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Fifteen Saudi Police Cars Stolen by Terrorist

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posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 09:01 AM
Stolen police cars in militants' hands

By Keith Jones

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — Al Qaeda militants in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, have stolen up to 15 police cars, with likely help from sympathizers within the force, as part of a strategy to set up fake official roadblocks to abduct or kill Westerners, according to an international security company working in the kingdom.

The militants also have painted other vehicles to resemble official ones and made replica uniforms. snip)

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Saudi Arabia is facing an increasingly difficult PR problem with American workers in trying to assure their safety. The fact that militants can steal 15 Saudi police cars, have fake uniforms, and other “official looking” vehicles does not bode well for the Saudi Government.

When you reach the problem with an absolute dictatorship, you no longer control a good portion of our people; it is time to make travel arrangements. As of now, without outside intervention, which would have to exert even more control and be even more overbearing on the population, the House of Saud is perched on a precarious ledge from which they may fall.

If terrorism via the kidnapping of American workers worsens, the large paychecks will not be enough and they will leave. The technical vacuum could suck the terrorist into power rather than draw more people to the oil service business there. The terrorist can make it very plain if you come to help the House of Saud, you are in danger and evidently the Saudi government has lost control to some degree.

The events in Saudi Arabia may bear more watching than Iran or North Korea, in this alleged war on terrorism, or should it be labeled “War for big business and big oil”?


posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 09:12 AM
Call me crazy but I think something is brewing in the middle east and Saudi is going to have a civil war with the help of the radical muslins in the area, after all the comun people of Saudi never liked the monarchy. And what US will do? Defend the monarchy and go against the comun people of the country? I think not.

This is just an oppinion.


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