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What in the world, my own chaotic thoughts

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posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 06:36 AM
OK so don't really know where to start as I have many different subjects to discuss and I will try my best to provide references where possible (most will be to existing ATS threads - these are threads that help identify what I am driving at in a more detailed and intellectual manner!) ~please excuse the spelling~!

First I am not a sure how to summarise my own stance on life, I think confused probably sums it up best, I find it equally difficult to dismiss many of life's anomalies as I do accept them.

I am quite firm in the mind set that not all is as it seems and I am very intrigued by the Holographic universe principle, I have mentioned before in other posts that this does "keep me awake" if you like, I have an idea that life is; for want of a better word, an elaborate "computer programme".

It answers so many questions and gives credible explanations for many unexplainable events, a list that I could go on and on with but I am sure we are all quite aware of what it could answer.

In the mind set that we are electrical beings, as is are all forms of life, if you look at how computer programmes work, how hard drives spin and how we can generate false environments that are seemingly real, we are even beginning to master solid holographic material and advance our understanding of how everything comes form the same building blocks and is in essence the same thing/object/energy just in alternating patterns.

I find it very interesting that to the closest translation the Mayans tell us that in 2012 on their gods will come down and "lift the holographic veil from our faces"

I think everything is connected and we are part of a design without question. I do not know if you could say a "god" or another more intelligent species created us but I would say if there is a "god" then unless they also created the religion BS in order to keep us subdued then they wouldn't have created it at all, if you see my point and if they did then still F any religious BS, anyway that's off the point.

The links below will provide you with much more detail and will highlight what it is I would say had it not already been said better! Some bloody clever people out there!

And just a thought, I do not buy into the "Reptilians" thing that's been going around, or at least I didn't until I saw a programme on Raptors and how we now know that they had much larger brains then we previously thought, how they could communicate with each other etc, well not to go into the dets too much but we think the Dinosaurs just disappeared, but no one can say how exactly, all the theories have holes in them and what time scale are we talking about here, do we even know? Is is not viable that Raptors continued to evolve and became the dominate species, a humanoid evolution perhaps, looking at ancient statues etc and all the reptilian imagery perhaps now they have gone underground as reported, why not? at some time they would've had to escape beneath the surface to avoid the earths pissy fits?

Could it not be that, like us, one variety of the species evolved beyond all the others and destroyed it's world? We kill everything we can I expect an evolved Raptor would be quite the killing machine? Could they not assist in the eventual extinction of the rest of the kin (as well as all the ND's) ?

I would say that if there are "reptilian" humanoids then more like they are "Raptiods" then anything else?

And yes I know how far fetched that sounds but then does it? does it really?

easy fellow ats'ers and sorry if think this thread was a waste of space just got to get some of this off my chest and don't really have the means or resources to properly illustrate my ideas

posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 07:30 AM
reply to post by smutness

Yes i also believe that we are living in a holographic universe, we are consciousness which is a space within which all experiences arises, we are like projectors and are constantly projecting images based on the slides ( i.e. thoughts, perceptions etc.) but we are so caught up in the images that we forget that we are projecting them really.

Now here the concept of reptilian beings comes they are also the same consciousness but they have chosen a different agenda i.e to keep creating those slides of thoughts and perception by mind control and keep those images coming and then feed on the emotions that we generate, they are trying to rule over the whole of the consciousness which is infinite so they will never become successful in their agenda.

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