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Another "OMG horrible event coming this day" thread? Really?

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posted on Nov, 4 2010 @ 05:53 PM
So John Titor was a fake, D4rk kn1ght was a fake, it has not came yet but I will stick with 12-21-2012 being just another day also. The doom and gloom crowd comes out with some new scenario each month.

Normally it is some YouTube video or some weirdo nut cases web site saying they had a vision given to them from their space friends that they have over for dinner on a regular basis that these threads seem to use as “proof” the world is going to end or experience extreme destruction of some sort. The threads go on to spread fear and terror just like the big media corporations do to the rest of the public.

It seems people have a need to live in constant fear of something happening to them or of death. People are not immortal and all of us die at some time, there is no stopping it.

Admittedly it is fun to play the “what if” game from time to time. However, as of recently (the last year or so) every other thread seems to be a “we are all going to die OMG” thread.

This would not even be half bad if more research was put into the thread to start with, and if the authors of such threads acknowledged that they might be wrong and offer some sort of logical proof to their claims. At one time you were laughed at and told to find real sources if you used YouTube video or Wikipedia as a source on ATS. It appears that has changed dramatically. I am not saying either are bad, just that they should not be the foundation of the entire thread.

I am staring to think that ATS has been infiltrated by those hoping to stir up others and cause all of us to be seen as a threat and as nut cases. It seems the media loves to point out that some wacko gunman (or whatever) believed such and such conspiracy or something similar. Do I care what others think? Not really. That being said though I would hate to see laws become more strict and cause problems for ATS members and those like us.

If ATS has done anything for me since I first found it is that it taught me to be more skeptical and demand a higher form of information. I enjoy many of the threads on ATS; many are put together very well with a great deal of research put into them. Then we have those that do nothing but spread fear and lower the standards of ATS.

Please before posting another thread saying some terrible event is coming put forth some real information. Something more than a YouTube video or some wacko persons web site. Again, you can include them in the thread and even in the OP, it just seems sad to base the whole doom and gloom thread on one video or web site.


posted on Nov, 4 2010 @ 06:18 PM
I spent quite a few hours working on a thread the other day about the link between birth trauma and stroke later in life, and it got very little attention. No worries it happens. But then on the front page of ATS there was a thread with 40 odd flags and even more stars, that basically involved a link to a YouTube video about some random doom prediction.

Lucky for me it's not about stars and flags right?

posted on Nov, 4 2010 @ 06:23 PM
reply to post by Raist
90 % of all conspiracy's are fake , but they are fun to read about . The 2012 conspiracy is the icing on the cake , I think it will be funny as hell when nothing happens.

posted on Nov, 4 2010 @ 06:28 PM
reply to post by Big Raging Loner

I agree it is not about stars and flags. More of a respect thing and at least some notice to real news.

I have been around ATS for years. I do more reading than anything else, as can be seen by my profile, but I prefer seeing some real stories linked to more than a video.

I think I know the thread you are talking about. Today it was on the top of the page and now has over 300 flags. It is centered around nothing more than a YouTube video and each time the author has been challenged he told people to bring proof of their claims. The only thing that poster had to back them though was the video.

Seriously, ATS used to have some very solid content on nearly every thread. Now the good threads are beat down by doom and gloom BS. Even the deal about the war ships in India has been shown to have reason but those few posts were not even noticed.

Instead of logic, many seem to be falling into the fear without real reason. I truly believe people need to live in fear. I am not sure why but it seems to help them cope with real life. Living in fear of fantasy what a great life that must be.


posted on Nov, 4 2010 @ 06:32 PM
reply to post by Raist


I am mostly concerned with the possibility of wide-spread civil disturbances akin to the LA riot brought on by extremist agitation of the sheeple, from either the left or the right. A mob is a mob; if someone is shooting at me I don't give a rat's rear-end what their politics or issues are.

I don't buy a giant UN conspiracy, or the so-called "iluminati", and this NWO crap just doesn't make sense - as is with most of the stuff I see on here.

American troops firing on American citizens? I was in the Navy and a lot of my friends are Marines; if you want to see a mutiny in record time, try ordering those like us to fire on US citizens. We all swore to defend the Constitution, not any one president or congress and sure as hell not the friggin UN.

UN troops taking over? That's a pipe-nightmare. Between renegade divisions of the Army and other branches, and the well armed US Citizens - those powder blue hat wearing poofs would be like meat in a grinder.

I do know that people can get so stirred up to where the ordinary guy who just wants to be left the hell alone gets caught in the middle - ala Reginald Denny who was just driving his truck. That's my real concern - mass hysteria is contagious as is mass rage.

posted on Nov, 4 2010 @ 06:34 PM
reply to post by bdb818888

I am not sure about the 90% thing; I will agree many are fake or at least highly doubtable.

As I said it is fun to play along from time to time and 2012 is just one of those. 2012 however is not some new thing every month. We see some “new” doom event taking place each month now. Last month (I believe) aliens were going to come and take over the world or it was going to be the operation blue beam thing. This month Obama is out of country with 34 war ships and there is going to be a nuke false flag. Which would not be that bad if not for the sheer number of threads started about the same thing in the past two days.


posted on Nov, 4 2010 @ 06:42 PM
Agreed. However, I don't remember when or even if D4rk kn1ght was exposed as a fraud (shoot us a link to the thread), as if I remember correctly (and correct me if I'm wrong), his prediction was supposed to come about in October 2011.
Regardless, I totally don't buy into all the 'doom and gloom' hype that seems to sometimes infiltrate this message board; yet I suppose that is a part of what makes ATS the site that it is. On that note, I appreciate the skeptical attitudes and reasonings presented by so many people here- especially with the recent "I'm here becuz of my dead uncle" thread (Oh, man- that was awesome!).
While far-out threads are definitely my cup of tea (and they thankfully get killed by serious skeptical inquiry), so many recent threads seem so outlandish and far-fetched that I am increasingly reluctant to refer someone over to this site as it may appear, at first glance, to be another forum for foolish tabloid-like material (remember Weekly World News or the National Enquirer?).
All things considered, and at the end of the day (or night), the majority of the people who post on this site are way more hip and realistic than other folks on similar sites (whose names I don't need to mention).
Golly, in spite of all these silly doom-sayer threads, I suddenly find myself all thrilled and kissy with the notion that such a website of so many fringe topics can maintain an excellent balance of intuition and reason! xox!
edit on 4-11-2010 by kissy princess because: Just wasn't kissy enough (spelling)

posted on Nov, 4 2010 @ 06:44 PM
reply to post by mydarkpassenger

Well there is certainly a mass hysteria going about for the next week to come. It seems there are not enough threads on the “terrible coming events”. Most of these threads are started by new accounts as well.

This again makes me wonder as to the starters of those threads and their real agendas. Part of me believes it is just overly worked up people that should stay away from sites like ATS as it scares them too much. Another part of me thinks it might be an agenda from someone else looking to harm ATS and its members in some way by causing the public to see us in a bad light.

Regardless of the purpose of the thread starters the fear seems to be catching. Looking at some of the posts in the threads many seem to be on the verge of mental break down or running around like chicken little.

I would mention a question of medication and if it is needed or not but that caused me to get a post moderated before and I do not like to get moderated.


posted on Nov, 4 2010 @ 07:04 PM
reply to post by kissy princess

The D4rk n1ght thing was supposed to start in late 2008 or early 2009. He later posted that something took place and it was starting earlier and he was leaving. Then he came back for supplies and provided another picture and hung out longer than needed to get supplies. Not long after he was banned for some comments to other posters. It was all supposed to come to a head sometime in mid 2010 by his thread. At least from what I remember.

It is my opinion he was a fraud. I give it some time before it is proven if he is even remembered. I even posted some links in his thread and another about him. Not that I believed him just things people might be interested in and it was fun at the time. Do not get me wrong he was a nice enough guy, I just feel he wanted to be the next Titor and have his own following.

I agree about the overall posters on ATS being better than the rest of the online community. It is thrilling to see a new doomsday thing as well. However, some of the threads seem to be below the ATS standards and they have gained a mass following of fear.


posted on Nov, 5 2010 @ 09:39 AM

Originally posted by Raist
reply to post by Big Raging Loner

I think I know the thread you are talking about. Today it was on the top of the page and now has over 300 flags. It is centered around nothing more than a YouTube video and each time the author has been challenged he told people to bring proof of their claims. The only thing that poster had to back them though was the video.

Quote me one instance where I did this. On the contrary, I have stated over and again in that thread that I stumbled across the video, was impacted by it, and shared it. If you read the entire thread many posters have brought up some very eerie points about the video, and not just the Simpson's part. If I didn't post it, someone else would have....

I understand where you guys are coming from though, and I never thought or intended for it to get that much attention. Doom & gloom is not my forte'.

posted on Nov, 5 2010 @ 10:03 AM
reply to post by Signals

I don't think anyone would blame you for posting up the video, or for the thread taking off. It was an interesting video to be sure, and I personally enjoyed it as a form of entertainment. But it just shows the mentality of the majority, I'm starting to think that alot of people really want something very bad to happen.

That certainly wasn't why I was disgruntled. More by the lack of interest in my own thread. They can't all be winners I suppose!

posted on Nov, 5 2010 @ 12:09 PM
It's a conspiracy forum,what do you expect to read?

I don't know how it used to be around here,but as the world experiencing crisis after crisis,it's only logical to have an increase in such topics.Even people who weren't into conspiracies are turning paranoid.
Friends of mine that used to make fun of my interests,they started looking into the subject more seriously.Others started reading prophecies and they are expecting the next great disaster any day now.All i'm saying is that people are afraid.

Maybe most,if not all,the conspiracies are fake,but someone is feeding the conspiracy theorists.Or is just a marketing trick(how many new viewers the Simpsons will have now that this video came out?)

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