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Relief for Oil Companies, but not for Consumers?

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posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 11:15 AM
Oil prices fell today, at least for the oil companies.

WASHINGTON - The price of oil fell sharply on Monday, as traders viewed the transfer of political power in Iraq as a step that could help reduce attacks against the country's oil infrastructure.

While this may sound good to the consumers who don't look deeper, it sounds like a crock what this next snippet says...

Also, because of limited refining capacity in the United States, more oil on the market does not necessarily mean the country's supply of gasoline will increase significantly or that prices will drop dramatically, Flynn said.

So again we are going to pay.......
Every time crude prices rise, there is an immediate rise at the pumps,
but when they drop, all of a sudden it is not "going to show an immediate relief to the consumers."

"Limited Refining capacity" , Yeah I am really going to believe that load of bull.....

This adds a new meaning to the phrase "They've got you over a barrel"

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