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2 UFO Lucid dreams back to back the past week.

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posted on Nov, 5 2010 @ 02:31 PM
Hey ATS, I'll jump right into it. I have lucid dreams every night, and every morning I wake up and recollect what happened and replay it like a movie, full color, full detail. I have a photographic memory, so that might have something to do with it. Anyway, I would like you to help me make sense of some of these lucid dreams I have been having for I can't turn to anyone else because they will think I'm crazy.

1st Night:

I dreamt of lights flying around in the sky.. in a rural environment (My parents live in the boonies but now I live in a city and all of my dreams are usually in a city based environment).. I was outside smoking a cigarette, and I looked south over my parent's roof and an opening came out of the sky. And Jesus appeared as a HUGE light, just looking down at me, and out of FEAR I dropped down to my knees and prayed to him. Mind you, I am NOT religious at all.. I am a Catholic.. but I haven't been to church in many years and I believe more in the Law of One haha. Anyway... a few of the lights came down and out of no where a chubby elderly man with glasses appeared. He told me he was God and that I could have anything I wanted, three wishes (really cliche lol). I sat there and thought in my dream.. literally.. and I couldn't think of anything because I didn't want to give in if he was like the devil or something and it was a trick.. again, out of fear I declined, but he gave me a power to fly around.. which is random but was pretty sweet.

2nd Night:

I was in the city, in my neighborhood. I was drunk in a party in my old dorm room freshman year. It was really dark though and the layout of the campus and everything was backwards. Anyway, I looked out my window and saw comets or asteroids or something that looked like flaming balls of fire smashing into the area. I hid under my bed which turned into a little metal bunker, and waited. Then I had a FLASHBACK in my dream of me as a kid hiding under my bed, and under my bed felt huge, with stuffed animals and such all around me, and it was day out, the room lit up. Then it went right back into me being under my bed at the party.. and I came out and looked through the curtains and saw not lights, but saucers zipping around in the sky. Then when the asteroids stopped hitting around. I went outside and the city turned into a "party night" again, people were walking around, drinking, having a good time. Then a few people that looked like humans came up to me, and explained how they were aliens. And one of them was really attractive. And I remember having like a connection to her. It was so strange. Then I woke up.

Sorry if they sound stupid but you have to understand I recall all my dreams and they are like movies to me that I can replay whenever I think about them, and they have to mean something.


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