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Personal Alchemy and The Elixir of Life

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posted on Nov, 9 2010 @ 11:12 AM
reply to post by ZakerovLazerus

Well, if you have some understanding and are prepared to have a whole new outlook and be transformed however fast or slowly, then the first step would be the brainwave entrainment, left/right brain hemispheric synchronization, for which you might want to grab a good pair of headphones and access the free track I provided in a previous post which I recommend using for sleep induction or just prior to going to sleep at night. That will start moving you in a new direction and get you started on your journey. Then, once you've grown accustomed to the new stimulous, you may want to start accessing subsequent tracks which can be downloaded here. Just be sure to use them sequentially, and to take your time with them, remaining on each level until you feel you've fully integrated it.

Oh and human kinetics (body motion)! So you'll need to get a daily excercise regimen going (or whenever possible) that is also VITAL, for breaking down and rebuilding the body temple.

Next I guess we'll start introducing the nutrient component, so as to provide your body's cellular infrastructure with everything it needs, and for this, you'll have to make a financial investment, starting with a good blender.

You can message me on how you make out with that.

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posted on Nov, 9 2010 @ 11:33 PM
New Profile cant personal message yet. But I've known about binaural beats for awhile and have used them to great success on and off. I really enjoy them. Like that one you first linked puts me right to sleep its nice.

posted on Nov, 10 2010 @ 03:50 PM
reply to post by ZakerovLazerus

We will discuss this next then, and show the science behind it, and why it's so important I believe in relation to this topic, including how it relates to what the Ancient Egyptians were into.
Please report any experiences ie: an increase in vitality, visual acuity, lucid dreaming, a re-enchantment with the world, etc. that you might start having as a result of ultilizing that brainwave entrainment track each night as a sleep induction. Thanks.

P.S. Also, are you engaged in any type of human kinetics/active body motion ie: physical excercise regimen? Last question: Do you have the financial resources to invest in a blender and some special superfood supplements for the high end nutrient-dense component (Elixir of Life) we're going to be introducing in this thread?
I'd like to use you as a "guinea pig" if we could..

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posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 01:28 AM
I made a post somewhere else that deserves a place in this thread, so I'm placing it here just for the heck of it, but with great care and for good reason. Us Alchemists are always in search of the fulcrum, the point of demarcation, and for the human being, it resides in our free will, but there's more to it than that..

Free Will Resurrected

According to many leading physicists like David Bohm, and neuroscientists like Pibram, no, there is no freedom whatsoever, for the classical mind.

The classical mind, according to another Quantum Physicist by the name of Amit Goswami who authored "The Self Aware Universe", represents nothing, but an elaborate recording device, however complex. .It can really ONLY operate from all manner of stimuli and response to stimuli and can easily lie to itself to perpetuate the notion that "it" is who we are, driven by the desire to perpetuate nothing but more of "itself" (what I call "it") which can ONLY represent, a reflection of past events and past, learned behaviors.

That is not, however, the last word.

Goswami goes on to basically prove, in no uncertain terms, that the classical mind is only HALF the equation.

The human being is also in possession of a quantum holographic mind.
It is only from the perspective of THIS mind, that free will is by no means an illusion, provided we also accept the framework of a Monistic Idealism (consciousness is primary) because therein resides the final collapse of the probability wave of existence, from our end anyway.., and our mind then, instead of being not much more than mush inside our heads, is mush inside our heads - transmitting and receiving, on a quantum holographic basis, reality itself, and therefore perhaps even concievably, within a multidimensional, fractal, eternal evolutionary recurrence of SOME type. Because, when time comes to an end, and the "itself" exhausts itself (the insessant ramblings of the mind) the mind then can enter the realm of the imagination (novelty) as a quantum holographic possibility, ie: have "a thought", and then CHOOSE whatever we wish, and in CHOOSING and in choosing alone, is there an emergent, transcendant, quantum holographic self, or the REAL you, and the wave collapses in that final decision or judgement, or evaluation. The one who chooses, and your quantum hlographic mind, and everything then, is like an ever expanding dot in an infinite sphere of knowledge, and love.
as in "it pleased the first father of creation to share his kingdom with all his children". The gift of free will then still comes from God, and you also are God, in the sense that it always "takes two to tango" or two, to close the circle in Goswami's framework ("I was with you since before the very foundations of the earth). In it alone are all the quantum paradoxes resolved, and what's interesting, is it's regenerative, this conception of the world and our place within it, of something novel, something creative, something worthwhile.

And so the only question then for the REAL us, the one's who get to choose, not the memory of things past, but the choosing being, the free person, relative only to what is before us, out of the realm of all possibility, the holy of holies, is

what are we choosing?
what are we creating?

that's the fount of all inspiration, all novelty, all new history, and the question is put to US, not from any "them"... and not by the TV and the MSM, but by God.

The alternative, or a purely materialist monist, classical worldview just doesn't work, any more, and it's soon passing away, to be replaced by the type of monistic idealism advanced by this Goswami and many others, like Ervin Laszlo, Bernard Haisch and many others.

We're IT, but "IT" is not us.

There is no one to blame. We all did it, all participated in it whether purposely or otherwise, and now it's all in the past.

What now?

ie: there is no freedom for the individual or anyone, in time or space, or even simply in the here and how (relative to the past..), and neither are we or CAN we be merely three dimensional beings, not if we are to be truly FREE we are not and not according to the teachings of modern science at its best!

....we need to think about this, let it really sink in and grok it most fully, and learn how to control our "itself" or our classical mind, learn to teach is how to be still, and to surrender in the presence of the true quantum self who chooses thoughts. One is not free, but only by submitting to the one that is, can "itself" be freed from the very bondage of "itself"..

what's "itself"? the one who asking that, who's always jumping the gun, slicing and dicing but not really choosing, saying "maybe" instead of yes or no.

I learn and grok this as I type it.. thank you so much for listening and participating with me with "us" whoever you may be dear reader.

and i give thanks for a very giving and a very loving God, on behalf of us all, whether we believe and know (have gnosis) or otherwise.. may we find our way from whatever angle or perspective, whatever life, from life to life everylasting. Amen.
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posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 05:09 PM

Brainwave Entrainment

Scientific Research Validates Brainwave Entrainment
(a revolution in neuroscience: tuning the brain)

Science ushered in a new era in our ability to learn, be creative, remember, control our moods, reduce stress, resolve unwanted behavior patterns, and a host of other desirable ends, with the appearance of a remarkable paper by Dr. Gerald Oster, of Mt. Sinai Medical Center, in the October 1973 issue of Scientific American.

Oster’s paper, entitled "Auditory Beats in the Brain," described how pulsations called binaural beats occurred in the brain when tones of different frequencies were presented separately to each ear. As a result, the entire brain became entrained to a frequency equal to the difference between the two tones and began to resonate to that frequency. In other words, Oster discovered a method for what is called entrainment of brain wave patterns. (1)

Simultaneously, Robert Monroe, of the Monroe Institute of Applied Sciences, was also investigating binaural beats. In thousands of experiments, using an EEG machine to monitor subjects’ electrical brain wave patterns, Monroe also concluded that he could entrain brain wave patterns using binaural beats. In addition, he noted that the response did not happen only in the area of the brain responsible for hearing, or only in one hemisphere or the other, but rather, the entire brain resonated. The waveforms of both hemispheres exhibited identical frequencies, amplitude, phase, and coherence.

Since then, many researchers have verified this phenomenon. Language and speech pathologist Dr. Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D., reports

Research supports the theory that different frequencies presented to each ear through stereo headphones... create a difference tone (or binaural beat) as the brain puts together the two tones it actually hears. Through EEG monitoring the difference tone is identified by a change in the electrical pattern produced by the brain. For example, frequencies of 200 Hz and 210 Hz produce a binaural beat frequency of 10 Hz. Monitoring of the brain’s electricity (EEG) shows that the brain produces increased 10 Hz activity with equal frequency and amplitude of the wave form in both hemispheres. (2)

Research by Dr. Lester Fehmi, director of the Princeton Behavioral Medicine and Biofeedback Clinic, and perhaps the foremost authority on hemispheric synchronization in the brain, also confirms that hemispheric synchronization and brain entrainment can be induced by binaural beats. (3)

Dr. Arthur Hastings, Ph.D., in a paper entitled "Tests of the Sleep Induction Technique" describes the effects of subjects listening to a cassette tape specially engineered to create binaural beats in the brain. In this case, the sounds on the tape were designed to slow the brain wave patterns from a normal waking beta brain wave pattern to a slower alpha pattern, then to a still slower theta pattern (the brain wave pattern of dreaming sleep), and finally to a delta pattern, the slowest of all, the brainwave pattern of dreamless sleep. Hastings says:

We were able to test the effects of the sleep tape on brain waves with an EEG machine through the courtesy of the researchers at the Langely-Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute, part of the University of California Medical School in San Francisco. Dr. Joe Kaniya, Director of the Psychophysiology of Consciousness Laboratory, monitored the brain-wave frequencies of one subject as he listened to the sleep tape.

The chart recording showed a typical sleep onset pattern: initial alpha waves, then a slowing of the brain waves with sleep spindles, and finally a pattern of stage 2 and 3 sleep brain waves in the low theta range . . . the patterns in the various stages suggested that the tape was influencing the subject’s state. (4)

Dr. Bill D. Schul also refers to the phenomenon of brain entrainment:

[P]hased sine waves at discernible sound frequencies, when blended to create ‘beat’ frequencies within the ranges of electrical brain waves found at the various stages of human sleep, will create a frequency following response (FFR) within the EEG pattern of the individual listening to such audio waveforms. The FFR in turn evokes physiological and mental states in direct relationship to the original stimulus. With the availability of this tool, it becomes possible to develop and hold the subject into any of the various stages of sleep, from light Alpha relaxation through Theta into Delta and in REM (dreaming).

Schul concluded that "Binaural beat-frequency stimulation creates a sustaining FFR that is synchronous in both amplitude and frequency between the brain hemispheres." (5)

F. Holmes Atwater of the Monroe Institute describes the neurophysics of the binaural beat brain entrainment process:

Within the sound processing centers of the brain, pulse stimulation provides relevant information to the higher centers of the brain. In the case of a wave form phase difference the electron pulse rate in one part of a sound-processing center is greater than in another. The differences in electron pulse stimulation within the sound processing centers of the brain are an anomaly. This anomaly (the difference in electron pulse stimulation) comes and goes as the two different frequency wave forms mesh in and out of phase. As a result of these constantly increasing and decreasing differences in electron pulse stimulation, an amplitude modulated standing wave (the binaural beat) is generated within the sound processing centers of the brain itself. It is this standing wave which acts to entrain brain waves. (6)

Atwater further states, "A conventional binaural beat generates two amplitude modulated standing waves, one in each hemisphere’s olivary nucleus. Such binaural beats will entrain both hemispheres to the same frequency, establishing equivalent electromagnetic environments and maximizing interhemispheric neural communication" (6).

Not Just a Pretty Picture

The ability to entrain brain wave patterns opens up an exciting world of mind-boggling possibilities. Researchers in neuroscience could not contain their excitement.

"It’s difficult to try to responsibly convey some sense of excitement about what’s going on," said UCLA neurophysiologist John Kiebeskind. "You find yourself sounding like people you don’t respect. You try to be more conservative and not say such wild and intriguing things, but damn! The field is wild and intriguing. It’s hard to avoid talking that way...We are at a frontier, and it’s a terribly exciting time to be in this line of work" (7).

Neurochemist Candace Pert, of the National Institute of Mental Health, had this to say:

There’s a revolution going on. There used to be two systems of knowledge: hard science—chemistry, physics, biophysics—on the one hand, and, on the other, a system of knowledge that included ethology, psychology, and psychiatry. And now it’s as if a lightning bolt had connected the two. It’s all one system neuroscience...The present era in neuroscience is comparable to the time when Louis Pasteur first found out that germs cause disease. (8)

David Krech, Ph.D., a University of California at Berkeley psychologist, predicted almost twenty-five years ago: "I foresee the day when we shall have the means, and therefore, inevitably, the temptation, to manipulate the behavior and intellectual functioning of all people through environmental and biochemical manipulation of the brain." (9)

That day may very well be here now, and the gentle altering of brain wave patterns using sound may be the easiest, most potent, and safest way to do it. Centerpointe Research Institute currently uses a sound technology called Holosync to entrain brain wave patterns, giving us the ability to influence or create tranquility, pain control, creativity, euphoria, excitement, focused attention, relief from stress, enhanced learning ability, enhanced problem-solving ability, increased memory, accelerated healing, behavior modification, and improvements in mental and emotional health.

Michael Hutchison, in his book Megabrain Power, sums up this revolution in neuroscience: "...[N]ew breakthroughs in neuroscience and microelectronics have permitted scientists to ‘map’ the electrical and chemical activity of the brain in action. Scientists have used the new technology to monitor the brains of those meditators, artists, and other rare individuals who are able to enter peak domains at will and to map their brain activity during those peak states." (10)

According to Hutchison, these scientists’ first findings were that those peak states are not mysterious and unpredictable phenomena, but are clearly linked to specific patterns of brain activity. These patterns include dramatic changes in brain wave activity, hemispheric symmetry, and rapid alterations in the levels of various neurochemicals. If we could learn to produce these patterns of brain activity, they reasoned, we should be able to produce the peak states they are associated with. "...They found that by using types of mechanical stimulation, such as...precise combinations of pulsating sound waves...they could actually produce those same ‘peak state’ brain patterns in ordinary people..." (10)

The Well-Balanced Brain

Just as we exercise our bodies to feel better and improve our physical health, stimulating the brain in this manner "exercises" the brain, bringing better mental and emotional health and increased intellectual functioning. Researcher Robert Cosgrove, Jr., Ph.D., M.D., and an authority in pharmaceutics and biomedical engineering, noted that technologies that alter brainwave patterns

... with appropriately selected stimulation protocols [have] been observed by us to be an excellent neuro-pathway exerciser. As such we believe it has great potential for use in promoting optimal cerebral performance... Furthermore, the long-term effects of regular use... on maintaining and improving cerebral performance throughout life and possibly delaying for decades the deterioration of the brain traditionally associated with aging is very exciting. (11)

There are four categories of brain wave patterns. The most rapid brain wave pattern is that of beta, from about 14 Hz to more than 100 Hz. This is the pattern of normal waking consciousness, and it is associated with concentration, arousal, alertness, and cognition, while at higher levels, beta is associated with anxiety. As we become more relaxed, the brain wave activity slows into the alpha range, from 8 to 13.9 Hz. These are the brain wave patterns of deep relaxation, and of what has been called the twilight state between sleep and waking, while the higher end of alpha represents a more relaxed yet focused state.

Slower still are theta waves, between 4 and 7.9 Hz. This is the state of dreaming sleep and also of increased creativity, super-learning, integrative experiences, and increased memory. The slowest brain wave pattern is delta, that of dreamless sleep, below 4 Hz. Generally people are asleep in delta, but there is evidence that it is possible to remain alert in this state—a very deep trance-like, non-physical state. It is in delta that our brains are triggered to release large quantities of healing growth hormone (12).

As we slow the brain wave patterns from beta to alpha to theta to delta, there is a corresponding increase in balance between the two hemispheres of the brain. This more balanced brain state is called brain synchrony, or brain synchronization. This balancing phenomenon was noted in early EEG studies of experienced meditators in the 1970s. In deep meditative states, their brain waves shifted from the usual asymmetrical patterns, with one hemisphere dominant over the other, to a balanced state of whole-brain integration, with the same brain wave frequency throughout. As we will see, various mental abilities and experiences are induced naturally in these different brain wave patterns, and many of these abilities and experiences are quite remarkable.

Robert Monroe of the Monroe Institute reported that inducing brain wave patterns through the creation of binaural beats in the brain caused a wide range of effects, including "focusing of attention, suggestibility, problem solving, creativity, memory, and learning... sleep induction, pain control... and enhanced learning..." (13).

Other scientists have noted that these slower brain wave patterns are accompanied by deep tranquility, flashes of creative insight, euphoria, intensely focused attention, and enhanced learning abilities. Dr. Lester Fehmi, director of the Princeton Biofeedback Research Institute, has said that hemispheric synchronization represents "the maximum efficiency of information transport through the whole brain" and "[it] is correlated experientially with a union with experience, and ‘into-it-ness.’ Instead of feeling separate and narrow-focused, you tend to feel more into it—that is, unified with the experience, you are the experience—and the scope of your awareness is widened a great deal, so that you’re including many more experiences at the same time. There’s a whole-brain sensory integration going on, and it’s as if you become less self-conscious and you function more intuitively." (14)


One of the observed effects of this type of sound-induced brain synchronization is increased learning ability. What is now known as superlearning began in the late 1960s and early 1970s with the work of Bulgarian psychiatrist Georgi Lozanov. Lozanov used deep relaxation combined with synchronized rhythms in the brain to cause students to produce alpha waves. He found that students when in this state learned over five times as much information with less study time per day, with greater long-term retention. In some cases, as much as thirty times as much was learned.

Speech-Language pathologist Suzanne Evans Morris, Ph.D., describes the relationship between different brainwave patterns and learning, as well as other related states such as concentration, problem solving, receptivity, and creativity.

Receptivity for learning is related to specific states of consciousness. Predominant brainwave patterns are associated with different states of consciousness or awareness. For example, beta frequencies ranging from 13–26 Hz are associated with concentration, and alert problem solving; alpha frequencies (8–13 Hz) occur when the eyes are closed and a state of alert relaxation is present; theta (4–7 Hz) is associated with deep relaxation with a high receptivity for new experiences and learning... (15)

Morris also describes how audio soundtracks containing binaural beat signals can be used to "create the ability to sustain this theta period of openness for learning." (15)

Morris goes on to say that "[t]he introduction of theta signals... into the learning environment theoretically allows for a broader and deeper processing of the information provided by the teacher... [and] increases... focus of attention and creates a mental set of open receptivity." She notes that in the use of such binaural beat signals in a classroom setting, children exhibited "improved focus of attention" and "a greater openness and enthusiasm for learning." (15)

Morris further describes what happens in the brain that makes this type of accelerated learning so effective:

The presence of theta patterns (4–7 Hz) in the brain has been associated with states of increased receptivity for learning and reduced filtering of information by the left hemisphere. This state of awareness is available for relatively brief periods as the individual enters a state of reverie or passes in and out of the deep sleep phase of the 90 minute sleep cycle. [Binaural beat] signals, however, can facilitate a prolonged state of theta to produce a relaxed receptivity for learning . . . [These signals] create a state of coherence in the brain. Right and left hemispheres as well as subcortical areas become activated in harmony, reflected by equal frequency and amplitude of EEG patterns from both hemispheres. This creates an internal physiological environment for learning which involves the whole brain. The linear, sequential style of problem solving preferred by the left hemisphere is brought into balance with the global, intuitive style of the right hemisphere and limbic system (subcortex). This allows the learner to have greater access to internal and external knowledge and provides a milieu for expanding intuition in problem solving. One of the by-products of hemispheric synchronization appears to be a highly focused state of attending. The ability to reduce ‘mind chatter’ and focus the attention is critical for efficient learning (16).

Binaural beat signals have been used in the classroom to enhance learning ability. Teachers in the Tacoma, Washington, public schools, under the direction of psychologist Devon Edrington, used audio tapes containing a binaural beat sound technology to influence the learning ability of students. They found that students who were taught, studied, and took tests while these tapes were playing did significantly better than a control group not using the tapes. (17)

The theta state also seems to be one where behavior and belief system changes can more easily be made. Suzanne Evans Morris discusses the work of neurotechnology and biofeedback researcher Thomas Budzynski, (1981) in which he described the theta state as

...a transition zone between wakefulness and sleep in which one can absorb new information in an uncritical, non-analytical fashion. [Budzynski] speculated that this allows new information to be considered by the right hemisphere through bypassing the critical filters of the left hemisphere. Thus, information leading to a change in self-concept would become more available; modification of habitual behaviors or consideration of one’s belief system could occur more easily if alternatives were presented during a period of theta activity. (18)

Medical researcher Dr. Gene W. Brockopp also believes behavior modification is enhanced when the subject can be placed in slower, more receptive brain wave patterns. He speculates that using technology to induce brain wave changes can

....actively induce a state of deactivation in which the brain is passive, but not asleep; awake, but not involved with the ‘clutter’ of an ongoing existence. If this is true, then it may be a state in which new cognitive strategies could be designed and developed... f we can help a person to experience different brain-wave states consciously through driving them with external stimulation, we may facilitate the individual’s ability to allow more variations in their functioning through breaking up patterns at the neural level. This may help them develop the ability to shift gears or ‘shuttle’ and move them away from habit patterns of behavior to become more flexible and creative, and to develop elegant strategies of functioning (19).

cont'd next post
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posted on Nov, 11 2010 @ 05:20 PM
Brainwave Entrainment Cont'd

Many other researchers have described the benefits of alpha and theta brain wave states. Budzynski has done extensive research on learning and suggestion when the brain is in a theta state. Theta, Budzynski suggested, is the state in which superlearning takes place—when in theta, people are able to learn new languages, accept suggestions for changes in behavior and attitudes, or memorize large amounts of information. He says, "We take advantage of the fact that the hypnagogic [theta] state, the twilight state... has these properties of uncritical acceptance of verbal material, or almost any material it can process." In this state, Budzynski says, "a lot of work gets done very quickly." (20, 21)

Budzynski and psychobiologist Dr. James McGaugh of the University of California at Irvine have both found that information is also more easily processed and recalled in a theta state. Noted researchers Elmer and Alyce Green, of the Menninger Foundation, have also studied this phenomenon, finding that memories experienced in a theta state "were not like going through a memory in one’s mind but rather like an experience, a reliving." Individuals producing theta waves also had "new and valid ideas or synthesis of ideas, not primarily by deduction but springing by intuition from unconscious sources."

In their seminal book, Beyond Biofeedback, the Greens further discussed many remarkable effects of the theta brain wave state. They found that those producing theta waves became highly creative. They had life-altering insights, what the Greens called "integrative experiences leading to feelings of psychological well-being." On psychological tests, subjects scored as being "psychologically healthier, had more social poise, were less rigid and conforming, and were more self-accepting and creative." Another remarkable effect was that these subjects became very healthy. Emotionally, these people had "improved relationships with other people as well as greater tolerance, understanding, and love of oneself and of one’s world" (22).

Alpha and theta states have also been shown to facilitate addiction recovery. Dr. Eugene Peniston and Dr. Paul Kulkosky, of the University of Southern Colorado, trained a group of alcoholics to enter the alpha and theta states. These alcoholics showed a recovery rate many orders of magnitude greater than a control group. Thirteen months later, this alpha-theta group showed "sustained prevention of relapse," and these findings were confirmed in follow-up study three years later. In addition, this group showed a marked personality transformation, including significant increases in qualities such as warmth, stability, conscientiousness, boldness, imaginativeness, and self-control, along with decreases in depression and anxiety. (23)

At the brain wave pattern at the juncture between the alpha and theta rhythms, often called the crossover point by neuroscientists, subjects have experienced some remarkable changes. Houston therapist William Beckwith has reported that in his clients the experience of this crossover point is often accompanied by "the seemingly miraculous resolutions of complex psychological problems." (24)

Other studies have suggested that states of brain synchronization increase memory. McGaugh’s research on memory and theta waves showed that "the more theta waves appeared in an animal’s EEG after a training session, the more it remembered. This was true in all cases... Apparently, the best predictor of memory was the amount of theta waves recorded in the animal’s brain. [Theta waves] show that the brain is in the right state to process and store information." (25)

Scientists have discovered that for memories to form, the brain must undergo a process called long-term potentiation (LTP), involving electrical and chemical changes in the neurons associated with memory. Without LTP, incoming information is not stored, but rather quickly and totally forgotten. Neurophysiologist Dr. Gary Lynch and associates at the University of California at Irvine discovered that the key to LTP is the theta brain wave pattern. "We have found the magic rhythm that makes LTP. There’s a magic rhythm, the theta rhythm." According to Lynch, this is the natural rhythm of the hippocampus, the part of the brain essential for the formation and storage of new memories and the recall of old memories (26).

Other studies have confirmed the incredible benefits of the theta state. In experiments conducted at the Monroe Institute of Applied Science, subjects who produced theta waves (as measured on an EEG) in response to binaural beats "invariably emerged from the experience reporting all the mental phenomena associated with the theta state, such as vivid hypnagogic imagery, creative thoughts, integrative experiences, and spontaneous memories" (27).

How do these amazing mental and emotional changes take place? Many researchers believe that different brain wave patterns are linked to the production in the brain of various neurochemicals associated with relaxation and stress release, increased learning and creativity, memory, and other desirable benefits. These neurochemicals include beta-endorphins, acetylcholine, vasopressin, and serotonin.

Dr. Margaret Patterson, in collaboration with biochemist Dr. Ifor Capel, at the Marie Curie Cancer Memorial Foundation Research Department, in Surrey, England, has shown that certain frequencies in the brain dramatically speed up production of a variety of neurotransmitters, different frequencies different brain chemicals. For instance, a 10 Hz (alpha) brain wave pattern boosts the production and turnover rate of serotonin, a chemical messenger that increases relaxation and eases pain, while catecholamines, vital for memory and learning, respond at around 4 Hz (theta).

According to Capel, " far as we can tell, each brain center generates impulses at a specific frequency based on the predominant neurotransmitter it secretes. In other words, the brain’s internal communication system—its language, if you like—is based on frequency... Presumably, when we send in waves of electrical energy at, say, 10 Hz, certain cells in the lower brain stem will respond because they normally fire within that frequency range." (28)

Dr. William Bauer, one of the foremost experts in the field of electromedicine, elaborates:

What I think is happening... is that by sending out the proper frequency, proper waveform and proper current... we tend to change the configuration of the cell membrane. Cells that are at sub-optimal levels are stimulated to ‘turn on’ and produce what they’re supposed to produce, probably through DNA, which is stimulated through the cell membrane... You’re charging the cells through a biochemical process that can possibly balance the acetylcholine or whatever neurotransmitter needs to be turned on . . . (29)

The increased production of these different neurochemicals can greatly enhance memory and learning. A research team at the Veterans Administration Hospital in Palo Alto found that a group of normal human subjects, when given substances that increased acetylcholine production in the brain, showed great improvement in long-term memory, while at MIT, students taking acetylcholine enhancers experienced improved memory and increased ability to learn lists of words. (30) Researcher Lester A. Henry noted that acetylcholine "is essential to such higher mental processes as learning and memory." (31)

Recent studies show that insufficient acetylcholine causes memory loss and reduces learning and intelligence. Lack of acetylcholine been linked in part to confusion and memory loss in patients Alzheimer’s disease (32, 33). Other studies have shown that when individuals are given substances that increase the amount of acetylcholine, they show significant increases in scores on memory and intelligence tests (34, 35).

Acetylcholine has also been associated with a greater number of neurons in the cortex and also with greater brain size, with humans having the highest density of acetylcholine in the brain. UC Berkeley researcher Mark Rosenzweig has shown a direct connection between acetylcholine and intelligence. (36)

Other neurochemicals that are produced in the brain in response to binaural beats have been associated with increased memory, learning, and other benefits. Men in their fifties taking vasopressin, a neurochemical closely related to the endorphins, showed significant improvement in memory, leaning, and reaction time. In another study, sixteen normal, healthy subjects of average intelligence were given vasopressin several times, after which they showed dramatic improvement in their ability to learn and remember. (37) Dutch scientists further found that vasopressin had a long-term "cementing effect on consolidation of information." (38)

At the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), research has indicated that vasopressin boosts memory, enabling subjects to "chunk" and encode information better. (Chunking refers to the ability to group large amounts of information together into more easily remembered bits). NIMH found that decreasing vasopressin is associated with memory deficits. Vasopressin is also associated with and enhances production of theta waves that are associated with increased access to memories and increased creativity. Vasopressin also stimulates the release of endorphins and has restored memory in amnesia victims (39, 40).

The Endorphin Connection

Scientists have also found that the endorphins released when the brain is exposed to alpha and theta binaural beat patterns enhance many mental functions. Endorphins have a powerful strengthening effect on learning and memory, for instance, and have been known to reverse amnesia. Researcher David de Weid found that rats injected with endorphins remembered things longer. Dr. Andrew Schally, 1977 winner of the Nobel Prize for medicine, found that rats receiving injections of endorphins showed improved maze-running abilities. (41)

Why do endorphins increase learning and memory? Neuroscientists believe that in humans the places in the brain that produce the most endorphins, and contain the greatest concentration of endorphin receptors, are the same areas of the brain involved most intimately with learning and memory. Dr. Aryeh Routtenberg, of Northwestern University, located these pleasure centers in the brain and noted

[T]he evidence clearly shows that the brain reward pathways play an important role in learning and memory . . . I have speculated that the pathways of brain reward may function as the pathways of memory consolidation. By this I mean that when something is learned, activity in the brain reward pathways facilitates formation of memory... Evidence for the reward effects of localized electrical stimulation... and for the association of reward paths with memory formation indicates that the neural substrates of self-stimulation play a vital role in the guidance of behavior. (42)

Scientists now know of at least seven chemicals in the endorphin family that have effects on memory and learning. Endorphins, according to neuroscientists, "serve as the body’s ‘natural reward system,’ providing us with a rush of pleasure whenever we learn something or act in some way that is conducive to our survival as a species." (43) This means that new belief systems designed to effect desirable behavior changes, if presented to the mind when it is flooded with endorphins, may be perceived as beneficial and adopted as such—a powerful boost to any behavior modification protocol.

Dr. Candice Pert of NIMH, the discoverer of the opiate receptor, has also described this process, noting that "the endorphins, our natural opiates, are a filtering mechanism in the brain. The opiate system selectively filters incoming information from every sense—sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch—and blocks some of it from percolating up to higher levels of consciousness." (44)

Scientists now believe that the moment when learning takes place—the "aha" moment—is that moment when a particular reality has been selected and filtered by our endorphins and is suddenly apprehended by our brain in such a way that we learn something new. This learning being rewarded by a flood of endorphins along our pleasure-learning pathways. (45)

The production in the brain of alpha and theta patterns is also correlated with the relaxation response —the mirror image of the more well known fight or flight response. The fight or flight response takes blood flow away from the brain and toward the periphery of the body, floods the bloodstream with sugar, and increases heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration rate in order to prepare one for defense or flight. In this state, learning ability, as well as other mental functions including problem solving and reasoning ability, are inhibited.

The relaxation response, on the other hand, mobilizes us for inward activity by reducing heart rate and blood pressure, relaxing muscles, and increasing the percentage of oxygen flowing to the brain. As one might expect, the fight or flight response is accompanied by low-amplitude, high-frequency beta brain wave patterns, while the relaxation response, so beneficial to learning and problem solving, is accompanied by high amplitude, low frequency alpha and theta rhythms. (46, 47) When we use sound technologies to induce these slower brain wave patterns, we also induce the relaxation response, another possible reason for the increases in learning ability noted by so many researchers.

The Effect on Hormones

A recent study performed by Dr. Vincent Giampapa, M.D., former president of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine, revealed that placing a listener in the alpha, theta, and delta brain wave patterns using Holosync audio technology dramatically affects production of three important hormones related to both increased longevity and well-being: cortisol, DHEA, and melatonin.

Cortisol is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands. According to Dr. Giampapa, cortisol is the major age-accelerating hormone within the brain. It also interferes with learning and memory and has, in general, negative effects on health and well being.

DHEA is also produced by the adrenal glands. It is a precursor, or source ingredient, to virtually every hormone the body needs. DHEA levels are a key determinant of physiological age and resistance to disease. When DHEA levels are low, we are more susceptible to aging and disease; when they are high, the body is at its peak—vibrant, healthy, and able to effectively combat disease. DHEA acts as a buffer against stress-related hormones (such as cortisol), which is why as you get older and make less DHEA you are more susceptible to stress and disease.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine (December 11, 1986) found that a 100 microgram per deciliter increase in DHEA blood levels corresponded with a 48% reduction in mortality due to cardiovascular disease—and a 36% reduction in mortality for any reason.

Melatonin is a hormone associated with the creation of restful sleep. We make less of it as we age, and since during sleep many important rejuvenating substances are created in the brain, the inability to sleep soundly can dramatically decrease the quality of your life and greatly accelerate aging.

Dr. Giampapa found the following changes in levels of melatonin, DHEA, and cortisol in 19 users of Holosync audio technology listening four hours a day over a three-day period:

•Over 68% had increases in DHEA levels, with an average increase of 43.77%. Several participants had increases of 50, 60, even 90%.

•Cortisol was down an average of 46.47%, with positive changes in 68% of the people, and with several participants having decreases of 70 or 80%.

•Melatonin levels increased an average of 97.77%, with positive changes happening in over 73% of the participants. Many had improvements of 100, 200, even 300%.

Pushing the Brain to Change

In addition to the effects described above, there is an even more remarkable generalized effect when brainwave patterns are slowed into the alpha, theta, and delta ranges. Slowing of brain wave patterns increases electrical fluctuations in the brain, changing the neural structure and pushing the brain to reorganize itself at higher, more complex levels of functioning. This reorganization process is predicted by the work of scientist Ilya Prigogine, 1977 Nobel Prize-winner in chemistry.

Prigogine’s work has been applied to all changes in all kinds of open systems—everything from a seed germinating, to a corporation expanding, a highway system growing, a cell dividing, or a human being experiencing behavioral or emotional changes.

The human brain is the ultimate open system, constantly exchanging energy with its environment. Up to a point, the system can handle all kinds of fluctuations. But if the input becomes too much, the system is pushed past its limits and the system reorganizes itself at a higher order. A runner, for instance, gives more physical input to his body than it can handle, and it responds by reorganizing itself at a higher level that can handle this increased input—which we call "getting in shape."

Using binaural beat technology to change brain wave patterns causes a similar effect in the brain. The alpha, theta, and delta brain wave patterns are states of great fluctuation in the brain. A graphic representation of these brain wave patterns shows that the amplitude (the height of the waveform) increases as we move from alpha to theta to delta. In other words, the amount of fluctuation increases. These increased fluctuations are more than the nervous system can handle with its current structure, and the brain responds by reorganizing itself at a higher, more complex level of functioning. It does this by creating new neural pathways within itself, creating increased communication between parts of the brain that previously were not communicating. This is the balance, or synchrony, between the two hemispheres of the brain discussed at the beginning of this appendix. This synchrony brings with it many remarkable changes. As noted earlier, Lester Fehmi, of the Princeton Biofeedback Research Institute, has stated that "synchrony represents the maximum efficiency of information transport through the whole brain." (49)

As demonstrated earlier in this paper, there are two main effects of reorganization and increased synchrony in the brain. One is an increase in various mental capabilities: increased learning ability, creativity, mental clarity, intelligence, intuition, and so on. Second, each time the neural structure changes, positive changes in mental and emotional health occur. As the brain reorganizes at the next level of functioning, the subject’s model of the world changes with it. With the creation of new neural pathways, connections are perceived between bits of information that previously seemed unrelated, and more choices are available. Herein lies the theoretical explanation for the amazing personality changes that researchers have reported in subjects using sound technology to change brain wave patterns.

Clearly we are on the frontier of a marvelous new field with untold possibilities. The ability to map and entrain brain waves, and the states they represent, gives us a powerful new tool to effect human change and growth. It has been shown that induced brain wave states can cause superlearning, increased creativity, induce sleep, control pain, modify behavior, focus attention, relieve stress, increase memory, and dramatically improve mental and emotional health.

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The Egyptian Connection (MUST SEE! - jump to 4:30 in particular..)
'___' The Spirit Molecule 2/5

Harmonic Resonance (Brainwave Entrainment Left/Right Brain Hemispheric Synchronization)
download free of charge, at Zshare here [Note: must use stereo headphone, the higher quality the better, although ear buds will suffice]

The Top 10 ways that brainwave entrainment can enhance your health

The benefits of brainwave entrainment are far reaching and can impact every area of your life. However in this lens our focus is on the health benefits of regular brainwave entrainment.

Here are some of the health benefits that I and other regular brainwave entrainment users have experienced.

1. Reduce or eliminate depression. You will begin to feel happier, more positive and energetic without needing to rely on anti-depressants. Your body will release it's own feel-good chemicals.

2. Fall asleep quickly and have a deep and restful sleep. Say goodnight to insomnia once and for all....without any sleeping pills.

3.Melt away stress, tension and anxiety. Stress is one of the consequences of the hurried and harried lives we live today. Manage it in a positive and constructive way.

4.Bring your blood-pressure rate down.

5. Alleviate headaches/migraines without having to take any medication. Even those who suffer from chronic headaches and migraines have reported that their headaches are now gone ....for good.

6. Boost your immune system. Stay healthy and fight disease from within by boosting your immune system from within.

7. Increase your sex explanation needed.

8.Athletes and sports people can improve their physical performance by listening to a session of brainwave entrainment before playing.

9. For women only: Get shot of those dreaded PMS symptoms and mood swings once and for all. No need to turn into a monster at that time of the month.

10. Finally get rid of addictions that have been damaging your health for years....smoking, addiction to prescription drugs and even addiction to illegal drugs. Brainwave entrainment is one of the cutting edge tools that is now being used to treat various types of addictions.
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More on the emerging science of God and the true nature of the human being, for further grokking

"The God Theory" by Bernard Haisch

Haisch is an astrophysicist whose professional positions include Staff Scientist at the Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory, Deputy Director for the Center for Extreme Ultraviolet Astrophysics at the University of California, Berkeley, and Visiting Fellow at the Max-Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics in Garching, Germany. His work has led to close involvement with NASA; he is the author of over 130 scientific papers; and was the Scientific Editor of the Astrophysical Journal for nine years, as well as the editor in chief of the Journal of Scientific Exploration.

an excerpt

If you think of whitte light as a metaphor of infinite, formless potential, the colors on a slide or frame of film become a structured reality grounded in the polarity that comes about through intelligent subtraction from that absolute formless potential. It results from the limitation of the unlimited. I contend that this metaphor provides a comprehensible theory for the creation of a manifest reality (our universe) from the selective limitation of infinite potential (God)...
If there exists an absolute realm that consists of infinite potential out of which a created realm of polarity emerges, is there any sensible reason not to call this "God"? Or to put it frankly, if the absolute is not God, what is it? For our purposes here, I will indentify the Absolute with God. More precisely I will call the Absolute the Godhead. Applying this new terminology to the optics analogy, we can conclude that our physical universe comes about when the Godhead selectively limits itself, taking on the role of Creator and manifesting a realm of space and time and, within that realm, filtering out some of its own infinite potential...
Viewed this way, the process of creation is the exact opposite of making something out of nothing. It is, on the contrary, a filtering process that makes something out of everything. Creation is not capricious or random addition; it is intelligent and selective subtraction. The implications of this are profound.

If the Absolute is the Godhead, and if creation is the process by which the Godhead filters out parts of its own infinite potential to manifest a physical reality that supports experience, then the stuff that is left over, the residue of this process, is our physical universe, and ourselves included. We are nothing less than a part of that Godhead - quite literally.

Next, by Ervin Laszlo

Science and the Akashic Field, an Integral Theory of Everything, 2004

And, his other seminal work
Science and the Reenchantment of the Cosmos: The Rise of the Integral Vision of Reality

Ervin Laszlo is considered one of the foremost thinkers and scientists of our age, perhaps the greatest mind since Einstein. His principal focus of research involves the Zero Point Field. He is the author of around seventy five books (his works having been translated into at least seventeen languages), and he has contributed to over 400 papers. Widely considered the father of systems philosophy and general evolution theory, he has worked as an advisor to the Director-General of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. He was also nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in both 2004 and 2005. A multidisciplinarian, Laszlo has straddled numerous fields, having worked at universities as a professor of philosophy, music, futures studies, systems science, peace studies, and evolutionary studies. He was a sucessful concert pianist until he was thirty eight.

In his view, the zero-point field (or the Akashic Field, as he calls it) is quite literally the "mind of God".

Naming Hal Puthoff, Roger Penrose, Fritz-Albert Popp, and a handful of others as "front line investigators", Laszlo quotes Puthoff who says of the new scientific paradigm:

[What] would emerge would be an increased understanding that all of us are immersed, both as living and physical beings, in an overall interpenetrating and interdependant field in ecological balance with the cosmos as a whole, and that even the boundary lines between the physical and "metaphysical" would dissolve into a unitary viewpoint of the universe as a fluid, changing, energetic/informational cosmological unity."

an excert from Science and the Akashic Field, an Integral Theory of Everything

Akasha (a . ka . sha) is a Sanskrit word meaning "ether": all-pervasive space. Originally signifying "radiation" or "brilliance", in Indian philosophy akasha was considered the first and most fundamental of the five elements - the others being vata (air), agni (fire), ap (water), and prithivi (earth). Akasha embraces the properties of all five elements: it is the womb from which everything we percieve with our senses has emerged and into which everything will ultimately re-descend. The Akashic Record (also called The Akashic Chronicle) is the enduring record of all that happens, and has ever happened, in space and time."

Laszlo's view of the history of the universe is of a series of universes that rise and fall, but are each "in-formed" by the existence of the previous one. In Laszlo's mind, the universe is becoming more and more in-formed, and within the physical universe, matter (which is the crystallization of intersecting pressure waves or an interference pattern moving through the zero-point field) is becoming increasing in-formed and evolving toward higher forms of consciousness and realization.


According to James Oroc's experiences (Tryptamine Palace), when the ego is dissolved in consciousness through the temporary formation of a type of neurological "Bose Einstein Condensate", there is no real dilineation or distinction between individual consciousness and God-consciousness or the universal "akashic field" (Lazslo) aka Zero Point Field.

So I would just like to add this idea, to the mix

Real and authentic transformation cannot be achieved by human power alone.

We cannot engineer our own salvation.

Thus, what we are seeking is a fulcrum, or a "tow rope", a point of contact, with nothing less than God as the incurruptible center and source of all existence.

When such contact is realized, that is the spark then, and the light of reason joined by the Logos, or what might be thoght of as a type of transcendant reason that is how shall I put this, unreasonably reasonable, or what I've heard described as a supra-rationalism.

Every other reason is self-deluding, or a lie of some kind, and thus, a dead-end street, which serves nothing and no higher purpose than to simply reimprison our own selves within a subjective isolation chamber from which there appears to be no escape, and from that kind of ego-locked jail cell, and the kind of judgement which exists therein, we will surely not get out until we've paid the very last penny. It cannot be any other way, based on the true nature of the real reality, and on a final "ah ha" realization which can ONLY occur, at some point down the line, from within a certain PRESENT MOMENT, of now, because there is no time but the present..

Thankfully, however, there is a way out right now, perhaps even a way out upon which we can all absolutely agree, but it requires a quantum leap in both our thinking, and our faith in a power greater than the self, who is quite capable of doing for us what we, by our own human power alone, cannot do for ourselves.

If this really IRKS a part of ourselves, what I am suggesting here, then I would say that there's some dross or base aspects, which require transmutation, and we ought to get more present to that, that willful pride of man, and dark nature which rebells at the idea of a higher power God of love. Perhaps it's just an insecurity which is operating from the premise of "i'm not worthy" of this..

But make no mistake - there is and can be no Alchemical Transformation for the Human Being without this fulcrum from heaven, this tow rope to increasingly higher realms of consciousness, love, and freedom which comes from above, to raise up what is low to increasingly higher heights. This is what may be referred to in Freemasonry as the "Lion's Paw" except I am clarifying here to say that the hand that reaches into the tomb isn't a human hand and cannot be as nothing less than the hand of God.

Thus, getting connected and hitching a ride, so to speak, with this higher realm and way of thinking and being, and doing, is an essential prerequisit. Otherwise our's is a fools errand, and whatever efforts we make, purely of our own willpower, are simply efforts made in vain, or worse, can turn us into devils for whom the self is the height of the Godhead ie: attempting to climb into paradise by another means with our own ego still in tact.

I cannot stress this enough, for any would be Alchemists.

We MUST change first our thinking, our viewpoint, worldview, paradigm, frame of reference, about the world and the cosmos we inhabit, and who and what we really are within that larger context and framework as created beings, and although we cannot understand the Absolute, or God, we can certainly see the evidence of the "House" he has built for us, whereby we are, ourselves, also an integral part of that same house, in a type of self referencial holographic eternal recurrence. New wine must always go into new wineskins, so to speak.

Once we "grok" that, then, it's a whole new ballgame, and we're off to the races!

Absent that, although we may realize perfect health, we could very easily become self righteous and self deluded a-holes, and that is certainly by no means the intent in this tread, which is to put back on the wings God gave our spirits to fly in the spacious firmamanent of love and freedom (Gibran).

And indeed although we ourselves may very well be an expression of the universe becoming increasingly self aware, although as per Ervin Laszlo's notion of a fully informed Akashic Record I highly doubt that (ie: there's already been plenty of time for that to occur in the fullness of eternity)
- nevertheless an eternal I-Thou relationship is indepensible, so as to avoid a fatal flaw, and a fall from grace, which, since we ARE in effect entering into the holy of holies of eternity as eternal beings, is something we would be very very wise (that's an understatement of the ages) to avoid, at any and all cost! And yes, there's a myth surrounding that episode as well, so let's not go there. There is no glory and no courage in attempting to replace God the first/last cause and the Alpha and the Omega of existence itself, only foolishness, insanity, and utter stupidity.
"We won't get fooled again" (The Who).

Staying on Track: A Simple Test

Let's say you've been involved for a while in some methodology for human transformation (Alchemy) or another, like Freemasonry for example, and you want to know if you're still on track, and are continuing to "ascend" or have become imprisoned ie: have fallen from Grace.

I think there's a simple test for this.

When we look within, and also observe our human interactions, have we increased?, or decreased? in:

Sense of Humour and Mirthfulness
Love of self and others
Open heartedness
Ability to laugh at ourselves
and all the other "fruits of the spirit"

The reason I say this is because I've encountered more a few self-professed "enlightened" people who were very arrogant and hard-hearted, what I would call "stone faced" who take themselves very very seriously, in whom none of these things were being made manifest.

Talk about a terrible predicament! Such people are by far worse off than if they had never embarked upon the quest for advancement to begin with, because in their case, one must wonder about their capacity to have their heart softened again, or made into a heart of flesh again. Oh they may very well be "pillars of society", or upstanding men of reknown and accomplishment who "serve" in their communities, and do lots of "good works", but if in their innermost heart of hearts, they are nothing but devils in disguise, then God has no use for them whatsoever, and to them he will say "get away from me, you have no part with me. I never knew you."
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Ok, I think the groundwork has been laid now, the warning sign posted, the higher aim and point of leverage described.

The human being then, namely me and you, are now ready to be re-constructed and rebuilt, from the ground up, and from the top, and even higher than that (point of transcendance), down, to become a "new creation".

Where to begin.. first we need to examine the body temple and determine what materials will be required, and what kind of things we can do to actively participate in this new rennovation and re-construction process.

We've covered human kinetics, body motion or simply, excercise, to a degree, and we'll revisit that aspect a little later, once the body has all the materials it needs to perform the great work (transformation), or more precisely, have this great work performed for us and within us, automatically, and effortlessly, unto a threshold of what might be thought of as a point of human regeneration.

We will then turn now and in subsequent posts, to the SUPERFOOD and Vitamin-Nutrient Supplementation elements, including the addition of Monoatomic or M-State elements (Ormus), which together will comprise what I'm calling "The Elixir of Life".

Our daily practice then as budding Alchemists, will include, but is by no means limited to:

- Brainwave Entrainment and/or Deep Meditation
- Daily Excercise
- Human Interaction
- Superfood Supersmoothie (Elixir) consumption, along with some additional vitamin-mineral-nutrient supplementation as needed or desired.

+ some sort of ONGOING CREATIVE PURSUIT which might represent a "chief definite aim" (Napoleon Hill) or "life purpose", to be determined by each individual based on their experience, gifts and talents and their own personal "fount of inspiration" ie: it's important to begin with the end in mind in terms of discerning what we are going to DO with this new emerging high powered body temple, this new self actualized high-performance child of God that we are becoming ie: what shall we create? what shall we do? At this stage, you will be invited to enter the "holy of holies" or the realm of limitless possibility, and will be invited to make use of your IMAGINATION, to dream not only a new dream for yourself and your life and those with whom you may be closely connected, but an Alchemical Dream or a "Great Work" to be accomplished on behalf of us all and for the sake of the whole world, maybe even all creation, and it could even be a Great Work or "Magnum Opus" which could span more than one lifetime. In short, as we rebuild, we will want to begin the process of getting up to something really BIG and playing a BIG GAME! And fortunately, or unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) our timing for this type of thing could not be better, as there are plenty of things that need doing that we could easily consecrate ourselves and our lives to helping to realize or make manifest, and no I'm not talking here about some simplistic law of attraction formula either, nor any kind of white magic or any such thing, but wholly practical things, things which demand the attention of extraordinary human beings.

stay tuned..
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I'm also reading this thread. I have studied alot about the pineal gland and am very interested in this subject. I think there is so much to learn about ourselves that most will never learn. The life we are told is "normal" today doesn't leave time for subjects like these.

I try everyday to figure out a way to get away from going to a job and doing the same thing everyday for the rest of my life. I just think there is more to life than working your life away. It's strange to me that people think they must work for pointless things and let their lives pass them by but I also can't figure out a way to get around it.

posted on Nov, 19 2010 @ 01:14 PM
thank you very much for the information you have presented in this thread.

I know alot better about meditation and why its so practiced and how they are getting these benefits.

looking forward to more reading and learning from this thread.

posted on Nov, 22 2010 @ 10:39 PM
Thanks so much for the feedback, it keeps me going with this, and lets me know people are interested and are seeing value in this thread.
I'm having a slight internet ah hem cable bill, problem, which won't be resolved until next Wednesday (working late right now at the office, to post on ATS!)

But I'll come back and reveal my "Elixir" recipe, and really cut to the chase on that, to get you rolling with this thing - instead of going on an on about all the medical science and cellular biology and whatnot, all of which can easily be researched on the Net - so I'll make a list at the end of some suggested search terms, to bring you right up to speed on the "physicality" of what I'm calling for the purpose of this thread "The Body Temple".

I've found you can start really small, once you have a good blender (they're usually anywhere from 60-100 bucks) with it (Superfood Supersmoothie) and then start adding, money permitted, to your special "pantry" of powders and tinctures, roots and herbs and spices, etc etc, for your daily supersmoothie "elixir of life".

Once that's in place, what you want to do is get a sport, or if you must a gym membership (if you really USE it), but sports are way better, better for the flow experience.

Add one healthy scoop of daily human interaction, and there it is!

But there's more, much more, than just nutrition, excercise and health and wellness.

We must also be made to be drawn through some sort of gateway threshold in our ongoing effort to "reframe" ourselves (True Self ie: Atman/Brahman) relative to something (Truth) that is increasingly aligned with reality as it really and truly is, if such a thing were possible, and it IS, since the way is made already before us, from a whole host of angles and perspectives, like a multifaceted prescious jewel a path generated by the Titans of human History, people of extraordinary courage and resolve, they shall be our guide. Furthermore any approach and efforts made with sincerity, WILL be succesful, since any and every sincere and humble approach to God is more than welcomed. And if there's a higher will then there is ALWAYS a way since for God all things are possible, so there's no worries there, we'll all "grok" it, and get to "see the light" or have a profound spiritual experience, and of course it's always unique to each person, but in the spirit, or in what the ancient explorers call "Purusha", there is only one thing, and nothing separating us, in God's love for all his children, what many think of as the "brotherhood of man", which is a family framework, under "the fatherhood of God" as they say in Freemasonry.

In this sense, "we" who participate fully then and get on the quest and the journey into God, who are willing to allow our selves to be transformed however quickly or slowly into that which we were, and ARE, intended to be, by God, accessing the spiritual white stone (of which Ormus is merely an impure physical representation) or point of projection - "we" may then be likened to brave knights around King Arthur's table! I'm serious! It takes great COURAGE to embark upon this path. However, that said, those who've blazed the trail before us make it easy for us by comparison (just look at what Jesus had to go through.. or even Buddha for that matter, sitting on his a$$ under a tree for 17 years doing nothing but thinking! is it any wonder the first of the four noble truths is "Life is Sorrowful"?!)

We are brothers then, brave adventurers willing to embark on a journey into the unknown. Real Alchemy can be nothing less, since it's all about the transformation of the human being, at all levels, from the physical, to the highest heights of consciousness and spiritual realization that are possible.

So far this is just base camp. We haven't even BEGUN the quest..

Thanks for joining in and participating, my "brothers", you've re-lit the flame of inspiration here!

If you find anything out on the net of particular and of extremely practical interest, please share it, the more the merrier, since I'm just sharing one interpretation and one rather far out POV which seems to "grok" or I certainly hope it does.

Best Regards,

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This belongs here now (please don't Mod me for this, thanks)

Originally posted by NewAgeMan
The Classic of Indian Spirituality

Forward, by Eknath Easwaran

Imagine a vast hall in Anglo-Saxon England, not long after the passing of King Arthur. It is the dead of winter and a fierce snowstorm rages outside, but a great fire fills the space within the hall with warmth and light. Now and then, a sparrow darts in for refuge from the weather. It appears as if from nowhere, flits about joyfully in the light, and then disappears again, and where it comes from and where it goes next in that stormy darkness, we do not know.

Our lives are like that, suggests an old story in Bede's medieval history of England. We spend our days in the familiar world of our five senses, but what lies beyond tha, if anything, we have no idea. Those sparrows are hints of something more outside - a vast world, perhaps, waiting to be explored. But most of us are happy to stay where we are. We may even be a bit afraid to venture into the unknown. What would be the point, we ask. Why should we leave the world we know?

Yet there are always a few who are not content to spend their lives indoors. Simply knowing there is something unknown beyond their reach makes them acutely restless. They have to see what lies outside - if only, as George Mallory said of Everest, "because it's there".

This is true of adventurers of every kind, but especially of those who seek to explore not mountains or jungles but consciousness itself: who's real drive, we might say, is not so much to know the unknown as to know the knower. Such men and women can be found in every age and every culture. While the rest of us stay put, they quietly slip out to see what lies beyond.

Then, so far as we can tell, they disappear. We have no idea where they have gone; we can't even imagine. But every now and then, like friends who have run off to some exotic land, they send back reports: breathless messages describing fantastic adventures, rambling letters about a world beyond ordinary experience, urgent telegrams begging us to come and see. "Look at this view! Isn't it breathtaking? Wish you could see this. Wish you were here."

The works in this set of translations - the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, and the Dhammapada - are among the earliest and most universal messages like these, sent to inform us that there is more to life than the everyday experience of our senses. The Upanishads ar the oldest, so varied that we feel some unknown collectors must have tossed into a jumble all the photos, postcards, and letters from this world that they could find, without any regard for source or circumstance. Thrown together like this, they form a kind of ecstatic slideshow - snapshots of towering peaks of consciousness taken at various times by different observers and dispatched with just the barest kind of explanation. But those who have travelled those heights will recognize the views: "Oh, yes, that's Everest from the northwest - must be late spring. And here we're south, in the full snows of winter."

The Dhammapada, too, is a collective - traditionally, sayings of the Buddha, one of the very greatest of these explorers of consciousness. In this case the messages have been sorted, but not by a scheme that makes sense to us today. Instead of being grouped by theme or topic, they are gathered according to some dominant characteristic like a symbol or metaphor - flowers, birds, a river, the sky - that make then easy to commit to memory. If the Upanishads are like slides, the Dhammapada seems more like a field guide. This is lore picked up by someone who knows every step of the way through these strange lands. He can't take us there, he explains, but he can show us the way: tell us what to look for, warn about missteps, advise us about detours, tell us what to avoid. Most important, he urges us that it is our destiny as human beings to make this journey ourselves. Everything else is secondary.

And the third of these classics, the Bhagavad Gita, gives us a map and a guidebook. It gives a systematic overview of the territory, shows various approaches to the summit with their benefitrs and pitfalls, offers recommendations, tells us what to pack and what to leave behind. More than either of the others, it gives a sense of a personal guide. It asks and answers the questions that you or I might ask - questions not about philosophy or mysticism, but about how to live effectively in a world of challenge and change. Of these three, it is the Gita that has been my own personal guidevbook, just as it was Mahatma Gandhi's.

These three texts are very personal records of a landscape that is both real and universal. Their voices, passionately human, speak directly to you and me. They describe the topography of consciousness itself, which belongs as much to us today as to these largely anonymous seers thousands of years ago. If the landscape seems dark in the light of sense perception, they tell us, it has an illumination of its own, and once our eyes adjust we can see in what Western Mystics call this "divine dark" and verify their descriptions for ourselves.

And this world, they insist, is where we belong. This wider field of consciousness is our native land. We are not cabin dwellers, born to a life cramped and confined; we are meant to explore, to seek, to push the limits of our potential as human beings. The world of our senses is just a base camp: we are mean to be as much at home in consciousness as in the world of physical reality.

This is a message that thrills men and women in every age and culture. It is for such kindred spirits that these texts were originally composed, and it is for them in our own time that I undertook these translations, in the conviction that they deserve an audience today as much as ever. If these books speak to even a handful of such readers, they will have served their purpose.

~ Eknath Easwaran

Very illuminating Introduction to follow at a later date.

Best Regards,


For the spiritual "white powder of projection" for this thread, I have selected and will utilize a synthesis of Eastern and Western spiritual traditions, with perticular emphasis on the Bhagavad Gita and the Sermon on the Mount. Nothing more will be required I don't think for the spiritual "grokking" element.

Warning: Must have an open mind free from a contemptuous bias prior to investigation.

Note: This will remain entirely scientific, whereby modern science shall be considered the "CUP" to hold our water (or wine) and/or the plate, upon which the spiritual food will be served.
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Second thoughts Re: Ascension Process.

I may have veered off-course just a tad with all the God talk, and with the idea that I will try to give to you, the point of light, the powder of projection, the seed, whatever you want to call it, via use of "the word".

Now of course i cannot help but to at least TRY offer A word, or two.. for "grokking" with the idea that there resides an entirely rational basis for a newfound gnosis and "grand realization", itself now framed perfectly, by the very latest discoveries of modern quantum science; discoveries revealing, in no uncertain terms (things perhaps that everyone can agree upon?) that we`re IT (thou art That), and because I no longer have any doubt whatsoever that there resides right now, fully formed, in potentia (within the human being) the "Perennial Philosophy" rediscovered, which points directly and unequivocally, to a newly realized (and very old) subject/object correlation generative of "unitive experience", or a newfound mind/body unification AND body/world re-integration - that this represents, beginning with the end in mind, a type of destination, whereby, through our mutual re-discovery proces, about who and what we REALLY are, we shall reclaim our very birthright as human beings by reclaiming for ourselves, that which is eternal.

That said (re: the Godtalk, or the notion that i could somehow place this seed of light within you, like a spark of enlightenment) - my "second thoughts" about this, may be reasoned as follows:

The fundamental problem we may be facing, before we can even begin to make any progress up the moutain of increasing knowledge and awareness, even the apex of a grand self-realization or enlightenment, is, just the very thing I was about to try to do, which is to basically try to give to you, or to place inside YOUR head, something that I've discovered, that I think will be "good for you".

To begin, first we must reclaim our OWN higher mind, the loss of which resides within every single indoctrinated thought or idea which has been placed there in the center of our own heads, within our pineal gland (celestial palace), and there, serving, NOT as a gateway to the higher mind (where any relationship with "God" would begin, and when I say God i mean of one's OWN understanding and experience, and, lack thereof, since we can never fully know or understand the Godhead itself, just get present to it in a simple knowing, that it's there), but as a blockage, even a point of imprisonment, behind a locked door, trapped within the realm of self, ego, and what one poster at ATS calls "the thinker". The very LAST thing I would ever want to do, would be to try to shut up the kingdom of heaven in people's faces, neither going in myself nor allowing others, to enter. That would be entirely counter productive to the purpose of this thread, which is for you to be able to reside appropriately and freely and lovingly, within your OWN pineal gland, and higher mind, and not because you took any "point of projection" which I've imparted, but as a process of transformation and ascension, freely chosen by YOU ALONE.

In other words, first, we must reclaim our own mind, and while looking at and considering various pieces of the puzzle, &/or the TOOLS for the work (which I'll still try to lay out on the workbench here), the FIRST things we must do to begin to enter into a new realm of freedom and experience for ourselves which is entirely one of our own choosing, for fun and freedom, more effective living, whatever reason - is to get or "grok" fully, that we sold out on our pineal gland and gave away the keys to the access to the higher mind, by every thought we took in, which came from someone else, whether they were parents, teachers, leaders, or ministers, and, as much as we may love or respect these people, even cherish the value of what they've tried to impart to us, and place in the center of our heads (pineal gland as gateway to higher mind), nevertheless, we've been knocked out of our higher mind and now perish daily without access to our true self, having in effect rented out, the center of our own heads. I`m serious, and I`d ask you to consider just how poised and balanced and equanimous you are at the center of your own mind and your own head...

Fortunately, reclaiming that gateway and space for ourselves is possible, accessible, easy, and fun to do, and so to that end - to create the inner sphere of endless possibility and freedom, through which the individual may begin their OWN ascension process (utilizing whatever reasources or tools they may choose to access) into increasing higher realms (vistas) of knowledge and awareness and therefore, freedom - there is a personal alchemy process I've recently gained access to, involving a series of simple excercises, excercises in meditation and observation, and higher reasoning, which form a type of personal gateway access point which I can make available as we move along. Tools we alone choose, or wield as we wish, being free already.

I just wanted to be clear that I do not want to in any way usurp your freedom, or try to climb into the center of your head. The purpose here is to be helpful, at any and all cost, except at the cost of being hurtful.

The idea of "god" was simply to posit the notion that "enlightenment" can lead to disaster, without an ongoing humility in the presence of absolute perfection, where self-will and ego may be dissolved, within the crucible of the absolute. We don`t want to crash and burn either, and thus my thoughts on the indespensible Ì-Thou relationship.

It's all fun and games until someone loses an i (eye)!

We want to each gain a new eye of our own, and then stand in a new world WE are making and cocreating with one another AND hand in hand with the first/last cause and the alpha and omega of existence, playing our own role, however big or small in the new Great Work, the seeds of which were planted in the past, but which is nevertheless something we must re-disover, for ourselves and on our own, as if for the first time - set free for the sake of freedom.

That is what this thread is about, not me attempting to be a minister, a teacher, a parent, or any sort of enlightened master, and I am by no means that, just very imaginative and talented with the use of language.

I needed to clarify that.

Thanks for listening and reading.

Elixir of Life - to be presented over the next few weeks and in the leadup to Christmas. I want to make it a wonderful, high performance, and very practical post, for everyone's benefit.

Best Regards,

aka NAM
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in the interim..

Terence Mckenna - Novelty

Terence Mckenna - The Importance of Human Beings (part 1 of 2)
Terence Mckenna - The Importance of Human Beings (part 2 of 2)

Human Regeneration

an article published as a booklet, by N. Sri Ram, 1985

Everything that is good, enlightening, that is calculated to alleviate another's trouble and inspire him with courage, every improvement of social, political and other conditions is part of evolution. But we must discover what is most worth doing by us, what we should especially aim at, because the needs of humanity are so very various.

The Masters of Wisdom, who aid evolution, although They are interested in all changes that make for human progress, are especially concerned with the spiritual regeneration of mankind, which is of fundamental importance. Because, when that takes place, all else follows. The forces that are brought into play in the regeneration will themselves have their effect on the external conditions. But if the changes are merely external, after a time they may all be lost or undone. There have been various golden ages in the history of mankind, epochs when life was tranquil, when people were happy and kind and good; but all of them have vanished, and we have come into this strife, the present confusion and misery.

We can see, therefore, that merely to produce an outer change is not enough. It is like teaching good manners. There has to be a change in man fundamentally. This is precisely what Krishnamurti speaks of and aims at, a certain fundamental change as a consequence of which all the necessary changes in organization and behavior will come about automatically and with the greatest possible ease. When you see for yourself what is the truth, you will act in accordance with that truth. You do not then need any direction, except that truth. What the Masters want, in addition to anything useful that we may be doing or may be able to do, is this regeneration, beginning with ourselves. The possibility of such regeneration, even the predestination of it, is perhaps the most inspiring truth of Theosophy.

In the regions where there is a change of seasons, such as Europe, a tree of the deciduous type grows old each autumn and sheds its leaves. It looks as though it is dead in winter, but then it is reborn in spring with fresh foliage and flowers. This is a phenomenon that repeats itself. Now the same thing happens with regard to every human being; for we die and are reborn as physical and psychic entities, and with each death the collection of previous memories belonging to the past life completely falls away, and we come back fresh and pure with a new nature. But we are unable to retain this nature; we do not remain clean or fresh or tender as we were when we were born. Very quickly we are overlaid with impressions, we become distorted and coloured in various ways and cease to be what we were in the innocence and charm of our childhood.

Though the past is dead, the tendencies of the past come to life again; they are so deep-rooted that they do not die for a very long time; they remain buried in the soil of our nature. Even when everything on the surface has died, they persist and grow again. They become active as soon as there are conditions favourable to their activity. You may see a child that is most charming, with beautiful possibilities, but after a few years somehow all that charm is gone. Look at the same individual grown into a man or woman, or later still when the meridian has been reached and passed. He or she is so hard and set, the beauty of the early years a mere memory, perhaps dissipated, with the phenomenon of decay writ large on the person. But if the environment is favourable, the undesirable tendencies may remain latent, even for a whole lifetime. This is understandable from our own experience of people. A person may have certain inward cravings or propensities, but without opportunities for these to be indulged they seem non-existent. In the absence of temptation many of us can surely be virtuous. The tendencies rest like mud at the bottom of a river. The water flows over the mud, it is clean and usable, but when there is a gale, flood or some other disturbance, it becomes muddy at once, charged with all the impurities that till then had lain quiet on the river bed.

In our modern life, where everything is being stirred up to a degree, there is no lack of opportunity for any latent tendency to be awakened. The merest breath of an influence seems enough sometimes to start it into action, just as a faint odour of liquor is sufficient to revive the craving of a drunkard. In these days because of so much movement, so much taking place, that affects people in different ways, so many thoughts, activities and distractions, the influences are very much more mixed than they were ever before. Therefore deterioration sets in all the more quickly; the charm, freshness and innocence which could last longer under more natural conditions tend soon to wear away.

But there comes a time in the long series of lives - it does not come by itself, because the human intelligence and will are involved in the process - when the soul is able to rid itself completely of the effects of the past, it sheds its accumulation once for all and stands out in its own pure nature.

It may be asked: what about the capacities that have been developed? The capacities remain because they belong not to the outer nature but to the soul. The mere accumulation of experience is not an unmixed blessing. When people say that they must have experience, is the experience they seek itself a good thing? The seeking of experience can mean dissipation, it generally hardens an individual, and produces complexities. But in the very process of accumulating experience, of making money, for instance, certain capacities are developed. We learn how to deal with the differences of the material world with a mind which becomes gradually rapier-like and all-round in its movements. These capacities, in themselves, belong to the pure nature of the soul.

If we think of the soul as pure being, active with a pure consciousness, what eclipses its nature, supresses it, is the distortion which that consciousness undergoes. There is some distortion in each one of us but we become so accustomed to it that we are not conscious that it exists. We think we are natural when we are unnatural; we even believe in being artificial. It is this distorted consciousness, which assumes a certain shape, acts in a certain specific way, in each case, which we call our minds.

It is only by attaining a knowledge of whatever distortions exist, whatever illusions, that we can become free of them. Then the consciousness regains its natural state because of an extraordinary elasticity innate in its nature. It then attains an expertness and ease, of which we do not have any idea at present.

Reverting to the analogy of a plant, the spiritual man is a plant which has freshly sprung from its root, but without any deteriorating elements. Everything of the outer nature except the developed capacities has falle away. He is a new man reborn in spirit. He is a plant whose whole nature is now irradiated with the essence of its incorruptible roots. The roots of our being are always undecaying. They are in that deepest spiritual part of ourselves which is untouched by the experience that we undergo on the superficial side of ourselves. But if we think of the mind or the consciousness which springs from those roots, that can be both spiritual and material.

The mind
The mind has a dual nature. In Samskrit the mind which deals with the differences of matter (and is affected by them) is termed Manas. It is that mind which thinks in terms of differences and establishes the relations of thought. But the mind which knows the unity and experiences it, is termed Buddhi. These are two terms kept separate in Samskrit philosophy. There is a part of Manas which is one with Buddhi and that is the more spiritual part, as distinguished from its material complement. They are essentially one, but separate in manifestation and even opposed to each other when the latter is under the dominance of sensations of matter and the desires which those sensations breed through memory. It is really desire in every form which causes our troubles. If I desire something and am bent on getting it, and someone hinders me, I flare up into resentment. From desire anger is born, as says the Bhagavad Gita. It is the desire for position or power or enjoyment of any sort which makes us egotistic and indifferent to others. Absorbed in its pursuit we have no attention or consideration to give to anybody or anything else.

It is only when a particular weakness shows itself in an exaggerated form that we generally realize its true nature. So long as it is of small magnitude and does not show itself forcibly, we excuse ourselves by saying it is a trifle, a common failing, it is human to be so. We do not treat poison as poison until it becomes dangerous. It is the influence of our wishes and hopes on our way of looking at things which is the cause of so many illusions, because if you desire something very much, you become willing to accept the conditions for its satisfaction.

Fundamentally the trouble lies in our attachment to the experiences we have had in the past. When this attachment becomes active we call it desire, but even when it is not active the attachment remains. If I have been addicted to drink, and even if at the present moment I do not have feel the craving, the craving is still there. It will raise its head very soon, because there is a period of activation which has to alternate with a period of rest due to bodily changes. This has to be deeply understood and realized. The understanding which is needed is not just a mental understanding, which is superficial. Such an understanding does not change the will because it is full of mental reservations. When we realize a truth for ourselves completely and freely, the truth then frees us from the errors and superstitions which flourish in its absence. We are not any one of us as free as we imagine ourselves to be; we think we are free when we have a kind of superficial outward freedom. But from the inner standpoint we have only freedom to loose our freedom, which we do quickly.

When there is freedom at last for Manas, which is the intelligence that deals with the differences of matter, it becomes united with Buddhi in which resides a knowledge of the unity, and which is its true counterpart. The higher spiritual nature which belongs to Buddhi manifests itself then in the field of Manas and it is for the latter a rebirth out of matter into Spirit. This is a change of vast significance, which has to take place in every individual. The mind, having freed itself completely from the influences to which it was previously subject, attains a state in which it is unaffected by the changing conditions of matter. It is unaffected, yet at the same time extraordinarily quick in its perceptions and movements. It does not lose its sensitiveness, on the other hand it becomes a thousand times more impressionable than before. It is alive to every change, feels every impact, is able to give itself completely to each phenomenon of life that arises. Normally when we do something, listen to music, for instance, we do not listen with the whole of our capacity, making ourselves completely empty and negative, so as to drink in every note and perceive the significance of that note in the relationship of notes. We meet life, almost every phenomenon of life, with only a little portion fo ourselves. If we imagine an individual as a sphere of being, which is both capacity and sensibility, it is just a segment of it with which we meet the world in which we live and move.

But when the consciousness becomes free from the fixed images with which it is clogged, from the fixed patterns of its thought and feeling, it becomes completely elastic, then it is able at each moment of time to give itself totally to the experience of that moment. It is mobile and responsive in every way; yet along with this mobility and responsiveness, it is able to remain unaffected by fluctuations of external conditions, by 'heat and cold, honour and dishonour, success and failure,' to use the language of the Bhagavad Gita. These things just come and go, like ripples on a sheet of water. The consciousness merely reflects the changes, registers them, understands them, and they pass. It is sensitive and tranquil at the same time, a beautiful state to be in. It would not be correct to think that because a Yogi is sensitive he must be easily disturbed; because he is open, he must be affected by every influence. He is open, but not disturbed. His consciousness is like an ocean of sensitive calm, which enfolds everything, but mixes with nothing.

the alphabet of spiritual living
What we are learning is merely the alphabet of spiritual living. We must learn, for instance, to be conscious of how we are living. Then there comes a time when the moment we think something, say something or form a judgement based on our personal reactions contrary to the whole purpose of our life as we understand it, we are aware that the wrong note has been struck. The state at which we should aim is an awareness of all that we are doing; which does not mean we should become highly self-conscious, absorbed in our own thoughts and feelings. For that would also become a hindrance. But the moment the wrong not is struck there must be a feeling that that note does not belong to the music of our being. That would be really the perfection of self-knowledge.

But we have to begin somewhere, we cannot immediately reach that perfection. I do not think that any one of us can do it, unless of course he has already prepared himself. Therefore we make a certain beginning with discipline in daily life, including some meditation, study and so on. When there is self-awareness, we do not imagine that we do anything more than just begin a new kind of life. But to know the path along which we should go and be humble is a great thing. A fundamental contradiction in ourselves is between the self and the ideal with which it seeks to clothe itself. We have to become aware of the contradiction.

When we really understand the problem, how complete is the nature of the change that is required, we cease to be impatient. It does not matter how long it takes, we know the direction and we should follow it; there will be many problems and we can tackle them. Our impatience really born out of ambition; it is a condition of feverishness, which arises because we want to 'get there', instead of understanding the problems that we should deal with. The attitude that we should adopt is that of taking things as they are and doing the best with them, dealing with the situation in the outside world and the situation in ourselves. We should do what we can each moment and pass on quietly to the next.

Even short of the fundamental change that has to be brought about, there can be a regenerated humanity, in the sense of a humanity redeemed by its better nature. There is good and there is evil in all of us, and as mentioned already, under favourable conditions the better nature will prevail. Mankind can be helped to see what is right and what is true; that is part of our work. It may be that we cannot yet do all that it might be possible for us to do some day but then we can help our fellowmen to the extent of our capacity. We can do this through the teachings of Theosophy and by our own example. If we begin in a small way we will find that we are able to do more and more. That is an extraordinary thing to find out and discover for oneself. You begin to give of our affection to those around you, you will find there is more affection to give; you begin serving in some way, you will find that there are ways in which you can serve better. There is an infinity in each one of us out of which to give and we have to discover that infinity for ourselves by the giving, and there is not other way. If you sit in a chair and say, now I am going to discover the infinity within myself, you will never discover it. It is only by making the current flow that more can be made to flow.

It was said by one of the Great Ones: Forget yourself only to remember the good of other people. We cannot have better advice than that. But how to forget ourselves? All of us are so preoccupied with ourselves, with what we want, what we aim at, the position which we should hold, the estimation which other people should have of ourselves, what we may lose, so many things, so many thoughts and interests, centered in what we call 'ourselves'. If we can forget ourselves, we will find that our progress will become easy, it will take place swiftly and naturally, because it then becomes a process of unfoldment from within. Then we will be able to realize the truth of the saying in Light on the Path, 'Grow as the flower grows, unconsciously,' but open to all that is good and true and beautiful. We can have the most perfect assurance as to our goal and progress. Why should we be concerned with our progress? It takes place by itself. Our only concern is with how we should live and what we should do now.

Concentrate on anything in life except yourself and your wants, on Truth, on the Masters, on the help to be given, on understanding those about you, you will find that what you concentrate on, without bringing yourself into it, acquires a certain deep significance. It is the obsession with oneself which is the greatest impediment. The whole problem of the spiritual life consists in this abolition of self, in living our life without thinking too much of ourselves, in doing what we can to help others.

posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 06:47 PM
I actually thought the elixer of life was already mentioned but secretly hidden in the text after text, guess not. haha

Thx for the latest additions! I'll be reading on them.

posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 09:40 PM
reply to post by platipus

Heh! I think the spiritual elixir has been mentioned now (but no, the other, for the physical body temple hasn't yet), which (the spiritual water of life) would would be some sort of "ah HA" moment, and felt experience, apprehending, once and for all time (once "grokked" something cannot be ungrokked, since it's already integrated) - one's "own" true position in the grand scheme of things at the end of time, through an eternally unfolding present moment, or a SHIFT, of some kind, a reframe, placing the subjective person into an infinitely larger objective reality, NOW residing, in a newfound, unimaginably vast (and joyful) realm, of limitless freedom and possibility, in other words, seeing and having an experience or a grokking of the eternal moment, and the creator within, and without, "as above so below" (Hermes).

This notion, this Gnosis, that we've caught up with, the creator, as consciousness itself, within an increasingly self consciously aware universe (even one through our own inclusion and addition), can be still further supported, scientifically, by the work of a quantum physicist by the name of Amit Goswami, who posits the notion in his seminar work "The Self Aware Universe", very effectively I might add (doing away with all the quantum paradoxes in the process), that we in fact inhabit a non-local, quantum holographic universe who's underlying framework, or foundation is the Perennial Philisophy of what he calls "Monsitic Idealism", whereby consciousnes is primary, clearly differentiated from our present, and fast passing away "Materialist Monism", which is a faulty presupposition (matter is primary), since the latter is unable to address clearly the quantum paradoxes, which the former resolves satisfactorily.

The implication of this, is that "we" our innermost knowing self, the self who actually possesses free will, and therefore the power to choose, cannot be located in time and space. It is not 3 dimensional and therefore, not bounded stricly within the apparent limitations of a 3dimensional body locked into an arrow of time (timespace). Our brain-mind it too, operates at both a 3 dimensional classical level in terms of learned behavior and response to stimuli ie: memory, and pattern making, althgouh from that perspective free will isn't even possible, BUT - we also are in possession of a quantum holographic mind, which co-exists with the Godmind of the Akashic Field or the Zero Point Field and it, as the choosing self and the knower of the field, is the only aspect of our mind which possesses free will, and therefore also the soul, the Self (with a capital S) the atman/Brahman and God. At it's very heart, within the Pineal Gland as the temple palace at the center of the head, lurks the capacity, at least in potentia, for the self referrencially generated and thus self-realized soliton, of God-consciousness, where we come to stand relative to the whole of all creation, in a timeless, spaceless moment of unbounded possibility, free to choose, and included, in it, at the most fundamental level aka the kingdom of heaven on earth (matter made spirit). Physically, this can occur through the formation of a type of neurological Bose-Einstein condensate of sorts, whereby we have the self falling into universal consciousness and the ground of being, without the loss of self awareness or of having a position, relative to the whole, of everything; a God-self of some sort.

We of course at least touch into it all the time and every night when we sleep in dreamless sleep. We ARE it, at the free Self (the transcendant "I Am") level, who stands at the end of a Von Neumann catastrophe (preventing it), or upholding the Shroedenger wave equation, which otherwise simply bifurcates endlessless in indeterminacy and throughout the multiverse (never actualizing), and so provided that we say YES when we mean yes, and NO when we mean no, and do not waver and get washed away in the process, diluted, and, provided we do not assign strong black and white judgements, then THERE IT IS, the door, the gateway of eternal life, and we can then freely come and go until we are able to become fully established our truest selves, within it, having ascended, so to speak, the physical, now spiritualized, since we, our innermost observing self and knower, is also the creator who made us in his own image, and filled us with the Perusha (oneness of pure spirit) and then included us in his own creation, that we might come to some day realize or rediscover Himself as OurSelf! We are the seeds of Godself awareness implanted in his own creation. We are God awake and aware, with Love.

Our typical thoughts and our self (small s) then, are just a datastream, vortexes of patterning, and learned behavior at varying levels of so-called consciousness and unconciousness, but "we" (pure Godself conscious awaraeness) stand on the other side of this materialist arrow of time reality, and

- behold the river and the flow of life, from an unmoved but very pleasant and rewarding position, because this river is made of the water of everlasting life. The two trees on either side of this river then represent your bicameral brainmind.

There's the spiritual elixir.

The physical superfood is to follow, but the spiritual, is by far the most important, the more essential.

Water of Life! (glasses clinking)

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posted on Nov, 25 2010 @ 10:28 PM
The main idea behind the Elixir of Life, as a physical substance, is derived by a type of reverse engineering rationale, drawing from the modern science, which states uniquivocally, that our body, like our mind, and like the universe itself, has, or I should say had, a dual nature, comprised of a physical material body, and a non-localized, quantum-holographic light body, although for our purposes, since we are trying to perform Alchemy or the spiritualization of matter, it would be better to consider these things like sheaths of manifest reality, all of which are contained in one holistic, multifaceted, hyperdimensional, reality, or existence, wherein consciousness, and not matter, is primary. Like the classical universe of stars and planets and of matter as the crystalization of light, our body may be thought of as an information processing superstructure, or, in effect, a superconducting quantum-holographic, supercomputer, imbedded self referrencially, within the Akashic Field or universal consciousness, which is the very STUFF of life itself, as well as it's first/last cause.
A fountain comes to mind here, as an emergent wellspring of new life and new possibility.
Will the physical Elixir convey eternal youth, no. But it will allow us to have more vitality, to feed our whole body, both physical and nophysical, it will allow us to age more gracefully, and keep us free from sickness, while we get to work at playing a bigger game in terms of the spiritual aspects of our Magnum Opus or Great Work.
It will be like having a vital edge, on a whole host of levels, in our effort (and effortless ease), to bring about a new Golden Age via a new Regeneration of Human Being. And of course if we wish the world to change then we must start with our own selves and be the very change we seek (Gandhi), outwardly, while wielding ever more power (freedom of choice born of increased awareness) to influence and shape the world around us, in whatever way, however big or small, however fast or slow, as the free will causal agents of change, or realms of possibility (transformation) that we really are, by virtue of our inclusion, and our free will. At the very least it will help to get us moving in the RIGHT direction, for ourselves our families and for the world and all humanity, to be or to use the new arrow of time as a new tool of creativity, and for us we have all the time in the world..!

Energy. Its about gathering and utilizing more energy by many many orders of magnitude, in service to a much larger purpose, thus expanding ever further, our innermost being, in increasing spheres of knowledge, and Godliness, provided that our primary aim and purpose is to be most helpful to others, in acceptance and unconditional love

So its not intended simply to heal, but to heal for a greater purpose, in alignment with the objectives and principals of Alchemy, which inform it and empower it to the very nth degree.

If we have understanding first, then whatever we do and become will surely be blessed.

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posted on Dec, 2 2010 @ 08:13 PM
Re: The Power of Food, Superfoods of the World and The Elixir of Life - now that my home internet connection is back up (that's what happens when I pay my bills!), I'll be able to add that information and promise to do so over the coming month in the lead up to Christmas. It will change the way you look at food, and may cause you to devote the neccessary time, energy and resources, as I have, to begin assembling all the materials needed for a totally awesome Daily Supersmoothie Elixir, but I have to warn you in advance that it doesn't come on the cheap. To get started and build a base of supplies for your first 30-60-90 days, will run anywhere from five hundred up to a thousand dollars, but imo it's worth every penny, when you consider how much money we spend on nutrient deficient foods, fast food, junk food, etc etc., heck a holiday down south will run you a couple grand right there, where this is the type of thing that goes with you, month in, month out, year after year, while re-building and preserving your body temple with dramatically increased health, vitality, and LONGEVITY. Also, I've found that once your base of supplies has been established, that keeping it up and adding to it thereafter, is much much easier from a financial perspective, and that's when the fun and enjoyment REALLY starts, as your Supermoothie Elixir starts to become, via strategic aquisitions (ie: Ormus powder) ever more potent, and powerful, and thus increasingly pleasurable both to make, and to consume daily.

posted on Dec, 2 2010 @ 11:16 PM
in the interim..

Reclaiming the Pineal Gland and Stepping into Higher Mind

Personal Alchemy Excercise #1)

There is an excercise I picked up from a "Mastering Alchemy" instruction guide, that you can do, to re-center yourself in your Pineal Gland in the center of your own head (don't think brain, but "head"), by creating, in effect, an imaginary little Homunculus figure (a mini you) imagined, with felt experience, to be located within the pineal gland (in the center of your head). At the same time, this process results in a powerful CLEARING away, of any old, outdated or unwanted thoughts and intrusions, cares and concerns, troubles and sorrows, which may be constraining you, from realizing your true self in self knowledge (know thyself), and to begin from that gateway clearing, an exploratory process, both within, or innerantly, and without, walking "hand in hand" with transcendant higher being, and ever higher self ie: unto Atman/Brahman or self with a capital S, while never forsaking one's own fundamental I-Thou relationship WITH the Absolute (with a capital A) who is, by virtue of BEING the Absolute, forever transcendant, and therefore continually available for further exploration of increasing realms of expansive Freedom and Love, forever.

This realization will then lead us inexorably on to the concept of Bhakti Yoga, or the eternal loving devotional inter-relationship and thus, experience, between the Lover, and the Beloved, through loving devotional service, which, I would add, can be rendered as much to self (for the purpose of being more helpful) as to the other, as it can to God. In practical terms, since God the Absolute cannot be fully understood, it is only through Bhakti that he may be realized in human experience, whether in action or inaction, bringing about Samadhi or a felt experience of the deathless state of eternal life, through the eternal love IN God (Lover-Beloved-Love) which can never end, and is here already, perhaps even our true, grounded state of mind, and the state of mind we once had during the last Golden Age of Mankind. This thread itself then, is really just part of my own Bhakti, however feeble the attempt.

To get started with the Pineal Gland excercise, I will quote, from the book "Spirit Matters" by Jim Self, and Roxanne Burnett.


As children and adults, you've been given instructions on how to keep your bodies fit and your intellect keen. In fact, it is of extreme value in this culture to be healthy and smart; it's part of what constitutes success and attractiveness. What you haven't been given much instruction about, however, is how to develop and utilize the Center of Your Head.

The clarity of the Center of Your Head affects the health and quality of your life experience as much as your brain and body does. This is where we go to solve problems, daydream and simply listen. When the Center of Your Head is clean and quiet, you're ready to begin creating with full potential. Have you ever felt the creative urge to cook something delicious and then walked into the kitchen to find it littered with dishes and towels and remnants of meals past? In your enthusiasm for the new project, you probably took time to prepare the space, wipe the counters and clean the kitchen before preparing the dish. In order to enjoy the preparation phase of your special meal, it's neccessary to clean up and make the kitchen ready. It's not comfortable to chop vegetables when the counters are piled high. You remove old clutter and energy and re-set the room for your purpose.

The same is true for the Center of Your Head. When you attempt to make decisions, solve problems or design something delicious while sitting in a place that is cluttered and dusty or filled with other people's opinions, you can get confused and lose your motivation and creativity. Before you can be an effective creator and a Master Thinker, you must first clearn the Center of Your Head and make it yours.

Energy Tool #1 - Center of Your Head

For this excercise, please follow what's being suggested, and return to the screen only as needed. Once mastered, repeat process without accessing these instructions.

1.) Find a quiet place to sit where you won't be disturbed for a few minutes. Your office, with door closed, can work.

2.) Get comfortable and check in with your Grounding Line (to be explained in more detail later, for now, just imagine a 6 inch beam of light attached from the base of your spine to the center of the Earth, capable of drawing in and sending down the line, any and all concerns, worries, problems, etc.). If using your Grounding Line has become part of your life, you will find it virtually always attached.

3.) When you first begin indentifying the Center of Your Head, you may need to use your fingers (remember this is just play, as in Kindergarten. Besides, one one is watching you right now anyway). Close your eyes and place the index finger of each hand above and slightly to the front of each ear. Draw an imaginary line between your fingertips.

4.) Now move one index finger to a point in the center of your forehead and the other directly behind your head. Draw another imaginary line.

5.) Notice where the two lines intersect. This is the exact location of the Center of Your Head (and Pineal Gland).

6.) Take a breath and begin to create a room at the intersection of the two lines. It can be a place in nature or a room with walls, crystals, anything. Imagine this place with any decor you like. Include a hot tub and an ultimate sound system if you wish or the babbling creek and redwood trees. Make it yours. Own it. Take your time and give yourself permission to imagine.

7.) Visualize a comfortable chair or bed or place to stand in the Center of Your Head. This will be "Command Central", and from here you can direct creations, decisions and solutions. Some people enjoy installing a control panel with dials and switches.

8.) Look around. If you find any living creature in there with you, be it human or animal, ask them to leave, return to the center of their heads, or stand outside the boundaries of your space. This is your turf and your space - alone. When others are in the Center of Your Head, they tend to give their opinions and influence your decisions and creations. This is the pattern you are changing. You may enjoy making an amuzing trap door to dispose of stubborn visitors. Or create various enticements to move them outside. Whatever works, use it.

When you are comfortable in there, and the kitchen counters are clean, you may begin cooking (so to speak). Here are some ideas for experimentation.:

- Experiment with noticing your Grounding Line from the Center of Your Head.

- Notice the sounds and sensations around your physical body. Notice if you can keep your attention in the Center of Your Head or if your attention moves to the sound. You can't get this wrong either way.

- Notice what thoughts or people, concerns or noise begin to pop up. Sometimes as we begin to take management of our attention and intentionally direct it to what interests us, the old thoughts and people we've been giving attention to all these years may protest by appearing or voicing their opinions. Begin to intentionally throw these noisy people and thoughts down the Grounding Line.

- How does your body feel? You may notice new sensations such as tingling or warmth.

- You may add to and subtract from the decor as your mood and needs change.

As you practice sitting in the Center of Your Head, you will experience a stillness and ebbing away of stress and noise. Balance returns to your mind and body and emotions. This is a place of power, for when you are still and balanced, with your attention focused and uncluttered, decisions are sharper, creations are fuller and solutions are clearer. Making business and life decisions while sitting comfortably in the Center of Your Head will be stress-free and accurate.

The following is my edited addition based on additional learning, study, and experience.

9.) Open and close your eyes, either slowly, quickly, intermittantly, or for prolonged periods while retaining your position in the Center of Your Head. Do not think about anything at all, just be. When observing your physical space with eyes opened, remain Centered, and keep coming back from moves to various objects, you know what they are, let them be without labelling or differentiating to any significant degree. After doing this for a while

10.) Breathe, stretch, as if the excercise is over, stand up and walk around for a bit, while being more aware of your focus of attention, and then remember being in the Center of Your Head. Take this felt experience with you as you walk around, normally, and note how easily this place of centeredness, peace and equanimity may be accessed, even when just walking around and being yourself.

11.) Stepping into Higher Mind:
Sitting down again, remaining comfortably and peacefully in the Ceter of Your Head (in the "crystal palace" of your own Pineal Gland), with eyes closing on breath, imagine, after remaining calmly there for a while, moving ever so slightly, just one inch UP from center, and then about an inch and a half BACK into the space of Higher Mind.
Notice the felt shift here, into a much more expansive domain, within whom resides the knower of the whole field (which by extension includes the entire Body Temple)

12) Floating in Higher Mind now, just one inch up and an inch and a half back from the Center of Your Head (in truth, it's not located anywhere in particular, this locale simply operating as a starting point of reference for High Mind or Self (with a capital S), imagine now moving forward an inch and a half, then down an inch, back into the Center of Your Head, and the Pineal Gland. Open your eyes, but do not go out from Center, nor try to label individual objects or things. Proceed to open and close eyes as you like, to enjoy the felt experience of being BOTH in the Center of the Head AND in the Physical World, recognizing that this place is always and forever accessible to you.
With eyes either open or closed (doesn't matter any more now) - Stepping back up, into, Higher Mind, move one inch up, and an inch and a half back. We could call this space "Big Mind" if we like. It's very very large, expansive, free, and filled with the joy of being utterly complete, and not without or lacking in anything, ever. Like some sort of universal dome, or vault to heaven, this is Big Mind. We might even inquire of Big Mind - who are you, or WHERE are you?

Next, we shall begin to cultivate Big Heart, which goes with Big Mind, and integrates the two in a complete Body Temple, and this is accomplished perhaps bext by inquiring of Big Heart - who are YOU?

Between the two, in terms of felt experience, the idea here would now involve allowing or permitting Big Mind/Big Heart to being fully present together, amid a very very high degree of increasing..





likability (say "I like me", even if you're not sure how likable you really are!)

and everlasting security, unconditional love, acceptance - simply bearing witness to the truth, the knower of the field, the Atman who is the highest self and who IS Brahman, since there is a quintessential relationship BETWEEN the two.

once that sense impression and felt experience is fully established, open and close eyes, and then walk around with it, as normal, just ah kind of happily elevated I guess you could say..

Question: Is there a joke to be had here somewhere at your own expense or at the expense of some prior folly or fear or ignorance..?

Whether you can answer that or not, just use it as a point of leverage, the question - is there a joke? to increase your mirth and sense of humour, amid curiosity and amuzement, even at being an eternal being housed for the moment in this monkey body, with your name on it!

Whatever allows you to cultivate the accompanying felt experience of

Happiness (smiling)
Likeability ("I Like Me")
Expansiveness, Peace, Awareness (knowing..)
Beingness, without thought or judgement or labelling or differentiating..

The suchness of the isness of being and becoming, without end or limitation. Hang out there as much as possible, and your life will well up from within into everlasting life, because an experience once realized, cannot be undone or forgotten.

"Knock and the door will be opened to you."

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posted on Dec, 3 2010 @ 01:08 AM

Pineal Gland ReActivation

To facilitate the physical re-activation, and opening, of your pineal gland, in effect turning it and by extension your endocrine system, to full power, as previously discussed in this thread here, the following free soundtracks may be utilized as well. However, I still think the excercise in the previous post is even more valuable, since this is after all a spiritual quest first and foremost.

Free Binaural Beat, Brainwave Entrainment Soundtracks
(compliments of moi - you're most welcome!). Note: If you want access to these download them ASAP (via ZShare) as the links don't remain active forever, once use dwindles.

1) Harmonic Resonance (Hemi-Sync). Already made avilable previously.

2) Eternal Presence (X Mind Series)

3) Star Trip (X Mind)

4) Cosmic Energy (X Mind)

5) Bach To The Future Alpha-Theta-Delta (Homemade, laid over Classical Music with Schumann Resonance imbedding)

Instructions for Use:

1. Sit comfortably in a darkened room, sterio headphones on (the higher quality the better, but any will work), eyes closed. Rest and "sink" comfortably into chair and ground, until body-asleep, mind-awake state is realized (it's not hard with BB entrainment to get there fast).

2. Keep previous excercise in mind for positioning of the observing self, as a focal point of awareness (not getting carried away into unconsciousness, having no fixed point of awareness or attention).

3. Breathe.

4. Allow body to go to sleep, while retaining conscious awareness if possible.

5. Do not worry if you fall asleep. Next time, simply attempt to remain awake with focal point of self awareness for a longer period. There is no right or wrong here.

Do not use while driving or using machinery, obviously..


Pineal Gland Health Tip: It should be noted that large doses of vitamin C, administered for a while, can reverse the effects of calcification of the pineal gland, due to substances like flouride. Vitamin D, is also highly recommended for inter-cellular communication throughout the Body Temple, since every cell contains many receptors for vitamin D (like due to our evolutionary past, where we spent a lot of our time outdoors in the sun).

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