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Is Israel being forced to become an Apartheid State?

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posted on Jun, 29 2004 @ 06:59 PM
I raised this question today in a discussion I was having of the situation between Israel and Palestine, basically I'll give a run-down on the situation.

There is no single entity that is "Palestine" so agreements between Palestinians and Israelis don't work out, if the Israelis and UN were to say "ok you can have a State" some group under the PLO would ruin that diplomatic process through acts of terrorism.

The largest threat though is not a Palestinian State, but the lack of one. The Israelis fear the most that one day the Palestinians will simply step up and say "annex us!"

Israel is a nation of about 5.4 million Jews and about 1.3 million muslims of Palestinian decent. There are about another 3 million Palestinians that don't "exist" per-say, they are in limbo. They are not Israelis, they are not Jordanians, they are not Syrians, they are nobodies.

Israel will not become a "non-Jewish" state. It will remain Jewish, so a crisis is coming as time is running out. What will happen to a burgeoning Palestinian people?

The Jordanians don't want them, the Syrians don't want them, no one wants them.

In a short answer I was told that in a sense Israel is already an Apartheid State. As its new wall is going up the Palestinians more and more become non-citizens of nowhere.

The Israelis already control much of the Gaza and West Bank through their settlements and like pandora's box those settlements can not be removed. Some of them are cities.

And if you have never seen these settlements, they would be more accurately described as "garrisons". High walls, massive gate-complexes, and heavy armaments.

It seems more and more that the Palestinians do not want a state of their own. And as time progresses, the Israelis will be more reluctant to allow them to become citizens, in fact, that time probably has already past.

The only remaining option that is really "viable" is for Palestinians to leave to Jordan or Syria or Egypt. Because the more they attack Israel, the more they shall become "Bantu".

Bantu were terms given to the Blacks in the Apartheid South Africa that were literally "non-existant". They were given seperate States within South Africa that were little more than fake administration zones that the Blacks could live in apart from the Whites.

To me, it seems there is no option for Israel left. It must build the wall, it must isolate the Palestinians from Israel, and if no other nation will take them, a state of "Apartheid" will exist.

And I am pro-Israeli by the way, I support such actions, if the Palestinians do not leave or accept a Palestinian State, they deserve what they get.

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