. There was blood dried on his nose and pajamas. Mary reached down and lifted Kevin up and put him on the edge of the bed and began to inspect him for damage. She removed his pajama shirt and looked at his arms and chest and gasped. Kevin said what is it mom, and she pointed out the bruises on his neck and arms and on his torso. Then she inspected his legs and his back and behind. He was bruised from his neck to his ankles. She could clearly see that these bruises looked like large hand prints.

Mary was in a kind of mild shock from this and questioned Kevin about what he thought might have caused this damage and bloody nose. Kevin reflected back to that night. What he said shocked her more still. Kevin piped up, “it must have been when I saw the little doctors.” Shaking her head in disbelief and shock Mary could not speak. She would have to tell Gene about this when he came home. She cleaned him up and made the kids breakfast. Kevin sat on the floor in front of the TV eating his breakfast but he was not watching the cartoons. He was looking through the TV to that place where he had been the night before. He still wondered what it all meant.

Time would reveal the truth of this strange encounter he thought.

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A good friend of mine and one who's critique I respect told me that I failed to provide a prologue for this story. I know it is now far out of place. (mods feel free to correct this) but here it goes. It will help to understand the story better even if it is closer to the middle than the beginning of the story.


Lost in time is the truth of the war in the heavens, the fallen angles, the origins of species of mankind, and true nature of the gods. This prologue will serve to provides the author’s view of the reality that underlies our reality.

First we will cover the origins of the various species the gods and then of the bipedal hominid organisms that have been brought to, originated on Earth, or were modified from the existing stocks already present at the time the various groups of gods arrived on this Earth.

The first ones were the Elohim. They set in motion the process that created the conditions for Pre-Earth to become a habitable planet. The Elohim are a terraforming and universe fairing people. Their small yellow origin star had long since become a red giant. The exact star of their origin has not been revealed as of this writing. They hold this information very tightly. The details of how they set the creation of life on Earth will not be detailed here but in another volume. They have a very advanced nanotechnology that is used to seed worlds that are in the correct orbital distance from their host star to allow for life to exist. The Elohim have star building technology as well and can set up star nurseries in any rich gas and dust cloud in any galaxy they choose. They have a type of advanced propulsion that allows them to use stars as star gates to transport themselves and materials for building through vast distances using corridors that follow what we call the super strings of the universe. They appear very humanlike but live for eons. One of their nearby star foundries is called by us The Pleiades star cluster.

The second ones were the Anunnaki. They also had a hand in the origin of life on the planet Earth. They also have a type of star building technology but they do not set up large star foundries with their technology. They build much smaller stable stars and use them as engines for huge Dyson sphere spacecraft. Not unlike a battle star. They are a galactic traveling species. They use their expertise in genetic engineering and mining to travel the galaxy seeking out metal rich solar systems. They then build custom organisms for the purpose of exploiting the resources of this metal rich system. The most metals rich planetary body in each system is carefully moved into an orbit around the star so that it can sustain their custom mining organisms. They appear very reptilian in appearance and are known to be as warlike as they are intelligent. Their origin star system is thought to be the star we call Sirius.

The first ones, the Elohim seeded our system when our planet was much larger and was located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. The Earth was not at that time in its present orbit. The Elohim seeded 2 planets in this system with life with their nanotechnology. The early Pre-Earth and Mars. Both planets were in the habitable zone of this star system. The Pre-Earth was seeded with a type of life system that could sustain low light levels and higher gravity than we now experience. Mars was extensively terraformed and seeded with life. This colony was established with a small settlement as well.
The Elohim then left this star system and returned to their other star nurseries and colonies. They planned to return some thousands of years later when their nanotechnology terraforming system had completed its work.

It was during this time that our star system was discovered by the Anunnaki. They did not detect the Elohim nanotechnology system and considered this star system to be uncharted and unclaimed. They positioned their death star called by us Niburu into an orbit just outside of our Ort Cloud. From this position the Anunnaki directed comets to impact the most metal rich of the planets the Pre-Earth. The tiny colony on Mars was not noticed by them. The comet impacts delivered water and CO2 in the form of ice to the Pre-Earth. Then the Per-Earth was hit with other small planetoids until it achieved its present orbit around the Sun. This orbit provided the Anunnaki with the right surface temperature to begin their own terraforming efforts.

They began with lower life forms but were not aware of the parallel evolution set in motion by the existing Elohim nanotechnology. They failed on several attempts to start a culture of life but finally had success and then they turned their sights on mapping the metal resources of the planet. As their project evolved they returned quite often to the early Earth to monitor its progress. The Elohim were not aware of what had transpired.

By the time they found out they had lost significant investment of their time and effort. They were a far more advanced race than even the Anunnaki. They did not immediately contact their rivals for this system’s resources and confront them. That is part of another story.

The early races to exploit the resources of the earth were a reptilian race that was designed to take advantage of the young Earth climate which was quite warm. They mined the resources of the planet and built great cities for their gods. The parallel evolution taking place based on Elohim nanotechnology was the mammalian organisms. They were growing up in the shadows and were mainly underground. Small intelligent animals that scavenged for food mostly and were omnivorous.

Then there was a war between the 2 faction for control of this solar system. The attack by the Elohim destroyed the surface life and caused the first ice age. The Anunnaki were defeated but not beaten. The Elohim placed their first created species on the planet and they were a direct transplant from another solar system from the planet Edentia.

Many more battles raged in this war and they will most likely continue to rage for millennia to come. More details on this in future editions.

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reply to post by wayouttheredude

Dude, great story! I cannot wait until the next chapter.

posted on Nov, 26 2010 @ 03:20 PM
You probably enjoying thanksgiving over there. We don't have thanksgiving here, I do so think that we should however. I will give you this weekend to enjoy ...then I'll start giving you grief about continuing this story

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