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TA-ANALYSIS: Interview: The Life of a Terrorist, and His Involvement With the Execution of a Hostage

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posted on Jun, 29 2004 @ 01:43 PM
The highly educated Arab militant, being an university graduate and fluent in French and Italian, described how his skills in computers and his fluency of two European languages are highly priced assets by many radical Muslim cells. As he removed aerial photographs from a wall, mentioning that he obtained them by hacking into a US military database in Iraq, and stacks of laptops which were taken from dead American vehicles to check for intelligence, he continued his story. In part the story he was relating was intriguing and shocking, as he mentioned from betrayals by members of the militant groups and how they chose the hostages they would take and execute.

Confession of Iraqi militant who filmed western hostage's death

A university graduate aged 27 and fluent in French and Italian, he came to Iraq from another Arab country -- he refused to say which -- to fight. He arrived before the war and left after the fall of Baghdad, returning several months later to join the resistance.

Until September 11, he said, he had been a normal student who drank alcohol and enjoyed women. He had even made a little money from selling drugs. Then he heard an interview with Usama Bin Ladin and joined the jihad.

"Would you like to know what happened to him?" the Sunni militant asked with a polite smile. "I filmed him as he was executed."

The smile vanished as the fighter, who gave his name as Abu Yussuf, began his story of mayhem and murder with the latest twist, an act of treachery by a member of the group that killed Quattrocchi.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Abu Yussuf parents opposed his involvement in jihad as it is mentioned in the interview. This interview can show us that many of these insurgents, had lived regular lives but decided to leave that life of complacency, for a life of violence. This is not probably the case for all radical militants, but this interview can show us that many of these people have chosen this life, that it was not imposed on them.

(The original interview can be obtained at the following link. You have to be a subscriber to the London Times Online, but it is a free subscription.

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posted on Jun, 29 2004 @ 09:54 PM
What a find. Chilling.

posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 09:50 AM
Wow, the god they serve is full of love, grace, and mercy. It sounds like it's written all over his face. YEAH RIGHT, I don't think so. Just another clown riding the coat tails of some seriously mislead people straight into their worst conceivable nightmare.

posted on Jun, 30 2004 @ 10:40 AM
After reading this and realizing the coldness of this man and his fellow criminals we will not see peace there or anywhere else until all of them are dead.

If they align with any of the terror organizations, we should kill them. They have no problem with doing the same to us.

Time for all the peace loving hippies to shut up and let our military do the job. Whether it is Bush or Kerry leading our military, it is obvious these terrorist will not stop until either we are dead or they are. I vote for them.

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