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Hi, a little late

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posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 04:47 PM
I figured (since I managed to get 2 warnings with one single post today) that it is time to introduce myself before I'm gone for good.
I'm Jakko from the netherlands, 20 years old, Christian, Musician, singer/songwriter, student in my first year of college (Music Produktion and Composition) in Hilversum.
I own an Ultima Online server ( and manage the in-game (fixing cheats and bugs) and forum related (hunting trolls) problems and issues.

ATS seems like a great place to learn and improve my debating skills, english, knowledge about the most diverse subjects and attitude in general...

That's about it.
One more question, if I would want to post links to my music somewhere for ATS members to review, where would be the best place?
Cya around,

posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 04:49 PM
Hey Jakko =)

Best place would be the music forum on BTS to post samples for review.

posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 05:26 PM
Don't worry Jakko, I got 50 point taken away by a mod When I started and the thing is I did not even knew then what a u2u was at the time, I was u2u with the warning but I did not realized what it was until a month later, ha, ha, ha, so I just took my time and read the guidelines of the site.

Has been ok since then I don't blame the mods but myself for not being more careful in getting use to the site first.:bash:

The funny thing is that I figured what the points are just about a month ago, ha, ha, ha, it takes a while to figure everything around if you are as slow as me.

[Edited on 28-6-2004 by marg6043]

posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 05:52 PM
Hi, welcome, well done on your dual warning!?

I don't think it rates as high as my septutlet post from some time in Q3 2003, but you're making fame and mileage from it. How long will you be wearing your red tags exactly?

posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 06:25 PM
hello Jakko,
welcome to ats enjoy the site n check out bts aswell
if you need anyhting send me a u2u happy to help out


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