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Dead, dying coral found near BP spill called 'smoking gun'

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posted on Nov, 5 2010 @ 10:12 PM
'We have never seen anything like this,' chief researcher says...

Scientists returning from an expedition off the Gulf Coast said Friday they found dead and dying deepwater coral near the BP oil spill site that was covered in a brown substance.

"The compelling evidence that we collected constitutes a smoking gun" that the substance is tied to the BP spill, the chief researcher on the cruise, Penn State biologist Charles Fisher, said in a statement Friday.
"We have never seen anything like this," he added. "The visual data for recent and ongoing death are crystal clear and consistent over at least 30 colonies; the site is close to the Deepwater Horizon; the research site is at the right depth and direction to have been impacted by a deep-water plume, based on NOAA models and empirical data; and the impact was detected only a few months after the spill was contained."
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posted on Nov, 5 2010 @ 10:15 PM
I wonder what sort of price tag is attached to this sort of destruction when someone's head on a platter isn't even enough.

posted on Nov, 6 2010 @ 09:10 AM
It is really frustrating to read how the scientists describe being so surprised by this. The UK banned use of Corexit BECAUSE it was shown to kill coral colonies. These scientists are either lying or they are idiots. Either way, they do not deserve a paycheck for their "work."

Thanks for posting this info to keep us informed!

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