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Some funky stuff going on with our light outside...

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posted on Oct, 30 2010 @ 09:16 AM
Greetings fellow ATS members. I have some stuff going on with our heat sensor light. Recently, this past weekend the light was turning on every hour on the hour, and sometimes it would stay on for 30 minutes at a time. The thing is supposed to turn on when a person walks outside near our garage. The recent owners told us it's supposed to only pick up large objects such as cars, animals, and anything big that walks past it. The thing is, when it turns on, you look outside and see nothing. I know we have cats around here, and I've only seen those guys a couple of times. They do turn on the light.

This past weekend though I saw no animals outside or anything out there when the light turns on, and yes I have seen it turn on but nothing there. My husband decided to film it since we have a new sports camera. We set it up one night through our upstairs window. Throughout the night, since I don't sleep very well, and having to go to the bathroom, I noticed each time i got up the light was always on. In the morning we looked at the footage and caught nothing! So we though maybe we needed it to be closer. The next night last Saturday we set it up in my husband's car, he parked in the grass, we filmed for an hour, the light came on several times but didn't see what was turning it on. Then Sunday, nothing, the light didn't come on unless we went outside or took our dog out. (let me make it clear in order for it to turn on you have to walk across our driveway, or be in front of it in order for it to come on. The previous owners have it mounted on a tree. I tried to have it run on by walk around it and found it coes o if head directly towards it) This past week it didn't come on at all, unless I went outside, it was our dog, or my husband coming home from work. Then all of a sudden last night it turns on by itself again for the first time in a week. before I came downstairs to lock all doors and turn off our lights, and noticed it was on. I mentioned it to my husband and he was like weird. This morning at 3am I went to the bathroom,and it was on.

What do you all think of this, i assume if it was a cat we would have caught it on camera, and if it was a fox same thing, i noticed that when the animals turn it on, they sort of stop, or freeze, and then they scurry off. I have been sitting in my dining room at 6pm and have seen the thing turning on with nothing in the driveway. Does anyone else have a light that does this, do you think it's malfunctioning, dying or what. If it was malfunctioning don't you think it would do it all the time? Any thoughts? Thanks!

posted on Oct, 30 2010 @ 09:46 AM
I've known those sensors to be flaky at times.

I had one connected to a bell that would ring whenever someone was in my backyard.

It is now disconnected.

Things that will set it off are: Wind in the trees. Temp variations in various spots that change whenever a cooler wind blows. Cats. Bugs crawling over the sensor itself. Even something as small as a candle-fly will set it off if they crawled over the sensor - to the sensor it appears huge.

posted on Oct, 30 2010 @ 10:06 AM
This could be a lot of things... Maybe you should just go to Wal-Mart and purchase a new one... They really are not very expensive and it may just solve your problem... It could be a neighbor kid screwing with you but the frequency I don't think that is realistic.... Maybe there is a bug or something inside the unit itself that is walking in from of the sensor and setting it off.... Do you have bats in the area? they could possibly be swooping down and remaining high enough to not be seen by the camera and still be seen by the light...

Who knows.. it could be a number of things but I would suggest going and buying a new one and seeing if it persists... and at the very least take of the housing and clean it out... and check to see if there is some bug living in there...

I hope some of this helps... good luck

posted on Oct, 30 2010 @ 10:12 AM
I had a PIR sensor floodlight over the garage doors doing exactly the same thing like coming on all the time for no reason at all frequently, then not triggering at all for a few days etc IE erratic behaviour. I fixed it by replacing the thing altogether and now all is as it should be. It's in a very exposed position for prevailing weather and last winter was a lot of wet & windy days so I suspect water got in around the edges of the fresnel lens on the sensor head which contains all the electronics. I'm letting it dry out thoroughly before testing it again to decide whether its future life will be as an anchor or paperweight (they only cost about $30 but I'm an incurable repairer of electronic gadgets)

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posted on Oct, 31 2010 @ 08:33 AM
reply to post by Pilgrum

Thanks for the replies, i was hoping for some real insight into this situation. We've never had a sensor light before util we moved here. We do have bugs, it's Maine and they are all over the place in the Summer, and Fall. We also found out we still have them even though the temps are dropping, I was shocked, by leaving the light on in the porch we saw hundreds of them. We have Summer bats, I am not sure if they come out now, but this past Summer we saw our little bat flying around at sunset.

Now I asked my husband if we could replace it but he says if it comes down it stays down, as he hates the thing. Anyway, thanks guys I knew I could count on ATS members to shed their light, figuring someone else had one too. For the people who thought this would be paranormal sorry,(even though I told my husband it would have been more fun if it was an alien, or a ghost that was doing it, heheheh) it's not paranormal, just a light. Happy Halloween Guys!


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