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Emotional IQ is Nine times stronger than Physical IQ

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posted on Nov, 9 2010 @ 06:09 PM
Life is what we all have in common. Our spirit of Mind, Heart & Soul can accomplish amazing results if we are positive in our direction to others and ourselves. We are spirits in learning, fighting negative aspects of life with our emotional IQ. This is the wisdom of the supernatural.

Look at our emotional IQ as water, it brings life to everything on earth. It is the creator of all! Earth is known as female for this purpose. Mother nature has commenced life for all natural beings on earth. Our internal bodys consist of 90% water. Our element of positive spirit.

Our life span creates wisdom for the afterlife, to live for ever helping individuals or species in there development in life.

The natural and the supernatural are combined if we open our minds and hearts to the concept of afterlife.

Physical IQ was formed through the sun which is known as male. Time was formed by sun worship. Everything external in life is Fuel, Heat & Oxygen. All living things from plants, animals and mankind consist of this. These elements create Fire. Physical IQ has helped mankind excel to todays day and age but this would not have been possible without our Emotional or spiritual IQ in how we deal with the negative aspects of life. We all have supported each other to get here today.

Faith, Love, Respect, Kindness and Hope seem to be lacking in todays society. Lets act as one to be as one.

The best of life is yet to come.
Soon we will all be as one.
This will come with a fight.
But with all your might look into the light.


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