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Stars and Lines: Seasonally-Affected Poetry Contest **Winners announced**

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posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 08:05 AM
Post a poem onto this thread


  • Must be your own work

  • Poem must represent the colder seasons. Those members on the equator will need to use their imagination and those in the southern hemisphere will need to remember a few weeks back.

  • Themes can vary from Christmas to Valentines Day, winter solstice to the sticky buds of May.

  • The membership shall be the judging panel. The 3 posts with the most stars win 10 applauses (equal to 5000 ATS points). The next 10 will receive 2 applauses (1000 ATS points).

  • All T&C's apply. Posts in violation WILL be removed according to the rules.

  • Contest ends January 1 , 2011.

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  • posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 08:47 AM
    Is this one going to be single entry or are multiples allowed this time? This is gonna be a fun one!

    posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 09:12 AM
    Explanation: S&F! Here is my poem entry...

    Furthark Faintly Fading For the Faeries!:---

    My breathe, it fogs up... like the fog of war,

    ... clouding that which is right before me!

    Betraying my presence and my confidence away to the enemy,

    ... myself, a familiar Loki!

    Am I worth 30 pieces of dwarven silver?

    ... cold hard cash, for dirty deeds done dirt cheap?

    Spent for the warming of TPTB's cold and hardened hearts and wallets,

    ... by the roasting fire of my fratricided bones?

    The bitter snow of Christmas Corporate greed,

    ... drives relentlessly like the zealots seeking God.

    In a blizzard they sow their icy danger ridden commercials,

    ... amongst my fellow frostbitten friends!

    Like the Boreas dancing chaotically,

    ... that stir up and cast assunder the fallen leaves off the Autumn trees!

    As Autumn itself retreats to rest,

    ... into the chilly glacial past of recent history!

    The long dark night cometh,

    ...and it cast a mighty shadow and a forboding pall of freezing fear!

    Those who are fatally fortuned to be caught unprepared,

    ... are left to their final fate upon the frozen tundra wilderness!

    Only Frigga can fortell the future,

    ... and on Odin, Fenris will feast.

    Till the spring refreshes Midgard,

    ... when the Valhallah bound Víðarr fells Fenris forever!

    Personal Disclosure: Thanks for the opportunity!

    I hope my fellow members find its flavour favourable!

    posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 09:15 AM
    Here's one from me:

    The Holly King

    The bitter chill has found me here
    Deep inside my bones
    Subject to a long-term thrill
    I never walk alone.

    Skeleton trees and crunchy soil
    The path I tread is long
    Winter birds aloft are free
    Calling with their song.

    Burrowing down in my leafy cloak
    The wind whips through my hair
    Setting sun, there is no sound
    Snow makes my skin fair.

    Burning wood the holy smell
    The moonlit blanket shines
    The death of all is always good
    The union duly binds.

    The Oak King slumbers deeply now
    Though he shall soon awake
    Our constant battle is the thing
    Our war the seasons make.

    For now my will is for the cold
    My passion, for the ice
    But losing is a bitter pill
    And I just don't play nice.

    posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 09:19 AM
    A Cool October Breeze

    A cool October breeze
    Goes rustling through the leaves
    As the mid October sun
    Sets along the Mid Atlantic seas

    Its seems like only yesterday
    Spring was gently on the rise
    The air filled with anticipation
    For summers sweet surprise

    As June faded into July
    Facing endless summer reaches
    Dreams of angelic faces
    Moonlit on midnight summer beaches

    Like many a dream
    To good to be true
    The magic of summer fades
    With skies steely gray instead of blue

    A cool October breeze
    Goes rustling through the leaves
    As the mid October sun
    Sets along the Mid Atlantic seas

    Deathly quiet begins to set
    On this third rate tourist town
    As the cold grip of December
    Begins to ratchet down

    Memories of spring rain and summer sun
    Softly fade as snowflakes fly
    Saddened eyes whisper “see you later”
    Cause we can never say goodbye
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    posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 09:26 AM

    Originally posted by Ceriddwen
    Is this one going to be single entry or are multiples allowed this time?

    Any member of ATS, even if they joined today, can enter as many poems into the contest as they want. There are no limits whatsoever (except the T&C's, of course

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    posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 10:33 AM
    The rustle of leaves
    their song paused by falling snows
    frozen notes unheard

    posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 03:27 PM
    reply to post by masqua

    I wrote this last year could I enter it?

    posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 06:00 PM
    reply to post by mamabeth

    It would be preferable if you could pen something new for this contest... not to take away from your (rather frightening Chrismas poem).

    posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 06:55 PM
    November 11, 2010.

    The sun shone today
    upon the ranks of veterans,
    warming November's chill.

    Medals flash on proud chests,
    bright colour on dark serge,
    as they march to muted drums.

    Widows, wives line the street
    stoney, silent, they watch
    the lucky few... the lucky few.

    Children's faces, bright and smiling
    wave flags and look about them
    wondering at the somber crowds.

    To the cenotaph, grey monument
    of silent memories and names
    chiselled in cold hard stone.

    Naked trees and rows of crosses
    Far, far away in foreign fields
    are remembered, honoured.

    The silence reigned a while
    as sparrows trilled, unaware
    of war's bloody price in lives.

    Flags snapped in the wind
    as the clarion bugle tones
    cried in the crisp clean air.

    Faces raised from quiet repose.
    Tears daubed, rustling clothes.
    Once again... once again.

    posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 07:03 PM
    "With Frozen Tears"

    As I grow older ,
    my sight does dim,
    with a pain , that ever grows.
    Alone in my sorrow ,
    I can't face tomorrow ,
    with joy I will never know .

    In my fingers and toes ,
    and then in my back ,
    it starts and will not go.
    Then it enters my heart ,
    cold loneliness smarts ,
    and there's still ,
    three months to go.

    Again this season would not lack ,.
    the colours ,
    grey , white and black ,
    with an icy covering ,
    of snow .

    With winter fast approaching ,
    I gather my resolve .
    Those missing buttons
    on my coat ,
    won't re-appear .

    The air burns my nostrils ,
    there's no turning back ,
    it's into the sewers I go .

    I retreat , from the street ,
    for I know where to go .
    I move so deliberately slow .
    There's warmth for me there ,
    but I might have to share ,
    with the rats ,
    who will never know .

    When the frozen smells ,
    thaw to life ,
    the air won't cut ,
    like a knife,
    and I'll be back ,
    ..... not so long to go !

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    posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 07:19 PM
    She stole the flame of my soul, breathing icicles through her winter frost
    Pinning the fabrics of my flesh to the crucifix of her snowy depths
    Relentless was her onslaught of hail stones and blustery sins
    Resentfully splintering my mind with the chill of a stormy wind

    She brought forth the destructive monsoons and rampaging typhoons
    With ice cold rushing blood she opened heavens gates releasing the great flood
    Stranded and marooned, my fiery spirit withered by the ugliest weather completely consumed
    She stole the flame of my soul, breathing icicles through her winter frost

    Her vengeful tornado uprooted with ease the timeless trees spreading chaos and debris
    The air now crystallized, the beating hearted slowed by below a thousand degrees
    Time froze from her heartless spine tingling stare as she gazed on the forbidden earth
    Birthing her blistering curse she cursed and shattered the mud and dirt

    Silence ensued the death of malicious and vial contempt covered hell in a timeless breeze
    Life ceased, the pulsating rhythms of natures dancing feet, now deplete
    Her harvesting cycle complete, thus begun the universal reversing of her permafrost ice sheets
    The burning sun melting her winter mists, the flame of my soul, once more revisited.

    posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 08:24 PM
    Tv is so boring
    and my cat keeps on snoring
    My favorite color no longer grows
    and I can barely feel my toes
    The trees shed shade as the sun dips away
    and the cold seems to keep the bees at bay
    The dog wimpers quietly in the early sunset
    this winters' just started
    and we're not having fun yet.
    Maybe someday we'll get some snow
    honestly, I just don't know
    and to the prophets, I don't mean to hinder
    but we haven't gotten that nuclear winter.

    posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 08:33 PM

    Why when we wobble, we wake
    In interior illuminated I's
    Never knowing nothing new
    Time till Tuesday tempting twins
    Evening earnings Ender eaves
    Revolution rages, revolution rings.

    posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 09:15 PM
    I have never written a poem before. It was something I never felt qualified to do.
    Masqua's subject just kind of grabbed me and told me to try.

    A Winter's Note

    Summer ends and I feel sad
    Thoughts become focused on death
    Leaves die, the plants die, the season dies

    The afterlife becomes my winter focus
    I look inside and ask why am I here
    I mourn what I feel is missing
    What's next?
    Should I mourn this like a lost love?

    Why does winter affect me is this way?

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    posted on Nov, 12 2010 @ 02:13 PM
    Taxing Time

    Sitting at the kitchen table
    awash in piles of bloody paper
    dreaming once to just be able
    to crush that goldarn calculator

    posted on Nov, 12 2010 @ 02:26 PM
    Inside is sad
    Inside alone
    A bitter winter
    A barren home

    Inside it aches
    Inside it cries
    To understand choices
    And see the lies

    Release of anger
    Release of pain
    To flow away
    As dirty rain

    And now it's empty
    And 'oh' so cold
    My bitter loneliness
    Mine to behold

    posted on Nov, 12 2010 @ 02:37 PM
    Her icy heart
    Now cold as December
    Is the only part
    Of her I remember

    Standing tall
    Silent and proud
    Around her all
    Peoples would crowd

    Now snow covers
    Her sagging shoulders.
    Like bitter lovers
    Cold she moulders.

    Her icy heart,
    Once beating strong,
    Is her only part
    For which I long

    Those who came
    She used to welcome
    All the same,
    Smart or dumb

    In this bitter cold
    winter of sorrow
    Lady Liberty's old
    and weary of tomorrow

    As am I,
    Alone at her feet,
    The grey sky
    coldly gives me sleet.

    I turn and go
    upon my way.
    I do not know
    Anymore, what to say.

    Her icy heart
    Still, in her chest,
    Is always the part
    I'll remember best.....

    posted on Nov, 12 2010 @ 04:09 PM
    It appears
    that everyone fears
    to star another member
    for fear of loss in early December

    posted on Nov, 12 2010 @ 05:21 PM
    reply to post by Myendica

    LMAO, earned you a star...hope you don't win!

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