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Kim Sun-Il - Video Analysis

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posted on Jun, 29 2004 @ 07:33 AM
I know this might not be something allot of people want to talk about but in all respect the video is one of the keys to identifying the killers.

I have noticed allot of simulatrities between the video of his killing and the video of Nick Berg's one of which the room it is recorded in seems to be the same that Nick Berg's video was taken at.

Once again there are changes in time between the start of the video were he is begging for his life. Then there is an instant cut and time changes to the scene were you cannot see his face because his head is hanging down. At this scene is looks very similar in that of the last scene before Nick Berg's death by which people thought he could possibly already be dead.

The head is cut off extreemly fast and looks quite suspecious. I'm just hoping that he was dead before they beheaded him.

If you listen at this part of the video - 8:23:20 i swear it sounds like english voices once again like the Nick Berg video.

The time change is at - 8:16:36 which then skips from him begging for his life at this time to 8:20:40 were he is not making any movement at all and his face it not facing the camera.

Very similar to the Nick Berg murder in camera techniques by which there is hard zooming used in the beheading scene which totally distorted the image.

When the body is turned over the orange jump suit has either white paint or some other substance all over the right leg of the suit.

When the camera changes after the head of cut off and the camera appears to zoom out you see two objects on the killer. The first looks like a necklace and the second looks like a watch. I don't have the recources or know of any that are capable of cleaning up these frames.

Im hoping the get some support from the people of this forum. Sorry to create a new thread on this topic it's just that nobody seems to want to anaylise the video and with recent events his death might have been overlooked a little.

Thanks for reading,

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