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How can you be anti war but still support the troops?

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posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 12:04 PM
I'm against police brutality, but I support law enforcement departments, well except Sacramento Sheriff Dept. They are a bunch of black shirt thugs. I'm against war, but I support our troops. However, if the *snip*s invade my country, you can bet I'll be for war then.

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 12:12 PM
I went into the military in 1981,because I couldn't find a job and was promised an education.

The military is for the poor.

Rich man goes to college,poor man goes to war.

The economy is manipulated to influence enlistment,at least to a degree.

I was naive when I enlisted,and feel for the saps who are dying and being damaged for no good reason now.

The best support is learning the truth about how this world works,teaching your children to know better than to feed it,and helping them avoid getting caught up in it.

Support is best given before you get your kid back in a box,by keeping them out of harms way,and never allowing some stuffed shirt politician to send them to die fighting their fight.

Getting silly ass teenagers to even listen is nearly impossible though.

Good luck.

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posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 12:15 PM
Support Our Troops.....

Buy a yellow magnetic flag,that's made in China,to stick to your car like everyone else.

What a god-damned joke this country is.

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 12:19 PM
Its funny you should post this as ive been saying the same. Its also the same as those that oppose terrorism yet go on to celebrate Bonfire Night Nov 5th when it revolves around blowing up the houses of parliment?
Doesnt make sense when you really think about it.

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 12:20 PM
The troops are only pawns put in place by the brainwashing dirt-bag leaders who start the wars. The cowards that start the wars couldn't handle one second of what these poor soldiers go through, and they certainly can care less when one of them dies.

The real enemy that deserves the blame isn't out on the battle-field. The real enemy can be found in a plush, cozy, luxurious setting having not a care in the world of the troops or their families.

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 12:22 PM
reply to post by Miraj

I totally agree

You not need to agree with the politics that resulted in soldiers being invoved in a conflict in order to have respect and concern for those soldiers. Millions in Britain feel exactly the same.

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 12:23 PM
Pets do very stupid things, they chew up valuable things, bite children, urinate where we live and run away. But we still love and support them. I have great sypathy for the people who fell for the war scam. I know they are endangering my freedom and not protecting me from anything, but I feel sorry for them and try and educate them to the truth.

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 12:26 PM
reply to post by jazz10

That's very different.

Firstly Bonfire night celebrates the defeat of terrorists. Hence we put a Guy on the fire. Secondly, most of what we do that night has it origins hundreds or thousands of years earlier as part of the Celtic celebration of Samhain (halloween) - the close proximity of date just meant we shifted the tradition of a bonfire, loud noises and buring an effigy from the 31st Oct to 5th Nov (one of the reason we in Britain tended not to commemorate halloween in any way, until recent times)

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 12:34 PM
I take personal offense to that stupid question.Wow....Keep smoking that marijuana....

We join the military to serve our country, to thank our past veterans for sacrificing all that they had so that We may have the right to do as we please, the right to say what we want and critique whom we feel deserves it regardless of whom that might be. We join the military to share in the right to be part of a bigger picture, to help those that scream without a voice, that starve and watch thousands die of hunger next to them, We join the military to fight against the bullies of the world and stand up for what we believe in!

Now you may not agree with the terms and conditions of this war or any other previous war and you might be the pacifist and ever ending loving negotiator and try to find a peaceful alternative to war but please remember, before the second world war even started, Hitler was a great negotiator and blindsided most of his adversaries while burning Jews in concentration camps.

Your troops as well as my troops are out there today because of choice, because of right and because of pure will to defend the rights they believe others should as they have. While some might not agree with the Government and it's decisions you can not think of disrespecting the men and women on the front line fighting for the rights and causes of other fellow humans.

Now....Go roll a stoggie, sit on the couch and vegetate a little. Better yet.....Here's my favorite bumper sticker:


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posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 12:38 PM
Why is it that, right around Veteran's Day, some insensitive OP decides to post a "Don't support the Troops" thread?

Don't you realize that tomorrow, families and loved ones all across the U.S. will be remembering, honoring, and mourning their children, parents, spouses, and siblings that never made it home from a war, as well as those who did?

I think you do. I also think you created this thread knowing full well the emotional weight such a day will bring to countless numbers of those grieving for those they miss.

The truth is, when most young men and women join the military, the mental picture they have of themselves, and the respect they'll receive don't even remotely reflect the actual chaos and horror they ultimately face in a real firefight.

They have no say whatsoever where they'll be deployed once they make the commitment to join, yet they still sacrifice their own safety while you comfortably blog from your easy-chair.

I, for one, fully support those in harms way, and always will. Care packages have, and will continue to be sent if it makes even one minute feel like home.

Congress, dictatorships, and powerful greed-mongers creating the whole reason our loved ones die, on the other hand, do not have my support. They're the ones who hold the control, and the means to stop it before a shot is even fired.

Can a person hate war and support our troops at the same time? Absolutely.

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 12:51 PM
reply to post by mayabong

I am a former combat arms veteran, (11C1P) having served in Iraq. I am not against "war" perse; although there is no war the (former) USA is engaged in. I know that sounds kinda crazy, but it doesn't make it false.

I support the troops too. Although, to do anything more than root for their success in driving out the NWO military would likely find me tortured and imprisoned. Of course, the troops I'm referring to are the native people there who were at one time firing bullets my way.

Now, I do take a much more active role supporting the Constitution (which by default, puts you into line with supporting troops from the (former) USA). I help other soldiers and vets understand the duplicity of what they have done in the name of the Officers Appointed Over Them, and what the Constitution (which they've pledged their lives to defend) demands of them.

I remind soldiers of the (former) USA that there has been no Declaration of War. I show them the Foreword and Introduction to Senate Report 93-549 which plainly shows an Executive Dictatorship. I forgive them for working for the International Criminal Syndicate unknowingly, and the acts they've committed against the document they've sworn to defend. I encourage them to spread the word amongst the brothers, and hope they will depart en mass, and pray for the independence of foreigners put under the gauntlet of their fists.

...and until we're going to get a formal Declaration of War by the Legislative Branch, I will remind each and all there is no "war" at all. This is the Executive's "police action". This is actually Anti-Constitutional imho, and I will not support this Executive Military Operation/ Police Action.

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 12:52 PM
what's with people being personally offended by the OP? nowhere in the post does it say that those who serve in the military are horrible people. if you choose to support the troops that's fine, but then to say you're anti-war is somewhat hypocritial.

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 01:03 PM
reply to post by Fox Molder

Fox, I was one of those you're trying to celebrate, but please, please, don't.

I beg the forgiveness of each citizen who was plundered by armed men in order to train, feed and dispatch me to the other side of the world. I beg forgiveness from each and all because after taking an oath to "Support and Defend the Constitution" I never even bothered to read it (nor did I meet any soldiers doing it at the time).

I engaged in unlawful acts of violence, with ignorance about the "lawful orders of Officers appointed over me." I never knew that the Constitution requires a formal 2/3rds majority for a Declaration of War. I never knew that my Army contract for 8 years was in direct violation of the Constitution's limit of raising an army for 2 years.

Forgive me that I didn't know about the Emergency War Powers, the Executive Orders, and that while you citizens were engaging in a political process, I existed in a supra-governmental Executive organization at direct opposites with the US Constitution and the political process you all were enfranchised within.

Please do forgive me. I am no coward. I am attempting to right my wrongs. I still take my oath seriously, and have invest far more energy supporting the Constitution now that I am separated from the unlawful orders of the Officers appointed over me than I ever could have under their dominion.

Best way to ever support a soldier, is to give him a Constitution, read it to him, send him to class to learn more about it. He likely is a solid guy, and when once he learns of the duplicity, he will become a terrible agent of change to support the foundation of liberty you have so earnestly supported.

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 01:06 PM
reply to post by sakokrap

I forget where I read it,
"The indoctrinated can be forgiven for they can be shown the error of their ways and do good, the indoctrinator cannot be forgiven for they know the error of their ways yet do no good.":

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 01:08 PM
reply to post by lernmore

On Veterans Day, I believe your care packages would be better directed to the silent soldiers who have fallen without any fanfare or notice. Namely, those like Irwin Schiff or Ed Brown. The hungry scared mothers who took up arms to defend their children in Waco. The soldiers aplenty who never wore a uniform, or served at the beck and call of the DoD.

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 01:58 PM
reply to post by sakokrap

We are of the same family, fought and lived for our country, although I truthfully respect your point of view, I do not completely share it. Thank you for your service, thank you for being an all out true person to yourself and keeping the path that is good for you and brings peace to others but I will continue to fight where you have you have chosen to stop.

Be at peace my brother, you have done and continue to do well!

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 08:20 PM
The ones that joined are either naive/brainwashed or simply had to out of financial reasons. You can't blame them for neither. The ones that start wars in our era are the ones seeking gains for a few, instead of the many. They will brainwash the masses into joining their "wars" for "freedom, democracy and patriotism" when really it is none of these.

Patriotism, freedom and democracy were last exemplified in the second world war. The wars beyond that have been for self-gain for the few. Heck, I woud respect the politicians more if they chose conquest of other nations officially, no lies. I would not mind life under a one world government that was fought for. The benefits are unimaginable (or the horrors too, risky but a solution)

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 08:37 PM
As a service member who joined post 9/11 I would just like to put this out there. I did not join in support of iraq or afghanistan but when I deploy next year I will not complain. I personally do not support either wars, but as a soldier it is my duty to go where I am told. I joined the army for a couple of reasons; to grow up before I invest thousands in college, to be americas first line of defense incase we get in a legit war, because it runs in the family, for the expirence, and most importantly because americans like me make it possible to maintane a completely voluntary military. I chose to take the risk so that my family and loved ones that do not want to do not have too. I do not care what your stance on war/military is but just please remember that because there are americans like myself(regardless of the persons background) YOU have the choice to Not be in the military. Even in a time of peace a standing military is needed. I am by no means asking for support or care packages, trust me I get enough from family/friends. Just don't hate on military, america woulnd't be a 10% of what it is today without us.

For the record most military do not care what the public opinion of us is, we will always have our fellow soldiers/family/friends for support. BUT damn after all the bull sh** we go through it sure is nice to recieve a random act of kindness from a person we have never met.

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 08:59 PM
reply to post by Feltrick

Well said...I guess it's the same as saying you hate rap music because of it's content but you support free speech...I think most folks would agree that the bulk of the soldiers don't want to be there but they still need our support and although we don't agree with their mission it's the government who has put them in this position. Technically we should be saying we support the troops but not the government...

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 09:10 PM

Originally posted by Annee
I live near a Marine base. Most military personnel are basically children IMO. Most come from poverty areas and/or low income families - - and look to the military as a way out. Often with promises of education and other "carrots". Some of the methods 'some' recruiters use are outrages lies.

Well, didn't take long before the "Troops are stupid and poor" comment crops up.

Yeah, right. Ever sit down and talk to some of the Marines? Yep, they are young and "dumb", like 99% of the college students I've run in to.

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