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Truth Party Worldwide

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posted on Nov, 3 2010 @ 01:31 PM
Jamie Scott is a gentleman from Canada who has had enough of the lies that our politicians spew. He rents a microphone and some speakers and goes down to the local Art Gallery and tells it like it is. His idea is simple, there is no real right wing or left wing ideology, most of us are in fact more to the center, but the question we ask the least is whether our politician is going to be honest?

Each politician presigns a resignation paper that in the event that they lie about anything, they are out and are responsible for the costs of a re-election to replace them in the event that they are exposed as lying.

In my lifetime I've voted for Liberals, NDP, Green, CAP, all parties promised something, but failed to deliver because of the political machine or continued on with the same failed policies of the last party.

We are keenly aware of these same patterns in the US. Jamie Scott talks alot about the US.

Look at your midterm elections, the Tea Party swept the Republicans to control of the house, but the Tea Party candidates are still republicans? Why no third party? Why vote for the same tired choices?

Tea Party was supposed to be a movement about calling the government to heel, but they got co-opted by the likes of Sarah Palin, and funded by big money interests. You don't need money when you've got the internet. You've let the government put up all these monetary hurdles to getting elected that now you think you have no choice but to work with those that have the money. You need to say NO MORE!

I hope that the Tea Party movement has enough pull inside of the Republican machine that they can get their goals accomplished and not get twisted and perverted, but I have my doubts.

Jamie Scott is just a average man, but he is sees what is wrong and has taken up the cause, because to do nothing would be worse.

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