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Changed view on life after death

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posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 03:15 AM
I would like to relate an eye opening experience for me that occured earlier in the year.My wifes grandmother who was like a mother to my wife because her own mother died when she was very young came to live with us after becoming ill,unable to look after herself she lived with us for a while.
At the start of this year in fact she became so ill she had to go into hospital,she had stopped eating and we could no longer give her the help she needed.When in hospital it was found that she had liver failure and various other problems ,basically old age.
Whilst she was in hospital we would visit her every night,but after the first week it seemed she no longer knew we were there.She seemed to exist in her own world speaking for hours to people unseen and expecially someone called Helen.
One evening we were making our usual visit and her gran was speaking with this Helen seemingly unaware we were there.After an hour or so we had to leave and returned home.We had only been home for 10 mins when we had a phone call from one of the nurses on janets grans ward,They told us we had to come back as her gran was asking to see janet ,she was getting upset when the nurse said we had just left and could see her tomorrow,she was adament it had to be tonight.
We rushed back to the hospital and went on to the ward.Her gran was the most lucid i had seen her in weeks and smiled a greeting when we went in.After speaking to us for 5mins or so she smiled at us and said everything was going to be okay now Helen had told her it was time to go,and within a very short time she died in front of us.
Although we had been expecting her death it was a great loss for Janet,as her gran had become a second mum after the death of her own mother.For a while after janet found it very hard to talk about her grans death without getting upset.
last month we met one of her grans friends from when she was younger and was relating her grans last few weeks in hospital,when we told her that we did not know who this helen was,she was not a relative as far as we knew.She stopped us and told us that Helen was her best freind from when they were younger, they had grown up together.but were parted when helen died from an illness when she was 12 years of age.
I now honestly believe that in those last few weeks that little girl had come to comfort janets gran and take her away from the pain she was in,and when the time was right see her over to the other side.
Sorry about the length of the post but this really has changed my view on what happens to our souls after we pass away,your views on this are welcome.

posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 03:28 AM
Thats a very interesting story, I think that a "science" of the afterlife will shortly be developed that will put all religions into a perspective of one "true" reality of what happens to our energy after one dies.

posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 03:34 AM
Yes, those who have gone before often come back to speak with and guide others into the otherworld. My uncle is a medium, he saw my grandfather appear just before my grandmother died and take her soul with him. She was happy to see him again after so long (he died 19 years before she did).

Helen returned to guide Janet's gran. I daresay they are having a nice long conversation now about the past. When my uncle told me what he saw, I couldnt help but think that my grandparents were together again, and it helped me to deal with the loss of my grandmother, who I was very close to.

I know that eventually I will see them again too.

posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 03:58 AM
Not being a religious person i can not see this from a religious perspective,but i can now draw some comfort from this that those who go before us survive death of the physical body and go on to exist on another level of existance

posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 06:46 AM

The scenario you describe whereby someone who has departed temporarily comes back in Spirit to comfort and help to prepare someone to cross over, happens all the time. Usually a group of discarnates (not the same one of course) orchestrate this.

Stories such as these do indeed offer solace to many of us here but I don't think that it will ever become a "science" in the traditional sense because there can never be any direct physical proof, only indirect proof, anecdotal evidence, and after death communication (ADC).

Proof of life after death comes to everyone, whether they like it or not, after they transition.

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