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UFO sited in Minnesota by a Skeptic

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posted on Jun, 27 2004 @ 11:45 PM
I have never been one to put much stock in UFO's or alien ships and the like but this evening as I was watching for signs of the bootids I saw a light crossing the sky. It was a steady light travelling at satalite speeds. IT was traversing the sky North to South at just about high noon. I watched it with only a passing interest as I was looking for meteorites not satalites. Then the "Satalite did something very strange. Where it had been traveling at a steady speed and trajectory it simply stopped for a moment and then shot off in the opposite direction almost faster than I could visually track it. I tracked it for only a half a second or so before it disappeared from my view. I know of nothing that could make that sudden of a stop and then travel at such speed in the opposite direction. It literally looked like viewing a ship going to warp on Star Trek in that it flew off so fast it was like a streak of light. I have no doubt that I have seen something that is not explained or explainable by any publicly know technology. Has anyone else seen similar things in the Minnesota / Iowa / Wisconsin area? Further are there any theories as to what these kinds of things are or could be? I am not a UFO / Alien buff and have not put much stock into these kinds of sightings until now so any aid you my ATS compatriots could provide woudl be greatly appreciated.

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posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 01:07 AM
While I did not sight the particular UFO type you mentioned, I did want to post an experience that I had close to 10 years ago in Mpls. during the daytime. I was watching the sky, nearly straight up, from a ledge inside the picture window of a high rise apartment building (close to the University right off 35W on the right side as you are travelling north) when I noticed a black, seemingly stationary dot. At first my mind went through the available options--bird, debris, or helicopter. The objects, as I later witnessed, had absolutely no lateral motion and as I continued to observe them they appeared to be slowly getting closer--descending. Luckily for me there was a pair of binoculars within arms reach (my roommate liked to watch girls in convertibles drive by on the freeway) so I was able to maintain eye contact with the objects which were so small that they were difficult to pick up. Through the binoculars I was able to deduce that what I was seeing was in fact three separate black pods steadily rotating clockwise, if my memory serves me correctly, in an equilateral triangle configuration. My best guess was that they were about large enough to fit one person (or EBE if you like) and were at an altitude of around 10000ft. They were black as I said, but they also reflected sunlight like a mirror. Nothing else really happened, as after a puffy white cloud passed in front of the objects, they were no longer there. It gave me a great deal to think about though.
The following winter my friends and I were taking a nighttime walk along the west bank UM near Middlebrook hall when a huge, rapidly strobing light accompanied by pulsing thunder blasts like explosions passed right over us. The entire east bank (which was actually north of us) lit up bright white like it was under an enormous strobe light. That object passed rapidly off to the NW and there was definitely a dopplar like effect to the sound as it passed off. The next day I talked to friends who were not there but remembered the explosions and wondered why they did not hear any sirens. My best guess is that object was moving like 4000-5000mph. From what I have come to learn later is that I probably witnessed the hystep (hypersonic test program) or AURORA. Another interesting tidbit is that our electronic devices did not seem to work right that night or the next day, as well as the electronics of several of our friends. So to wrap it up you are not alone in MN sightings and I would be interested to know if anyone reading this has ever heard or witnessed anything about the black pods.

posted on Jun, 28 2004 @ 09:17 PM
here is a UFO story sent to me by a good friend after she read of my experience. The more I tell people about this the more I find out that this sort of thing is quite common. Why has no explanation been made public yet? If this thing is as wide spread as it seems to be you would think that it would have come into the public conscience by now.

They do exist, I don't talk about it very often because most people think
you're nuts if you do but I experienced something very similar to your
experience about 25 years ago in Illinois. My husband and I watched an object
fly across the sky, stop numberous times and each time go in either the opposite
direction or at a sharp right or left turn. Things no object made on this earth
had the ability to do. Then, as you saw, when it was finished doing its
"dance" it just took off at speeds incomprehensible to us. It made me
realize how arrogant we are to think that we are the only intelligent creatures
God has created in this vast universe. It makes you wonder what His plan is for them.


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