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TO ALL HUMANS, the time has come to take back our world! FULL DISCLOSURE!

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posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 02:29 AM
Well, answer me this. Who says you're not a reptilian or wtv the hell you name it yourself? You say that they are peaceful but yet dangerous, what's that supposed to mean? Are they gonna kill you or make love to you?

Plus, how can you identify someone as being a reptilian? Should I be worried, could I be a bread of some kind and actually not come out of my mom's womb? Damn, I'm gonna have to get a DNA check now...


posted on Nov, 20 2010 @ 11:15 PM
The author of this thread leads us to believe that he is one of which we need to fear, at least that is how I take it. I'm writing a novel, and the reptilians who I call the Draconians who resorted to the Alpha-Draconis system are of no threat right now...but as the story goes based on countless items on the net, they will return someday. Carrying on with the same model, the Grey's are actually pawns of this race, preprogrammed to perform a set of tasks so that everything is in place upon their return. Going into more detail, the grey are clones with preprogramming put in place by the draconians. Eventually they will fulfill this purpose, and when they do the Grey will fail to exist so that the dracs can take their rightful place. These dracs have a special interest in earth, not sure yet what it is but whatever it may be, humans are forbidden to leave its solar system. Why is this? Is it because humans are so much like the Dracs that we may pose a threat to their plans? If so, why were we left alive to begin with? I suppose it is possible that we are here to protect mother earth until they arrive, at which time like the Grey we will also seize to be. Time will tell I suppose, but in either case its material worth publishing until the time comes.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 06:07 AM
This thread has now been retarded, even more so then when it was created. I'm done here.

Dear OP, about 0.1% of "ALL HUMANS" have come to this thread and thought it was horse raddish. Goodbye.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 09:32 AM
reply to post by awake_and_aware

Everyone has a right to speak their mind. They can even use words that disparage handicapped individuals and get away with it. It is still a free country. Yet for some idiosyncratic reason this bothers you intently. This is exactly the way deception operates. Disclosure requires coming forward with here to fore unbelievable and disregarded facts. To squelch any person speaking in an open forum is unreaonable when you expect to have your say in all the issues important touyou.
You can begin any thread you like (almost) and to come here for the sole purpose of deriding this thread gratuitously, without providing any context or reference is unreasonable and antagonistic.

I have found many people in agreement with the OP in one way or another. He has a great deal of support so - not only are you proving you are insensitive, unreasonable and antagonistic... you cannot count.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 05:59 PM
This is what I mean...

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 06:55 PM
reply to post by xiphias

Your posts were awesome. Thanks for spilling the beans, it was entertaining while it lasted.

posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 09:15 PM
Ok I am back, sorry for the delay, but when I came back from holiday yesterday my computer had crashed, I have only just got it working again. It's just more proof on being careful on what you focus upon. Before I left, i had a feeling my computer would not work when I got back, and well, this is what focus does.

Now it seems there is a few good questions and I will answer them, but there is also questions that I have already answered. So for those who only read what they want to read, I will put all of my writings that you should be listening to into one big quote for you, I do not think I can make it any more simple for you. By doing this, I will be doing your homework for you, and give you all the answers. For those that have been paying attention to the important things I am writing I am very proud of you, You have truly become a conscious person. I will go through all the questions and only answer the important ones, with a bit more detail. But for the others your answers should all be in the quote, if you are reading it correctly. Here is everything you should be paying attention too with my words.

Important Quote's from what I have said.

First of all, names are not really important. Believe What You Believe in, Because In The End, This Is What Will Keep You Strong. My second rule is Question Everything. I am only human just like yourselves. but also realized there was no god or devil. I always listen to my heart and intuition. I love to listen to every persons opinion whether it be right or wrong and never judge those, as we are all trying to figure out answers for WHY? And no one should be put down because of there beliefs. I am a firm believer of love and peace in the world. What we all forget to realize is that the universe is infinite. I do not know all the answers, as no one does. I also still continue to learn more as each moment of existence passes. I have notice some very intelligent minds out there. But you people need to at least open your mind a little, as there is deeper meanings behind what I say also. I do not know why I know, but what I have noticed is if you ask for certain things in life, you just might receive it. You probably have heard the saying, be careful what you wish for? Patient's is a big key to everything in life. I don't think my mind can determine whether it was real or not. Now this is not usually my area to give messages, especially not on a computer. I am more of a face to face person, this way people can see the honesty in my eyes, of what I tell them, So this is highly unorthodox for me to do such a thing. I have never had anything to hide from any one, And always tell people the things that come from the heart and intuition. I have learned to live thought what my heart and intuition always tells me, and never to this day, has it led me astray. Now to begin with the message I have received, it does not matter whether you believe in my words or not, it is merely your choice to take what I have to say as real or not. bare with me as the energy within all will be taking over from now. All humans on this planet have been monitored for a very long time now. This includes all of our actions and even our thoughts. They do not judge any of our thoughts, as our thoughts are their thoughts, and the energies thoughts. and the main message is that, all humans are going to have to work together as a team, if we wish to see it through. We must learn to HELP ALL through the tough times ahead. Our creators do very little to show them selves to the humans, and have always used telepathy to communicate with certain humans on the planet. But will never show themselves, as the person(s) will fully understand, that they need no proof of there existence, they just know within there heart and intuition that they are their. They did try to inter fear Quite some time ago, and this cause major problems among the people, you will know these as you prophets. They never predicted any future events, They merely told of event's that could possibly happen if we chose particular paths. The future can never be foretold, as the future can always changed. I am here to help all you humans right now. These beings are peaceful but dangerous also. and pulling the wool over us humans. NO MORE, they are realizing us humans are waking up to what is going on. This is your wake up call. No technology can over power our SPIRIT. Humans I am asking you to believe in your self, The spirit in side us has more power than they can ever posses. Do not fear them, that is the illusion they have bestowed upon you, you are almighty divine beings. you know deep down inside your selves you have this power of love. We can stop all this from happening if you wake up and realize what is going on around you. So do not threaten them, mingle in so to speak, they will leave you alone. Do not let them get into your mind and tell you otherwise. and only we can save our selves. Humans this is your disclosure, believe it to be true within your heart, you know what I am saying is true. See I can even play you little mind games too, your not the only ones. We humans are mighty, we are brave, we are invincible, use the spirit in you to feel these words are true. TRUST NO ONE, they are every where, they will try there hardest to distract you, even using there women against you, knowing that this is mans weakest emotion, do not fall for it please. May all your spirits be strong, With all my spirit connected to yours, I am passing my strength to you all right now. You heart is beginning to feel, more at ease, you know you have the power, believe in your self, that's all it takes to rid of them. See one thing I have learned from everyone, is that people only see what they want to see. First what is the consciousness? I will give you my answer what it is, in case you do not know. The consciousness is the awareness of being aware. When you notice yourself noticing something, this is when you have just experienced your consciousness. What we focus on the most in our lives is what the consciousness becomes aware of. So for example, if I were to focus on aliens, and aliens only, then I will start seeing aliens. my focus is now on what is behind what I am focusing on. Now what I will say next is going to be you choice on what you want to do. And ask you people whether you want to hear what I have got to say or not? I will tel you though, for some of you it will come quite a shock, but some of you will already have a feeling of knowing this. Before we begin I have to ask any one of you who do not wish to have your mind opened to NOT CONTINUE reading Please. I am not saying this to tempt you to keep reading, but you need to understand that not every ones mind is ready for what I am about to tell you. I am sorry for using the methods I have had to use, but no one understands the things that is going on right now, and all this deception I have had to use to get this out has been harder than you can imagine. I finally realized that I needed people's permission to do this. All disclosure means is becoming aware of the unknown, that's it. Now my self, I do not follow any calender or time much at all, only when it is time to pick my kids up from school, and that's it. Any way if you choose to follow any calender, I highly recommend using the Tzolkin. So in a sense because we have made these programs now, the computer is becoming aware of what we want it to do. Right now we are living inside a program. Your true body is immortal, and can never age or die, unless you want to of course, but then this is your choice. As like every thing in life we must past a series of tests, as harsh as the test may be, it must be learned so that you never go there again. If we do get into the forth density, and start doing what is happening in this third density, we will be either killed or put back into the program again. Depending on how many da'javu's you have experienced in this third density is roughly how many times you have repeated this program. If you have had none as of yet, then this might be your first time. You actually have no soul, but you do have a spirit. This third density you can not die, and if you have not learned the lesson you were suppose to, then you will either start the same program again or a new one. See there are many programs in all different time zones, depending on the lesson you must learn. This has made you think that re-incarnation and the soul exist. Resurrection exits in the fourth density, by cloning the body and replacing the memory. But here in the third density you only get to be placed in a program, until your lesson has been learned. Now the spirit, these are 2 different things. This spirit I speak of is, the spirit to survive. That's all the spirit really is. This is what life in general is all about, time is not important, only survival is important. This program is the final level in the program, but when the time has come and the beings on the fourth density see by your actions and thoughts that you have been cured, then you will be released back into the fourth density, where a whole new life awaits you. We all have the child like mind again, and we start to learn all the new things which awaits us. I will tell you though if you put the matrix and star wars together, then you have the answers you seek.
I have every thing I want in this third density, the question is have you? And if you have not, then why? It all goes by the choices we make in our lives to get us where we want. Right now my mission is to help people, and right now I am helping you far greater than any of you can imagine. you are in control of you destiny. remember you are not in control of the program, but the program has control over you. There is only alpha and omega with in the program. this third density is only what you make it. Now the program does not know about good and bad, you must keep this in mind. This is something, that the mind has created, as we are pro creators within this program. now all love is, is a chemical reaction. it just depends on what you focus on the most, for it to happen. As I will be focusing more now on living my life to the fullest, I suggest you do the same, whether it be good or bad is completely up to you. All you need to do now, is every bit of information you read and watch from now on, is to not just read and watch it, but when you read and watch this information, is to look from above to below, and then you will have a higher understanding of what you are reading and watching. Never look below to above, other wise you will never learn to think out side the box, the trick is to look at things from out side the box inward. I am not here for popularity, if I really wanted popularity, I would of become a famous Disc Jockey, as I have been offered twice in my life, and refused both time's. Music is the ultimate key to any ones mind. Be careful of the one you name Satan, he is one and many and only there to tempt you into following his ways not your own. Follow your own intuition, and it will never lead you astray. It is probably not what you expected, But what did you really expect, for me to talk about aliens and ufos, That all comes after you have figured out yourself first. do not come in saying this is bull, because you will be ignored, and you were told not to read this, and it is only your mind refusing what has been said. It's all about Keeping a open mind.

Now there you have everything that is important in everything I have said within all my threads. If you still choose not to listen, then this is your choice of course, and you will most likely never figure it out. Before I answer the important questions, even from the other thread, and I will post this on both threads. I will give you a final bit of info from me. How do you know for sure you are being controlled by people?
When you are a predictable person, that every one around you knows what you are going to do, before you do it. Then you are being controlled by society, and everything around you. when you become a unpredictable person, this is when you have full control of your self, because know one knows what you are going to do next. And this is what It means to become a free spirit. Don't forget we are only human after all, if we do not follow our intuition and heart, we are not fully free. To be unpredictable is to be a human. All these people that are around you now, You should know who the ones that love control and those who love for you to be free. The choice is yours to make on which one you want to follow. Now men and women are control freaks, and most women are worse than men. Now you may think that is sexiest, but is is not. What you forget to realize, that women use to be treated as slaves, and it was for this very reason on why this had happened. I am so proud of all the women out there that have gotten where they have today, to become equal again. And a lot of women have fought to get you where you are today. So to the women that think this is sexiest, maybe it's time you show some respect to those who fought for your equality, and stop trying to blow it again for those women that love it this way, being able to be treated as a equal. And these are the women that have my full respect and love. Another thing on focus. One person who focuses upon one thing, can change his or her own destiny. If one million people can focus on the same thing at any time, they can change the world. Think about it. Which way do you want the world to go. You have the choice to either end all this war and famine and disease. Or you can choose to do the opposite, it is all of our choices. I am making my choice to stick to the positive side of things, which one are you choosing? The more negative you focus upon, the more negative will happen, and this is the same for positive.

I have taught a lot of you a very valuable lesson, And that is, I can get along with every one, as most of you have noticed on here, but this goes in my life with face to face contact as well. I see no need to retaliate to people with negative thoughts, and support any one who is being honest, and take no offense to anything any one says. Until every one can learn to do this, then we can move into a more peaceful world with out violence controlling it. For example, My best friend in the world can pay me out and say anything he wishes too, and I take no offense to what he says, unless it becomes a action, which he has never done. And I also do the same to him, where I can say anything and he takes no offense, and of course I do not act upon it. Now we have been friend for 17 years, and as he is older than I, and more my mums ages, he has even married my mum. So now he is not only my best friend but also my step dad. So you see, in the end its all about learned to except differences and respect every ones opinion whether it is right or wrong. Who ever told you that your opinion is right? No one and you should never think that yours is right. The only thing you can trust in life is your heart and intuition, not the mind. So in other words, trust no one, as any one can change there mind within a moment. Yes this even includes me, as some one has stated, and is very wise to do such a thing. Every one I know says they can not trust politicians, why is this? Because as much as a politicians promise all these good things they want to do. In the end they can never please everyone, no matter how hard they try. So you see there is always a method to someones madness, Mine has always been using reverse physiology to get people to do what you want them to do. See I can control too, the only difference is that I am trying to get people to turn to the positive love instead of negative violence. I believe that positive love is far greater than any one can imagine, so if I choose to control people I will always go for the positive. Now to answer a few important questions that have not been answered from above.

Have you read the rules and regulations on ATS?
Making threads , about your other threads, is not a good way to "spread" your message

No, for one simple reason, only you follow rules from programs, I do not follow any rules from a program, I only follow my own rules. This is the only way for one to be free and not be controlled.

The question i have for you is what do you do if you are aware that you are aware that you are aware?

This is a great question, and if any one can answer it for me, let me know.

Seriously. Because you beat someone at darts you think they're reptilian?

What do you perceive a reptilian to be, I perceive them to be a person who likes to control others, that's it. You might know them as control freaks, But there is still no reason we can not get along with them, Like I said he is my best friend and even my step dad. I just choose not to let him control me, even though he does try hard to do so

So two people who want to have a baby but can't are not connected to the program? What I expect to hear: NO, THEIR BROKEN!

No they are still connected to the program, they have come into the program with a specific task, and one is obviously not to have children, But most still do, through adoption. Which is maybe the task they were set to do, taking care of others and not there own.

Oh man, you really are something!!! come on, did you really have children just to check if your "experience" would work???do your children even know they were conceived because you wanted to test your "experience"???

No we had children because we wanted children, you must have misunderstood something there? we did not have children for quite a while, so we did not just jump into it. We both had to be in agreement of having a child and then children first. And yes my children know that we wanted all of them and love them all very much.

THE KEY. All you need to do now, is every bit of information you read and watch from now on, is to not just read and watch it, but when you read and watch this information, is to look from above to below, and then you will have a higher understanding of what you are reading and watching. Never look below to above, other wise you will never learn to think out side the box, the trick is to look at things from out side the box inward I'd like you to elaborate a little more on this subject, please.

The best thing to do is try not to miss the important parts of what some one is saying, and not to focus on everything, only because a lot of what people say, has really no meaning to it. Just pick up on the key points, which is mainly what the person is really trying to say. Take the prophets for instance, even though they never really predict much at all, and occasionally get one of there predictions to come true, It was never intended for it to come true, but because of people's paths they have chose, made his or her prediction to come true. So in a sense we are making there predictions to come true, not them predicting the future. But if you read what they are saying, by taking out all the rubbish, you will see that a lot of them were trying to get people to not head down that particular path, and if we did, these events will take places. So always focus on key points within peoples words.

Now onto the original topic, the reptilians. I have also came into contact with a group of these species, let alone i was dating one of them. The reason they had chose me I am still unsure of, but they were telling me that I was a decedent of christ( or in the bloodline or something). From what I understand they use drugs for a gateway to your soul or your inner being, I believe acid is the most effective. At one moment I had came to a crossroad, to use either negative or positive energy. At this moment they were trying to hone so much negative energy out of me( self-pity, excuses, and the easy way out) to create something. I believe it was to create the anti-Christ, or to jump start; hell-on-earth, WW3, The holy war. But at that moment I was able to turn all of that negative into a positive, and to say the least they were not happy at all. Actually most of them packed at that very moment and left the house. These things were in human form but had different bone structure it seemed like, there hips were more out and apart than normal. Now they had ties in the GDF, which is a bad crowd as is. But i believe that is their cover, also their form of income(Drug import and export). Now I have a question does 1-13 or 13-1 mean anything to you, because it certainly did to them. I have researched this and it is connected to the 2012 predictions, gravity flip and the addition of another zodiac. According to astrologial principles, the Sun travels from the constellation Scorpius and goes directly into the sign of Sagittarius, but due to the constant motion of the cosmos, the Sun enters, for a few days of the year, the star constellation 'Ophiuchus' before entering Sagittarius from Scorpius, thus creating astrologically the birth of a thirteenth sign of the Zodiac, which is named as Ophiuchus the Serpent Holder. The constellation of Ophiuchus is the only sign of the Zodiac which is linked to a real man. This man lived in ancient Egypt around the 27th century BC, and his name was Imhotep. The attributes of Imhotep can also be found in the Biblical Hebrew man Joseph, son of Jacob.. Imhotep is credited with many accomplishments including the knowledge and use of medicine. It is said of Imhotep that he brought the art of healing to mankind.The symbol of a serpent, which is still widely used today to represent the medical profession, was used to represent Imhotep. Imhotep was also known as 'Aesclepius' to the ancient Greeks. Now is it just a coincidence that the serpent is a reptile? Hell no it isn't!!!!

Now myself am not very familiar on Imotep and the zodiac, so i can not really comment to much on that stuff. But as for the reptilians, I have a very different view what a reptilian is. See as I stated they are just people like you and me, That's it, these people I call reptilians within the last thread, are people that like to control others. Now if you read it again with this in mind, By removing the reptilian metaphor, and see it as the people that like to control things, It might make a lot more sense. I would like to learn more of this Imhotep besides what I have seen from the mummy movies, so If you could point me onto the right site to look at, It would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

How can you expect us to believe you now when you mislead us with your previous thread? • Your opening post to this thread: posted on 11/8/10 @ 11:39 PM I will be back in 24 hours, to see your responses. However, you came back 20 hours and 21 minutes later, instead of 24 hours. posted on 11/9/10 @ 08:00 PM Any significance to this or am I nitpicking too much?

Exactly, I am teaching all people not to trust what any one says, but to follow your own intuition and heart
As for the time thing, I do not follow time and calenders so sorry for the post being early
So yes to your last question

This sounds like the practice called "sex magic", often used to create not only babies, but whatever you want in life. Now, I always had this question and no one ever answered me. What if your partner don't care, don't believe or just don't think about it at all? Will it work anyway, with only one "creative force" focusing instead of two? That is, if you believe this can be used to create things other than babies...

Yes, one can create a baby with out the partner not believing or even thinking about it. But It is not recommended, in my world. Only because this can lead to the child not being wanted by who ever did not want the child, and that is not a very nice thing to put onto any child, and yes the child will sense this when they get older. They are smarter that most can imagine. And yes this works for anything in life, It was only set as an example. As I have stated above, one can focus on anything they want to, to control there destiny, but one million people focusing on one thing can change the world. So in a sense 2 focusing on one thing is better than one.

i read your last thread from start to end and i read this one theres something i can relate to but also have seen a times in site ( after years of surfing in this site im sorry to say that its in down road at it very good but its becoming full of crap bcoz people are so stupid or or i dont what) i think can i relate to of the things u wrote but somethings u said here i think crap no ofense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but keep it up!

No offense taken
I am glad you took out the crap, but I have now made it even easier for those who can not do such a thing, by taking out all the important stuff and put it above.

How many people are here in the 3rd density? The near 7 billion people of earth? Or do many of those people not really exist? Have they all been booted out of the 4th density? Is the 4th density heaven? Do most of one's friends and family not really exist in the 3rd density? Are they programs or are they popping in from the 4th density to visit their less evolved friend or family member? When someone a friend knows dies from doing something stupid whose life wasn't in a good place, are they being put into a new program? Is there any point in trying to make things, the replicator for example (or a much cruder version anyway), in this world that might seem like it would make the world a far better place, or is the whole point spiritual evolution so you can make it back into the 4th density? From what you are saying it sounds like much of this world is an illusion, a program, so trying to make gadgets that would make the world a better place (provide the basic necessities for everyone) is in actuality pointless as the world is as it is for a reason, that for each individual the world is as it is supposed to be, it is their personal program.

I will answer you questions in numbers.
1. 6.8 billion
2. yes
3. No they all exist
4. yes or even a higher density
5. no, just a much better position to be in, heaven is when we have completed all tests, try not to focus on this though, patience is the real key to life.
6. No they all exist
7. The only ones who do this, are what you know as angels or even ghosts
8. it only depends on if they have learned there lesson before moving on
9. Yes it is highly important, this 3rd density will continue on no matter what. In what way you wish to leave the 3rd density is up to you, In other words if you wish to leave it in the state it is, or will you improve it before you leave? There are many programs, this one will keep running until someone can destroy it. But then will be replace by another.
10. what the illusion really is, is that everything around you, as in possessions and material things, They are the illusions to distract you from your true purpose of being here. That is apart of the test, to see if can can see past all of the distractions to do what it is you were meant to be doing. So yes you are in control of your environment you are within right now. It's up to you if you want things to change or not.

Thank you all for your reply's, I will not be on here very much any more, as my message has been passed on, I will check in from time to time, to answer any questions you may have. For those who love to keep the negative control going, by all means keep doing this. For all those who like to continue the positive control, by all means keep doing so. I think you know the one I will continue spreading by word of mouth and the internet, As I am one with the positive energy, a observer of life. Take very good care all of you

Love and peace to each and every one of you


posted on Nov, 21 2010 @ 09:26 PM
reply to post by keepingaopenmind
I see no harm in what you are doing, at least you are not on the street doing harm to people or trying to swindle money from us. But for the record, I would like to say that, "I don't believe a word you say". However like I said there are worse off things you could be doing with your time. I have seen many others speak in the same vernacular and choice words and I have seen many of them banned as it was proven to be hoax or out right lie.
There is no need to convince me otherwise, since I have read, dismissed, commented and am moving on to more pressing issues. Have a great day and good luck keeping your story straight and convincing the lesser wise. Pea's Out!

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 02:41 AM
Just an input to that 131 or 113 earlier mentioned (don´t even know if anyone still reads this thread - hope so)
I keep seeing 141 a lot... 114 1.41 so on...
Made me ponder...
I don´t really know if I subsribe to this deal about a harvest or a great change coming, I guess I do, just trying to keep an open mind how it´s gonna all play out...
131 - could symbolize numerical the great change (1 being divine will, sudden change, 3 being the staying in this world controlled by physics, emotions and lower mental aspects - the aspect of change where we hang on to our fear and thus our limitations)
141 - symbolize the change, the leap into future where the higher mental/soul aspect are added to the equation

Just my thoughts, sometimes when meditating I have had this sort of contact to a group of people (most yet ´sleeping´ in the 3 dimensional world, this group might be supposed to play an importent role in great change (if this even is happening)...
Would like some comments on this

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 09:38 PM
reply to post by laffoe

Numbers have more to do with life than most can imagine, As I have posted on the second part to this thread. Usually most numbers have to do with the individual them selves, as we are all a number, even on this world, and the universe, and other universe. Which is why maths is the universal language. Myself do not get into to much details with numbers, because we can all sit down and go through them, but in the end, to what means? Unless you want to become a mathematician or something, or maybe you want to figure out more by using numbers and stars, astrology. But other from that its pointless to worry about, and best to go on with life not worrying about it. But the choice is yours of course.

Love and peace


posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 09:40 PM

Originally posted by cluckerspud
reply to post by keepingaopenmind
I see no harm in what you are doing, at least you are not on the street doing harm to people or trying to swindle money from us. But for the record, I would like to say that, "I don't believe a word you say". However like I said there are worse off things you could be doing with your time. I have seen many others speak in the same vernacular and choice words and I have seen many of them banned as it was proven to be hoax or out right lie.
There is no need to convince me otherwise, since I have read, dismissed, commented and am moving on to more pressing issues. Have a great day and good luck keeping your story straight and convincing the lesser wise. Pea's Out!

Well at least some of you are getting the idea now. Thanks for using your honesty
And take good care

Love and peace

posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 02:09 AM

Originally posted by awake_and_aware
This thread has now been retarded, even more so then when it was created. I'm done here.

Dear OP, about 0.1% of "ALL HUMANS" have come to this thread and thought it was horse raddish. Goodbye.

Big ups to you! Horse raddish, hilarious, but SOO true :-)

posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 02:19 AM
well obviously this guy has taken to much acid haha. i do believe the government is preparing to tell us that their is extraterrestrial life and that we have been in contact with them for many years but i dont think they have been living among us i mean come on man thats just a little crazy. but in order to save our world we need more people to pass the acid test. CAN YOU PASS THE ACID TEST?

posted on Dec, 4 2010 @ 06:43 PM
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lol, You obviously did not read much into it, Because if you had,you would have realized it was a merely a test, to see who can read between the lines. It's only about control, and who has it. Nothing to do with reptilians. Think of the reptilians as being control freaks and not reptilians, then the story might make a little sense. Or if you are game, go check out part 2 to this thread.

Take good care.

Love and peace


posted on Dec, 5 2010 @ 10:13 PM
We got warm blooded creatures on this planet, yes. We got cold blooded creatures on this planet, yes. Though I believe life is probably common in the universe, Earth is a unique place, it can support both warm and cold blooded life forms. Our world was seeded with cold blooded life forms of a reptile origin, so I cannot cast any doubt on the thread creator any more than I can on the enormous theories out there. With all the billions of stars out there, we simply cannot be the only ones alive, simple math tells us that. But maybe earth is special, not just that it can hold life but it can support many different types of life. I for one cannot deny or confirm anything stated in this thread. Is there life out there...probably. Is there life on this planet...of course. Is life out there sharing this planet...I don't know. Has life from out there ever visited this planet....PROBABLY, not saying it is now, but considering the distance in time, it could be. I still can't figure out who built the pyramids, nobody can. But, when I look at the things drawn upon those walls, with no sign of torches being used...I cannot confirm nor deny the potential. Basically, our present and future is only to be known by a past that we have not of yet to have been able to figure out. I try to be a person of logic and understanding, but when science can't confirm something I have no choice but to seek other answers. I've spent my whole life looking for these answers, and the things i've "made up" are far closer than what science has provided us with so far.

Mars had life, name it. But I think something happened. The asteroid belt between mars and jupiter might suggest a planet was there but then exploded. Could have knocked Mars out of the habitable zone, and could have put Earth in it. We just don't know at this point, and it will take an act of God for those that do known to tell us the truth. Sad but true.

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