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BP boss Bob Dudley draws a line under 'traumatic' period

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posted on Nov, 2 2010 @ 04:21 PM
Profits remain low for BP.

BP attempted to start drawing a line under what Dudley described as a "traumatic" period when it announced a larger than expected new provision of $7.7bn for spill related costs. It takes the total costs estimated by BP to just under $40bn, which includes past and future compensation payouts, fines and the bill for cleaning up the Gulf. Grote said that the company had a lot more confidence about this latest estimate as work to finally kill the well has been completed and more is known about other costs.

I guesse it is sooooo traumatic to these guys because they are loosing a little money.... This disaster is still going on and BP is saying well look we lost alot of money on this lets keep it at that.... I think they are making plenty of money still.... This article makes me think what abunch of schmucks still worried about THEIR money... They want to stop claims coming in from people in the gulf who have lost fishing jobs, restaurants, tourism jobs, people who charter boats, this is REAL people are still getting sick, are effected still, and what does BP say? "Don't let the profit margin scare you ALL MIGHTY SHAREHOLDERS we are BP we love our oil and don't care what we have to do to get it BUY OUR STOCK WE ROCK OIL OIL OIL".... We all need oil to survive I get it, but we don't need to take risk when it could harm people in the way this has done....

BP says "nothing to see here done and over with.. OIL SPILL WHAT OIL SPILL???"

Profits will be back on top next year don't worry we are BP

He also stressed that BP would not retreat from the US, or from deepwater projects in general. He said that he expected the industry to begin drilling again in the Gulf next year. He admitted that it would be wise for BP to wait while it had a better idea of the causes of the accident before applying for permission to resume drilling in the Gulf

No lets keep drilling the crap out there who cares if thousands of people can get hurt. It sounds like these guys DO NOT care a bit about anyone then themselves... How would BOB like it if someone fed his kid's gulf-petroleum fish for dinner???? Wise to wait so more people forget what happen? These guys are slobs, some of the uttermost money hungry fiends in the world.
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