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Renewable Energy to get 4400 megawatt boost in ontario

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posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 12:29 AM

Ninety companies have expressed an interest in producing renewable energy for Ontario totalling 4,400 megawatts 15 times the amount asked for, Energy Minister Dwight Duncan said today.

"The response to this call has been no less than astounding," Duncan told the legislature.

"This strong interest shows that by encouraging renewable energy we are attracting new participants to the electricity-supply business who are innovative and environmentally conscious and can improve the quality of our air with greener sources of power," he said.

In April, for this first time in its history, the Ontario government put out a call for proposals for private companies to put in bids to produce up to 300 megawatts of renewable energy such as small hydro, wind, solar and bio-gas.

This is great news! I have been waiting for this announcement for a long time now and hopefully this will really get the ball rolling all across Canada. Who know maybe it might catch on in the US too. 1 thing that is need though is a tax credit to idividual homeowners to make their houses 'off the grid' and create a bunch of new energy entrepenuers.

Link to quote source Toronto Star


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