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Honest opinion

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posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 05:30 PM
Ok I saw Fahrenheit and I have to admit that I didn’t really like the movie. Here are my reasons. One, any information or facts that were in the movie were not new. Hell you could find everything that was talked about in that move by doing a search on ATS. People are just too lazy to try to find that information out for them selves. They would rather have Michael Moore tell it to them!!! Sad, Sad Day America.

Two, the movie seemed really drawn out. I was actually wanted it to end. Except for the occasional joke and reaction from the crowd I wasn’t impressed. There were some moving parts of the movie. Especially toward the end when that mother went to the white house and had to confront that dumb bitch. ( yea I said it that lady that told her that “she wasn’t the only one who had a son over there). I wanted to jump out my seat and hit that lady. But over all the movie seem to want to just shock people with gory images.

The last reason I don’t really care for the impact this movie is about to have is that every person that ends up seeing this movie will probably go register to vote and vote against bush. Notice I didn’t say vote for Kerry. No one cares no more they just want anybody but bush. This is why I’m not even going to bother taking part in the fiasco that we call the “election”. The only difference that I see between Bush and Kerry is that Bush will let you know your gonna get screwed over. Even if he wanted to hide his true intentions he couldn’t. Well at least not to me cause I knew from the jump he was lying about Iraq.

So in short this movie was a good anti-G.W.B propaganda movie. But will it really make a difference. What’s gonna happen when we have another Florida in some state in the mid-west. I just think that the info in this movie is to little to late.

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