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America and growing segragation

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posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 08:41 PM
I put this here in the religion thread because this segragation is only partly by nationality.. as in keeping their culture they also mean their relgious beliefs.

When I left the east coast there was a greek market down the road, a mideastern market across the street and a polish market in the same complex, the polish market was right near the polish bookstore.. and the polish jewlery store, further on down was the chinese takeout. Out of all of these places the only one that hired out of their nationality was the mideastern market. On saturdays if you drove two streets over you could see orthadow Jews on there way to temple.

Upon entering a gas station there was about a 60 percent chance it would run by mid easterners

We mostly had..

None of whom seemed to anxious to join the community at large... they stay in their little pockets, confined to a few roads or housing complexes.. sorta unconsciously gathering.

At school, between classes they gather into cliche's and babble away in their native tonue.

Should we be worried? THis has happened before.. I think it was the huge influx of irish and italian.. and at one point they didn't get along so well.. however among many other nationalities I'm irish and italian...

True I'm a little worried, we have nationalities here who don't like eachother. Even some that aren't too fond of "Americans"

I have this vision of a segragated America.. and hate crimes of nationality abound.. war on the streets.. etc...

Then another where these nationalist's children, educated in American schools, integrate better then their parents, do too socialization. And in a few generations, someone like me but, mexican, asian and polish in nationality will write a similiar message to mine because America has seen an influx of "X".

I'm interested in knowing why these groups choose to segragate.. and even preach it to their children.

posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 09:07 PM
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