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Write our own B-movie genre horror story thread

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posted on Oct, 31 2010 @ 03:22 PM
Now that the Halloween writing contest is winding down, and most people have submitted thier entries I thought that now would be a good time to introduce a new collaborative thread that will allow our authors to flippantly blow off creative steam.The theme is a B-movie type of horror story, silly puns outlandish situations and a touch of morbidity are encouraged . The following start off post is for the most part intentionally left bland as far as describing the characters appearance and or motives (forgive me for the dog
) so others (meaning YOU) have room for play as the story hopefully develops. In no way should anyone feel limited to the characters or lack of writing style I present in the brief opener. Cheers!

The downed leaves spread out like contrails from behind Dan's Jeep as he sped down the not so windy road. It was going to be a gorgeous day he thought, crisp and cool. The sun was just just poking over Old Wilmont Mountian and you could still make out hints of the moon if you knew where to look.

"Woof !"

Pooper's bark startled him out of his daze just as he was crossing over the shoulder line. He glanced back in the rear view at his dog and smiled.

"Thanks Poop!"

Dan reached behind his seat and pat the Irish wolfhound a few times on the head and said,
"I owe you another one there buddy. Hey at least your going camping tonight! "

"Woof !"

When Dan got to Billy's house it was g-d awful, Bills entire yard was covered in halloween decorations. Billy caught Dan's look of disgust and rolled his eyes.

" I know man, I know.... the old lady has really gotten out of hand.. Ya know, it started off with a few skeleton pictures in the windows and here we are 10 years and two kids later Im getting ready to chase off the mischief night hooligans... It will happen to you and Gina one day too, if you dont watch out!" Billy joked.

" let me tell you something, if she ever has my front lawn looking like an estate sale at Vincent Prices mansion, me and the Poopmiester are O-U-T out!" Dan said with a grin.

"Woof !"

" Anyway I didnt come all the way out here at the crack of dawn to plan my exit stategy with Gina, on the contrary I am planning my entering strategy, so... where's that tent?" Dan laughed and bumped Billy's elbow with his own.

" Enjoy these days while you can lover boy, once you two tie the knot the only camping your gonna be doing is on the couch...tent's on the porch, I brought it down from the attic for you."

Dan waded through the tacky lawn "art" to the porch and grabbed the tent,
"Man, this thing is huge. its just me Gina and the Dog..." Dan grunted.

"yeah, sorry, I should have took that into consideration when I bought it. You got time for breakfeast?" Billy asked.

"no thanks, I ate when I woke up. and I have alot more running around to do if we plan on getting up to the mountian before dark."

" Got time for a beer then?" Billy grinned as he like a magician, produced a small cooler out of thin air.

"Woof !"

"Good god man, its not even 8 AM yet...seriously I dont know who is worse, you or the dog..."

Billy looked at his watch "Says beer thirty too me"

"Woof !"

Dan laughed as he tossed the tent into the back seat and called Pooper back into the jeep "some things will never change...Thanks again for the tent Bro, I'll get it back to you by next week."

Billy cracked open his beer, nodded, waved and started managing his way through the obstacle course between him and his house.Dan got into the Jeep Thought back to when the pooper was just a pooplet and said

"least you could of done was piss on one of the inflatable rats..."

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