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Blair, his ******* government and other things mixed in :p

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posted on Jun, 29 2004 @ 05:42 PM
Ok sorry for any language in this post I just need to let off steam.

I can't stand Blair and his useless #-up government. He has taken this country and has gone and screwed up control of it royally. Since he has come to power the amount of red-tape and political correctness has come to the head and peaked. He has gone and screwed this up so badly. The whole political correctness gets me pissed off too. The idea that we cannot call black people black really gets me angry (I do so not to be racist but it is like calling me white why take offence for a non-derogitory statement of fact?) I could understand for more offensive terms used but not being able to call people with dark skin black or coloured is ridiculous. RAAAAARRGRH (that's slightly better). And recently I read in the paper that a school had to cancel its sports day because of the insurance being so high due to the law suit culture. If kids can't have fun on sports day then all hope is lost I say. The law suit culture is also another product of Blair's government and is set to get worse as he STUPIDLY signed the individuality of my nation (of which I am proud of as a nation [ignoring blair and the things he has done]). I am blatantly going to be had for treason or something for this, ah well.

Leading on from treason I have absolutely no problem with the monarchy and given a vote would vote to keep the monarch. However, Blair and every government to date has been taking more and more power away fromthe monarch, powers which are theirs from descent and ultimately from military prowess. The monarch is only left with the descision of whether to deploy our military forces. Speaking of military forces I want to have another row at Blair and Brown for their lack of spending on the military. How on earth have they gone and #ed that up? Our nation is only in the position it is as a major power (economically in the world and via the military) due to our military history and they have gone and ruined it.

Ok now onto another rant as I cannot quite find the words to describe how I hate blair, suffice to say that I want no one in the world to die...........except maybe him. But now my most controversial rant. Sorry to the americans but I detest your over patriotism and over confidence in your country. You think you and your country are invincible but as September the 11th shows (although I still think that was a terrible act I do think you over-react, I mean ok it was terrible but I saw people crying who were living in LA and had absolutely nothing to do with it (i.e. no friends/relatives in or near the event)). You also think your military is so amazing. Ok, they are not all that bad but when you see that in the Gulf War (number one) the US killed/injured more allied troops than Iraqis. AND IT IS NOT PRONOUNCED IRACK it is irahq (q pronounced as more of a cw sound) the accent really really really gets me along with the complete absence of pleases and thank yous. "Would you like a coffee (N.B. not cwawffee)?" "Yeah, I'll have one".....

I do not aim the american slandering at any members necessarily but I have met lots of americans (via various jobs [summer] in offices) and all I have said appears to be typical of the american people.

Calmed down now.......Thank God for the rant board!

P.S. Oh and for goodness is "I wrote this" not "I writ this" damn illiterate plebs!

posted on Jun, 29 2004 @ 07:11 PM
There are two reasons Blair has performed the acts that have made him abhorred throught the UK. To line his own pockets and those of his cronies and to drag Britain kicking and screaming into the European superstate - and why does he do that ?

Because he wants to be a President, just like his old friend George.

If Blair is allowed to continue his treason, Britain will lose everything and there can be only one winner - Anthony Charles Lynton Blair.

Lets just string him up like the traitor he is and start from scratch.

posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 04:33 PM
THANK YOU SO MUCH, someone else who agrees with my philosophy!

He wants to go down in history that's all. By signing the EU constitution he has now put himself in children's history books (I mean you learn who signed the treaty of versailles and stuff). He cannot rape this country for the benefit of any one person; it is in the job description of being the PM....
him I tells ya

posted on Jul, 4 2004 @ 02:51 PM
I completley agree with everything you said in your post.

This country is losing all culture- I am probably the least racist person but it annoys me that there is a black music channel etc- if there was a white music channel it would cause hell.

I realise that white people have treated afro-carribean??people badly( black slave trade etc) but that was like hundreds of years ago.

As for Blair- he has to go, I havent really followed politics but recently( well since i have been reading post on this site) my views are strong on how badly he has handled things- like when Bush came to England and it cost millions, when that money could be spent on plenty of other things that are IMPORTANT.

I have just finished studying history and one topic was American history- and what a strange start to a civilisation- killing all the native people that were on the lands originaly etc- i think that America isnt all bad at all ( i have never actualy been there)i just think there are a few problems with the way the Government and military works- but Britain isnt really doing much better!!!!

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