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TERRORISM: Russia says it killed leader of raids near Chechnya

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posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 12:08 PM
The Russians have claimed to have killed the leader of the group who attacked the Ingushetia region last week. Magomed Yevloyev, was leader of the local Wahhabites, which is the same form of Islam used by terrorists to justify violence in the name of Allah.


"Magomed Yevloyev was eliminated in a special operation in Ingushetia this morning by our forces. He was on his own," Ilya Shabalkin, spokesman for the Russian military command in the North Caucasus, said by telephone from Chechnya.

Observers say the spread of war from Chechnya, where rebels have fought Russian rule of a decade, to other regions is a sign that President Vladimir Putin's policies are failing.

Putin refuses to negotiate with the separatists and says they are linked to international terrorism. After the Ingushetia attack, he ordered the army to find and destroy the rebels.

Chechen officials say Yevloyev, an ethnic Ingush, was ordered to attack Ingushetia by rebel leaders Aslan Maskhadov and Shamil Basayev, who have led the guerrillas in Chechnya since war first broke out in the mountainous southern region in 1994.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

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