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FSB says Caucasus Emirate is behind the attempt of military uprising in Moscow

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posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 12:58 AM
just another propaganda tool ,to help to start paving the road to the down fall of chechnya ,it is really hard to explain my words here , if you read all the past threads i have done on this subject you will see what i am talking about

Italian Communist newspaper Il Manifesto posted an article on Nov. 5 about the preparation for a military uprising in Moscow.

On December 9, after the cowardly Russian military refused to conduct the coup, the article was reprinted in slightly censored Russian translation by the KGB portal InoSMI in Moscow. Italian Communists write:

"November 7, coup in Moscow?

For several days, websites close to groups of Caucasian separatists, such as Kavkaz Center, insistantly report on the news, apparently well supported by documents and public statements, of an imminent coup in Russia.

This coup should take place on November 7, the 93rd anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution, and is aimed first of all on the elimination of the Russian secret police (FSB) and its leader Putin.

The organizer and leader of the operation is supposed to be the retired general Vladislav Achalov, an author of a public video appeal, posted on the Internet.

He urged for a mass demonstration at noon on Sunday, November 7, at the Museum of the Great Patriotic War on the Poklonnaya Gora (the "Hill of the Bows"), on the south-western outskirts of Moscow.

The event, to which veterans and young activists are explicitly invited, should be joined the paratroopers and other military unions and former servicemen, with a total of "at least ten thousand men". They should demand the removal of the Defense Minister Serdyukov and, in case president Medvedev does not consent to the demand immediately, to use force to take over the Kremlin.

The event-coup was already supported by organizations of Cossacks, as reported by other Russian media, for example by the website MR7. Major Russian news organizations keep absolute silence on the matter, however - either because the threats from Achalov seem to come out of a mental hospital, or, on the contrary, because they cause some serious concern about his ability for carrying out this action.

The rumors are very detailed: they also refer to a complex secret operation of the FSB to nip in the bud the alleged, hypothetical mutiny of the military.

Two retired generals, Gregory Dubrov of the Air Defense (former commander of the radio engineering troops) and Boris Debashvili of the Joint Staff (Defense Ministry), were killed last week under mysterious circumstances, while another general, Vladimir Shamanov, commander of airborne troops (an officer well known and popular for his past in Chechnya) nearly escaped death in an obscure road accident which caused a sensation throughout the country.

What is not clear - why do they give much publicity to a coup which, by its nature, has to be secret? - Is the answer that the military is very serious in its plans?

It has ben long known that Minister Serdyukov, who is known as a former furniture salesman, is unpopular among the high rank military. He has been promoting over many years a reform, setting aside thousands generals and severely cutting in the number officers, which, of course, can cause violent protests and discontent.

But at the core of the allegations of Achalov and his Union of paratroopers, the hostility towards the FSB is so fierce that he calls upon the soldiers to "kill these rabid dogs" and even is resorting to advice and words of an obscure character like Sergei Melnikoff, who plays the enemy of all: he is a Russian moved to Florida, and was already used by the Americans as an adviser alongside the Afghan Mujahideen who fought against Soviet forces.

And finally, moreover, the fact that the Caucasian Islamic guerrillas are ready to support with sympathy the alleged coup attempt should give rise to even more suspicion". End of the article.

It is to be noted that during the whole week proceeding November 7, Internet blogs of FSB agents in Russia persistently wrote that Russian Democrats, Nationalists, the US and the Kavkaz Center (they are strictly forbidden to write about the existence of the Caucasus Emirate) are behind the planned coup.

In our personal opinion which we refrained to report earlier, preferring to give only factual information about the impending coup, without comment, in order to do no harm, the coup was planned within the framework of Perestroika-2 on the model of "defending the White House" in August 1991, during the Perestroika-1.

The meanness and cowardice of Soviet-area generals and officers was taken into account, of course, but not to such an extent that has been manifested by them on November 7. Whatever it was, the problem is not closed and there'll be certainly a continuation with a coup, probably, somewhere in a Russian province this time.

Obviously, if the military uprising succeeded, then literally everyone, except for the KGB, would have only benefited from it. No one was going to leave any FSB man alive, so they, too, strictly formally, would not to loose anything, because they simply would not exist. And there are no complaints from nothing. Most important, common people would have benefited.

Pro-Communist rhetorics of the military leaders of the uprising should not embarrass anyone. Military coups, in contrast to the KGB coups, are carried out in order to hand over the power to a civilian government at a later stage.

It is to be mentioned in this connection that the KGB, apparently, went too far, in executing the generals and arranging accidents to them before November 7 in order to prevent the coup. Russian generals, as history and experience show, are absolutely spineless cattle, which, after a well-known suppression of the Strelets Rebellion in the 17th century, never regained bravery.

A shy attempt of the Decembrists in 1825 to claim authority only proved that Russian officers were objectively incapable of anything, except for slavish serving to their masters.

A couple of words about the Italian Communist newspaper Il Manifesto should be told. Western Communists were, and remain direct agents of the FSB (the typical ideological character is a Putin's Finnish pope Molari, about whom we write much, and his henchman Tammi - an open Communist. Communists, as the agents of Moscow, now changed their name to Socialists, as a rule).

As in the era of the USSR, the FSB is funding in Communist newspapers in the West in order, among other things, to reprint what they write inside Russia, referring to them for Russian audience as independent sources and never mentioning that they are Communist newspapers, as in this case.

It means that the authors of the article in Il Manifesto were not Italians, but the Russian FSB (KGB).

It is curious that the KGB dared to reprint this small article, dated November 5, from the Italian Communist newspaper only on November 9. This confirms that the conspiracy was REAL and that the FSB was really scared.

The KGB really killed two generals plus the former Russian Prime Minister Chernomyrdin and wounded two senior military officials.

Shamanov's driver was also killed or rather finished off ,since in car accidents, a driver usually dies not so often as passengers because he instinctively taxis out, trying to divert the blow from himself.

It is to be mentioned that despite full faintness, there are sometimes people among the Russian military, who, while not capable for large-scale action, can take revenge out of hopelessness.

It is therefore not excluded that retaliatory killings of KGB officers may follow the murders of the army generals. Stay tuned. Although it is unlikely that any media outlets will report about them. In Russia, they are all controlled by the FSB. [/quote/]

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